Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 93

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 93

Chapter 93: A New Decision After Peter watched the experience of another complete consciousness in the illusion, he withdrew from it.

As he looked at the smart mechas that had collapsed on the ground around him, a new idea popped up in his mind.

The smart mecha with an incomplete consciousness had been shot to death by his father in the illusion.

Thus, its consciousness had naturally escaped the control of the illusion.

Meanwhile, Peter knew very well that the bodies of the smart mechas in front of him, which were currently in an illusion, had been modified by the Holy War Organization and fused with mechas.

What was most detestable to Peter was that the Holy War Organization had used some kind of method to retain their consciousness when fusing them with mechas.

This method was a little too cruel for them.

After their bodies were dissected and combined with the mechas, they would form brand new mechas.

Then, the consciousness in their brains would be forcibly added into the mechas to finally form smart mechas.

However, the method mastered by the Holy War was not fully mature.

When it came to adding consciousness to a mecha, it was very easy for mistakes to occur.

As a result, the consciousness added into some smart mechas was incomplete and fragmentary.

Take the experience that Peter had just seen in the illusion as an example.

The incomplete consciousness had a contradictory experience after entering the illusion.

The first time he received the admission letter from the genetics course, he had been reprimanded by his father and had even lost face in front of his classmates.

On the other hand, the second time he received the admission letter from the mecha course, although he had obtained his father’s approval, a contradiction occurred.

The consciousness went to exchange this admission letter for an admission letter from the genetics course once again.

The conflict in the illusion continued to expand, causing his father to take out a shotgun at the end and end his son’s life with his own hands.

If the smart mecha had a complete consciousness, it definitely wouldn’t have experienced this after entering the illusion.

When a complete consciousness entered an illusion, the contradictions they experienced came from the outside world, not from themselves.




Peter brought the smart mechas that had escaped the illusion back to the cave and let the S-Grade queen insect control them.

This was a slow process, as the S-Grade queen insect could only control another three smart mechas.

If it wanted to continue controlling the smart mechas outside, it would have to sacrifice the existing mechas that it was controlling.

The S-Grade queen insect received Peter’s order to select the smart mechas with complete consciousnesses from the smart mechas that it had already controlled.

However, this was not easy.

After a detailed selection, the S-Grade queen insect finally selected eight smart mechas with complete consciousnesses.

Peter was going to leave these eight smart mechas behind as his reserve power.

They would be very useful at critical moments.

Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM As for the smart mechas with incomplete consciousness, Peter asked the S-Grade queen insect to control them to return to the Holy War Organization by the way they had come.

This was also a new solution that Peter thought of.

There were two benefits to doing this.

Firstly, this allowed the S-Grade queen insect to free up the occupied control slots.

Secondly, this allowed these controlled smart mechas to collect important information for Peter after returning to the Holy War Organization, provided that they were not discovered by the Holy War Organization.

In fact, Peter had another goal.

It would be best if he could kidnap an engineer who created smart mechas for the Holy War Organization.

This was very difficult to execute, especially for a smart mecha with an incomplete consciousness.

However, Peter was a little reluctant to send out a smart mecha with a complete consciousness.

After all, he had experienced the power of the smart mechas.

The main reason for Peter’s reluctance was because he felt that he would not be able to retrieve the smart mechas that had been sent out.

Since this was the case, there was no need to waste precious resources.

Peter left the cave again and went out into the wilderness to select some smart mechas for the S-Grade queen insect to control.

Not far ahead of him, a smart mecha that had escaped the illusion stood up.

The smart mecha had discovered Peter’s presence and began to walk towards him.

“Hm?” The reaction of this smart mecha after it escaped the illusion was different from the other smart mechas.

He accurately found Peter and determined him as a target, but did not attack him.

As the smart mecha walked towards Peter, he even continuously produced sounds.

Furthermore, he was using the human language.

“Can you help me?” This simple request for help was repeatedly produced by the smart mecha.

This also surprised Peter.

He knew that the unusual smart mecha in front of him might also have an incomplete consciousness.

“How can I help you?” Peter habitually answered the smart mecha’s question.

However, what the smart mecha said next completely shocked him.

“My incomplete memories tell me that I was once a Genetic Warrior.

I was tricked into joining an organization called the Holy War Organization.

They…” The smart mecha did not continue.

Obviously, his fragmentary memories were incomplete.

Thus, he could not recall what had happened in the end.

However, this was shocking information for Peter.

“Don’t worry.

Think about what else you have in your memories.

” In order to guide the unusual smart mecha in front of him, Peter deliberately looked for a fallen smart mecha with a damaged outer shell in front of him.

Then, he showed the unusual mecha the internal structure of the smart mecha that had been exposed due to the damage.

“Am I a modified cyborg? What’s your name? Did you transform me?” To Peter’s surprise, the smart mecha’s tone suddenly became hurried towards the end.

Furthermore, the smart mecha was ready to attack him.

“I’m also a Genetic Warrior, not the person who transformed you.

” After Peter clarified the truth, the unusual smart mecha was obviously in doubt.

He stood still and looked at its surroundings, as if he was still trying to remember his missing memories.

“Can you remember what your name is?” Peter asked this question.

If the mecha really remembered its former name, he could return to the Genetics College and let Professor Eugene find more information through his name.

The smart mecha remained where it was, as if he were thinking.

Peter knew that he was searching for a name that might belong to him in his incomplete memories.

The smart mecha did not take a long time to recall his name.

Peter heard the names of several humans from the voice produced by the smart mecha.

“Cap, Amy, Caltore… John.

” “I think my name is John!” “…” Peter was speechless when he heard the smart mecha’s answer.

Just as Peter thought that the smart mecha couldn’t remember his name, he suddenly remembered something.

In the basement of the Genetics College, there was a place where the statues of Genetic Warriors were stored.

If he remembered correctly, there was a late Genetic Warrior named John, and he was Anna’s father.

Peter wanted to test this out.

Thus, he asked the smart mecha in front of him a question.

“Do you remember a girl named Anna?”