Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 112

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 112

Chapter 112: This Meal Is A Little Messy Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios There was a very famous restaurant in the wealthy district of the base city.

This restaurant cooked actual meat.

However, this restaurant was famous not for cooking meat, but for organic vegetables.

After the creatures worldwide mutated, many areas were occupied by mutated creatures.

The range of human activity was restricted, and the land that could be plowed became extremely scarce.

As a result, organic vegetables became a luxury that only a few people could afford.

At this moment, the restaurant was already filled with various customers.

Furthermore, they had to make an appointment in advance to have seats.

Peter led Donna into the restaurant, where they were greeted by a welcoming gesture from a well-dressed waiter.

It was very difficult to make an appointment at this restaurant during the peak lunch period.

It was not a place where one could spend money to make an appointment.


Another condition was one’s identity.

Only those who were high-ranking and important had the right to make an appointment.

Peter had heard of this restaurant, but he had never eaten here because he knew that to eat in this restaurant that could provide organic vegetables, one had to make an appointment in advance.

Furthermore, Peter was rarely in the base city.

On top of that, he didn’t like to use his identity as the Genetic God of War.

Donna was the first to suggest coming to this restaurant for a meal.

This girl insisted on dragging Peter to this restaurant without waiting for his permission.

As Peter walked into the restaurant, he wondered what the girl in front of him would do if the waiter asked them to provide proof of their reservation later.

After all, Peter would not use his identity as the Genetic God of War.

“Good afternoon, guests.

Do you need my help?” .



The waiter maintained his professional smile and reached out his left hand to Peter and Donna.

He wanted them to take out something to prove their identity, which was a chip made of a rare metal.

Information about the seats they had reserved in advance was stored in the chip.

Peter’s face was expressionless as he looked calmly at the waiter in front of him.

He was waiting for Donna, who was beside him, to react.

At the same time, Donna, who was standing beside Peter, also looked at the waiter expressionlessly.

Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM The waiter stood still and looked at the two guests in front of him.

He started to panic slightly.

“Guests, please show me your identification chip.

” This time, the waiter said very clearly that they had to take out the chips to prove their identity.

At this moment, Donna finally reacted.

She turned her head to look at the God of War Peter beside her, her bright eyes flickering with anticipation.

Donna wanted Peter to step forward.

She was not stupid.

After all, it was a great honor for the restaurant if the God of War Peter ate here.

Peter was the Genetic God of War who had repelled the mutated beasts and saved the base city not long ago.

Not only were the civilians grateful to him, the officials and nobles also admired Peter.

If Peter hadn’t saved the base city, these wealthy people wouldn’t have been able to continue enjoying their luxurious lives.

However, the waiter saw that the two customers in front of him didn’t show any intention of taking out their identity chips.

Furthermore, there were no longer any vacant seats in the restaurant, so he began to show signs of impatience.

“Guests, if you don’t have an identity chip, please leave this place.

” It was very clear what the attendant meant.

Without the identity chip, they could not eat here.

Peter found this very reasonable and turned to leave.

He didn’t really want to eat here anyway, but when he reached to open the door to the restaurant, he suddenly felt something tug at his shirt.

He turned to see that it was Donna holding his shirt with her small hand.

It looked like the girl wasn’t going to leave.

“I’m hungry.

I want to eat!” “…” Donna deliberately looked aggrieved and looked pitifully at Peter.

Even the waiter couldn’t stand watching this any longer.

Why were the two of them acting like this? When the waiter wanted to speak again, a mocking voice sounded behind him.

“Which family is this girl from? She doesn’t have any manners and didn’t produce an identity chip, yet she wants to eat here.

Waiter, please get them to leave.

They are affecting our appetite.

” Peter glanced at the customer who had stepped forward to speak.

It was not difficult to tell from his attire that he was probably a very wealthy boss.

Opposite him sat a young woman who was dressed gorgeously.

She looked in the direction of the entrance of the restaurant with a look of disgust.

The waiter smiled professionally at the protesting customers inside the restaurant.

“I’m very sorry for affecting your appetite.

I’ll handle it immediately.

” When the waiter turned to face Peter and Donna again, there was no smile on his face.

However, before he could speak, Donna spoke from across the room.

“Oh, look at his expression.

He can change it at any time.

How impressive!” At this moment, Peter also realized that Donna was not here to eat at all.

Instead, she was deliberately looking for trouble.

He had never expected that this girl, whom he had only known for less than a day, would actually drag him, a Genetic God of War, to the restaurant to cause trouble.

Thus, Peter felt that he couldn’t let Donna fool around anymore.

He took a step forward and grabbed her collar with his palm.

He was going to lift her out of the restaurant.

Together with the fact that all of the diners were paying attention to what was happening at the entrance, the God of War Peter had an ugly expression on his face.

The only fortunate thing was that he had altered his appearance previously.

Otherwise, if everyone present recognized the God of War Peter, Peter’s reputation would be destroyed by a girl.

However, as Peter held Donna in his left hand and opened the door of the restaurant, he suddenly felt the weight on his left arm lighten.

Peter turned to his left.

His hand was still holding onto Donna’s clothes, but there was no trace of her body under the clothes.

Instead, her body had left the coat.

“Damn it!” Peter couldn’t help but curse.

He didn’t even have to turn around to know that Donna must have entered the restaurant again.

What exactly was this Donna up to? However, just as Peter turned around, he heard a woman scream from the restaurant.

“Ah! My leather coat.

” Peter, who had turned to look inside the restaurant, was speechless to see Donna’s agile figure appear by the table that had just mocked her.

Meanwhile, the scream had come from the young girl sitting at the table.

Peter was surprised to find that a sharp dagger had appeared in Donna’s hand at some point.

Meanwhile, the young woman’s leather coat had a long cut from the sharp dagger.

Peter wondered if Donna was crazy or a mentally ill patient.

This was what Peter was thinking now.

Otherwise, there was no way to explain what he was seeing.

He was very angry with Locke now because Donna was the helper that Locke had sent him.

The woman whose leather coat had been cut by Donna screamed like a madman.

“You actually dared to cut my leather coat.

Do you know who I am? I’m the sister of God of War Peter!” ??? Peter looked incredulous.

Someone was impersonating his family.