Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 92

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 92

Chapter 92: The Illusion Experienced by an Incomplete Consciousness When the S-Grade queen insect controlled the smart mechas, it discovered that the consciousness of some smart mechas was incomplete.

At that time, it had not figured out why.

After all, this was the first time the queen insect had seen a mecha that had its own consciousness.

An incomplete consciousness could not support the autonomous judgment of a smart mecha.

This was a problem that Peter had not expected.

Previously, Peter had encountered a smart mecha threatening to self-destruct.

Thus, he had always thought that the smart mechas sent by the Holy War Organization all had complete autonomy.

However, it seemed that the situation was not what Peter had expected.

Some of these smart mechas were incomplete.

There were also many other problems with the smart mechas made by the Holy War Organization.

After all, when it came to the human consciousness, there would always be uncontrollable problems.

In order to verify the judgment from the S-Grade queen insect, Peter was rapidly approaching the two smart mechas.

He passed through a bumpy area and as expected, two smart mechas appeared in front of him.

They were searching for something in the grass.

“What are you looking for?” The two smart mechas stopped waving their mechanical arms and looked in the direction of the voice at the same time.

In the eyes of the smart mechas, they saw a human who was not shorter than a mecha.

The critical moment had arrived.

These two smart mechas had been chasing after Peter before entering the illusion.

Now that they saw Peter appear behind them, their first reaction should be to continue chasing after him.

However, following that, Peter was surprised to find that the two smart mechas acted as if they didn’t know him.

More accurately, the smart mechas had lost their memories from before.

Upon seeing the reaction of the two smart mechas, Peter had an answer.

The S-Grade queen insect was right.

Many of the smart mechas sent by the Holy War Organization had an incomplete autonomous consciousness.

The only thing that he could not be sure of now was whether this phenomenon had occurred only after the smart mechas with incomplete consciousnesses entered the illusion.

This was something Peter could not confirm.

“Target detection failed!” .



“Target detection failed!” The two smart mechas issued a warning at the same time, indicating that the target detection had failed.

This meant that they had determined Peter as a new target that they had not detected before.

“Interesting!” Peter looked at the two smart mechas in front of him and had a new idea.

He wanted to use his illusion ability again to pry into what the smart mechas had experienced in the illusion.

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COM “Activate the illusion!” Then, the bodies of the two smart mechas collapsed as rows of images appeared in Peter’s mind.

These were the experiences of the smart mechas that had entered the illusion.

Peter did not need to check the experiences of the two smart mechas, whose consciousnesses were confirmed to be incomplete, in the illusion.

This was because when their incomplete consciousness entered the illusion, their experiences would be incomplete as well.

Thus, Peter searched for experiences in the illusion that he felt were useful for reference among the rows of images.

This required Peter to look closely at each image.

An incomplete consciousness would also be incomplete when it entered the illusion.

Meanwhile, those who had complete consciousnesses would have complete experiences after entering the illusion.

Using this as his method of searching, Peter could quickly find the experiences that he wanted.

Peter didn’t waste a long time finding an interesting experience in the illusion.

The following was the experience of an incomplete consciousness in the illusion.

In the crowded square, a handsome young man walked out of the crowded square with an admission notice in his hand.

Then, he went towards an old recreational vehicle parked by the street.

The young man who had just crossed the road kept waving the admission notice in his hand at the recreational vehicle.

“Dad, I’ve been accepted by the Genetics College.

Are you happy for me?” The yellow window at the driver’s seat of the recreational vehicle was lowered.

Then, a strong man stuck his head out.

He was the young man’s father, and he had a disgusted expression on his face.

“Damn it, why didn’t you listen to me? Why did you have to enter the damned genetics course and become a Genetic Warrior with no future? Our family will be ashamed of your decision!” The young man was stunned when he heard his father ridiculing him.

There was disbelief in his eyes.

When he was choosing his major, his father had personally said that he would respect his choice.

“Dad, didn’t you say…” “Shut up! Hurry up and tell the teacher that you don’t like the genetics course and want to go to the mecha course!” The young man remained where he was, not obeying his father.

His heart was struggling violently.

Choosing the genetics major and becoming a Genetic Warrior had always been his dream.

After all, everyone had the right to choose the major they liked.

“Daddy, I really like the genetics course!” Bang! After the young man finished speaking, the door of the recreational vehicle was opened.

Then, the burly man alighted and walked towards the young man with an angry expression.

“John, how dare you disobey me!” The young man’s father walked up to him and grabbed his collar with his thick arm, intending to forcibly drag him back to the square.

This process was seen by a group of students in the square across the road.

Some of them were the young man’s classmates, and there was even a girl that the young man liked very much.

After the young man was grabbed by the collar by his father, his face turned red.

The young man felt very uncomfortable being treated like this by his father in front of his classmates, but he could not break free from his father’s strong grip.

“Daddy, let go of me.

I’ll switch majors, alright!” “Daddy!” After the young man shouted a few times, his body suddenly felt lighter.

His father had let go of his collar and placed him on the ground.

On the square across the road, the young man’s classmates were whispering among themselves.

He was afraid to look at the girl he liked as he walked toward the square with his head lowered.

Once again, he walked through the crowd, looking for a teacher from the genetics course.

When the crowd in the square began to disperse, the figure of the young man appeared.

He was holding a notice that was different from before.

On it was the school logo of the West Point Mecha Department.

Strangely, the young man looked excited again, just like when he held the notice from the genetics course.

“Dad, I’ve been accepted by the Mecha Academy.

Are you happy for me?” The young man crossed the road again and waved the admission notice excitedly at the recreational vehicle.

Meanwhile, the yellow window of the recreational vehicle was lowered.

The young man’s father smiled warmly this time.

“No matter what course you choose, our family will be proud of you!” The young man had a happy expression on his face.

When he saw his father get out of the recreational vehicle, he sped over and gave his father a hug.

Then, he turned around and returned to the square.

An excited voice could be heard from the young man.

“I want to exchange this for an admission letter from the genetics course.

I want to become a powerful Genetic Warrior!” After the young man finished speaking, his father, who was watching him from behind, had a ruthless look in his eyes.

Then, his father took out a long-barreled shotgun from the recreational vehicle, aimed at the young man’s back as he walked towards the square, and pulled the trigger.

Bang! The moment the shotgun sounded, the scene in the illusion was shattered.