Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 91

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 91

Chapter 91: Incomplete Consciousness The decision that Peter was currently facing was very troublesome.

The S-Grade queen insect had successfully controlled 24 smart mechas, but outside the cave, there were 16 smart mechas that had entered the illusion.

When these smart mechas escaped the illusion, they would rely on their radars to find the queen insect’s cave.

The most effective solution was to let the S-Grade queen insect control the 24 smart mechas to deal with the 16 smart mechas outside.

However, in this way, Peter would lose some of the smart mechas that he had just obtained.

Meanwhile, the S-Grade queen insect in the cave was absorbing the consciousness of the smart mechas.

These consciousnesses were the core of the smart mechas.

Only by absorbing the consciousness of the smart mechas could the queen insect control the movements of these smart mechas.

Peter did not disturb the S-Grade queen insect.

Instead, he went to the smart mecha that had been killed by the venom.

There was a deep hole in the chest of the smart mecha that was caused by the corrosive liquid in the venom.

Peter could see the mechanical structure inside the smart mecha through the wound.

Among the interlocking machine parts, there was also something that looked like a human blood vessel.

Peter put his fingers through the wound, but his fingers could not touch the blood vessel.

As the wound was too small, Peter could only place one finger inside the smart mecha.

In order to touch the blood vessel, the wound could only be enlarged.

However, to Peter’s surprise, the hardness of the mecha in front of him far exceeded his imagination.

Peter was now in a normal state.

Only by activating 50 times more rage could he continue to break open the defenses of the mecha.

The stronger the defense of the mecha, the more intense Peter’s curiosity was.

The dark technology that the mysterious Holy War Organization possessed had completely surpassed that of the human Federation.

Looking at the mecha in front of him, Peter remembered someone, Locke, who was also a soul slave that had been controlled by the A-Grade queen insect back then.

As the heir apparent of the Locke family, the Locke family put a lot of emphasis on nurturing him.

Peter could give this mecha to Locke, but the premise was that Locke had to become the leader of the family.

This was so that he could better study the technology used in the mecha.

If he wanted to continue expanding the size of the mecha’s wound, he could only use his venom to continue corroding this mecha.

This process took a long time, but there were no better methods.




Meanwhile, the S-Grade queen insect had completely absorbed the consciousness of the smart mechas, but it did not slack off.

Instead, it began to control the mutated creatures to monitor the 16 smart mechas outside the cave.

If a smart mecha escaped the illusion, Peter could receive the message in time.

After a few rounds of corrosion by the venom, the wound on the mecha that could only fit one finger had widened to the point that a palm could fit inside.

Then, Peter reached his right hand through the location of the wound and finally touched the thing that looked like a human blood vessel.

There was also liquid in the blood vessel.

He wondered if it was human blood.

He exerted strength in his fingers, but could not damage the blood vessel.

It seemed like the hardness of the smart mecha was not restricted to the metal on the outside, but also the structure on the inside.

Eventually, Peter gave up on destroying the blood vessel.

Instead, he continued to feel his way along the blood vessel.

Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM A few minutes later, Peter’s fingers touched a smooth device.

He didn’t know what was operating inside the device.

Just as Peter was guessing, he received a system prompt in his mind.

[Thunder God genes detected.

Extracting…] [Extracted 1.

05% of Thunder God genes.

Congratulations to the host for obtaining an improvement in physical fitness.

] This time, the progress of extracting the Thunder God genes had surpassed Peter’s previous ten extractions.

The Thunder God genes contained in this smart mecha in front of him had reached a terrifying level.

However, Peter quickly felt that this was normal.

After all, this was the only way to prove the powerful strength of the smart mecha.

Otherwise, there was no way to explain it.

The research into the Thunder God genes by that Holy War Organization was very profound.

At the very least, it was something that the Genetics College could not compare to.

Meanwhile, Peter’s progress of Thunder God gene extraction finally broke through to 1%.

Peter didn’t know how much his attributes had increased.

Thus, he opened the attribute interface to check.

[Peter] [Power]: 165,200kg [Speed]: 492m/s [Physical Strength]: 16,700 [Rage]: 50 times (Instantly increases physical fitness by 50 times for a duration of eight minutes.

There is a cooldown of 24 hours before it can be used again.

) [Regeneration]: 100 times (Tissue regeneration time is shortened to ten seconds.

) [Venom]: Ignores the target’s defense.

[Illusion]: Ignores the target’s strength.

[Eagle Eye]: Increases vision by 100 times.

[Thunder God Skill]: Unactivated.

After extracting the Thunder God genes, Peter’s power had increased to 165,000 kg.

Furthermore, his speed and physical strength had also increased accordingly.

The only thing that surprised Peter was that there was another new skill, the Thunder God skill.

Although it was shown that the Thunder God skill was not activated, Peter knew the requirements for activation.

When he was training on the island previously, Peter accidentally discovered a hidden cave that hid this Thunder God skill.

However, he needed to extract 20% of the Thunder God genes in order to activate the Thunder God skill.

With a goal in mind, he could implement the plan.

It was better than not knowing his goal.

Just then, the S-Grade queen insect warned Peter.

“Master, two mechas have woken up outside the cave.

” “Two mechas!” Peter wondered whether this was too much of a coincidence.

After all, it didn’t make sense for two smart mechas to escape the illusion at the same time.

Something must be wrong.

“Share what you’re seeing with me.

” Through the vision of the mutated creature that the S-Grade queen insect controlled, Peter could see the scene outside the cave.

Thus, Peter came to the S-Grade queen insect and reached out to touch its body.

Then, Peter saw that in the wilderness, two smart mechas had recovered their mobility and were looking for something.

The other smart mechas were still in the illusion and showed no signs of escaping.

“What are these two smart mechas looking for?” If these smart mechas were to leave the illusion, their first reaction should be to turn on their radar and look for their lost target, or to rescue the other smart mechas after seeing them enter the illusion.

Peter couldn’t figure out why the two smart mechas would do something that went against logic.

In order to clear his doubts, Peter decided to leave the cave and observe the state of the two mechas up close.

After all, the image shared by the S-Grade queen insect was incomplete.

Together with the Thunder God genes he had just extracted, Peter’s combat power had increased a lot.

Thus, when he fought with the smart mechas again, he would not be in such a sorry state as before.

Ten minutes later, Peter walked out of the tunnel and into the outside world.

The exit here was very close to the two smart mechas.

With a hundredfold increase in Peter’s current vision, he could easily see targets that were thousands of meters away.

Just as Peter was searching for the two smart mechas, he suddenly received a message from the S-Grade queen insect.

“Master, I understand why those two mechas are acting abnormally.

It’s because their consciousnesses are incomplete.