Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 83

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 83

Chapter 83: The Out-of-Control New York Base City The next morning, Peter asked Professor Eugene to take Betty and the alloy box that contained the cyborg to the parking lot of the Genetics College.

He wanted to get the A-Grade queen insect to control the cyborg as soon as possible before the attack from the Holy War Organization arrived.

There was one other thing that had to be done during this trip to the A-Grade queen insect’s nest.

Professor Eugene would bring the strengthening potion to upgrade the A-Grade queen insect to the S-Grade.

Since the Holy War Organization had intercepted their information, Peter’s connection to the A-Grade queen insect was no longer a secret.

In order not to allow any accidents to happen, Peter specifically asked Betty to dismantle the spare energy blocks in the cyborg.

When they reached the nest of the A-Grade queen insect, they would install the energy blocks on the cyborg to activate its consciousness and allow the A-Grade queen insect to control it.

Right now, it didn’t matter to Peter whether this robot was the real President.

Even if it was, Peter would consider Callie’s feelings and would definitely not allow Callie to see him.

Peter didn’t see Professor Eugene when he arrived at the parking lot.

He should still be preparing at the underground laboratory.

It was impossible to completely cover their tracks if they wanted to transport the cyborg to the nest of the A-Grade queen insect.

Although the Federation had just finished dealing with the beast attack, many advanced detection devices still remained intact.

Thus, their aircraft could be easily discovered.

Peter had no intention of keeping this from the Federation as he felt that there was no need to do so.

After all, after becoming an existence that surpassed a Genetic God of War, the Federation’s attitude towards him was up to him to decide, not the Federation.

More than ten minutes later, Peter saw Professor Eugene appear in front of him.

Behind him was Betty and the genetics student responsible for transporting the cyborg.

To Peter’s surprise, Professor Eugene sped over after seeing him with an urgent expression.

He had a feeling that something might have happened.

Otherwise, Professor Eugene wouldn’t be so anxious.

Peter was right.

Before Professor Eugene could run to him, he began to shout.




“God of War Peter! Something happened in the base city.

Someone leaked the video of us obtaining the fake President’s body…” Peter waited until Professor Eugene ran up to him.

Then, he grabbed Professor Eugene’s shoulders with both hands first and motioned with his eyes for Professor Eugene to continue.

“God of War Peter, the Genetic Command in New York Base City sent me a message.

I don’t know who leaked the video of us dissecting the President’s corpse.

Many people are holding a demonstration on the streets of the Federation now, and many others have surrounded the Federal building.

” “What’s the purpose of the demonstration by those people? What has this matter got to do with them?” Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM When faced with the God of War Peter’s question, Professor Eugene took out his smart device and projected a virtual image.

In an instant, the screen of a street in New York Base City appeared in front of Peter.

Many people were walking along the street while holding signs that protested against the Federation’s slander of the God of War Peter.

Meanwhile, in front of the protesting crowd were fully armed guards.

After the scene changed, General David appeared at the entrance of the Federal Building.

He was surrounded by a large number of guards, and behind him were two brand new mechas.

Peter’s attention was fully focused on the mechas behind David.

After the Federation was attacked by the beasts, they had lost a large number of mechas.

Meanwhile, many of the mechas that had escaped to the base city had lost their combat power.

“It looks like the Federation has reached an agreement with the Locke family.

” Professor Eugene narrowed his eyes and voiced his thoughts.

Peter understood what Professor Eugene meant.

Now that the authority of the Federation was in General David’s hands, David must have persuaded the head of the Locke family to support his campaign to become the new President of the Federation.

However, Peter was curious about something.

David must have ordered his subordinates to leak the news that he and Professor Eugene had obtained the fake President’s corpse.

Could it be that General David already had a bargaining chip that he could use to compete with the God of War Peter? Otherwise, General David would not have dared to do so.

He would not have been able to withstand the rage of the people if he had relied on this video to accuse the God of War Peter for killing the President.

Professor Eugene came up to Peter and reminded him in a low voice.

“Master, you should make a trip to the base city yourself.

” Peter understood Professor Eugene’s suggestion.

It was the best time for him to return to the base city as he could tear apart the scheme planned by General David.

As for the fake President and Betty, Professor Eugene could take them to look for the A-Grade queen insect.

However, Peter didn’t make a decision immediately.

His mind was racing.

Professor Eugene said nothing to disturb the God of War Peter.

Instead, he tactfully walked to the side and waited patiently.

The Genetic Warriors who had transported the fake President’s body had left, leaving Betty alone.

She didn’t know where she was going to be sent now.

She watched the God of War Peter and Professor Eugene discuss something nearby, keeping her on edge.

To hide her nervousness, Betty could only pretend to be calm.

However, her eyes were darting around.

Then, a very small black dot appeared in midair above Peter and Professor Eugene.

It was impossible to notice without looking closely.

Coincidentally, Betty had her back to the strong light and accidentally saw the black spot.

After observing it for a while, she finally confirmed what the black spot was.

Betty was secretly delighted as she knew that the black dot was an unmanned surveillance aircraft.

It had probably been sent by the Federation to monitor the Genetics College.

This was a very good opportunity for Betty.

If she could let the surveillance cameras in midair discover something, it might attract the attention of the Federation to send people to save her.

However, what Betty did not know was that the unmanned surveillance cameras sent by the Federation were not sent to save her at all.

Instead, they were specifically sent to monitor the aircrafts coming and going from the parking lot of the Genetics College.

Just as Betty was thinking of a solution, the God of War Peter and Professor Eugene had arrived beside her.

This made Betty, who did not notice the two of them for a moment, jump.

Then, she flashed a panicked expression.

Betty’s panicked expression did not escape Professor Eugene’s eyes.

He narrowed his eyes at Betty.

“Betty, the God of War Peter has decided that you can’t leave the Genetics College for the time being.

I’ll send you back now.

” Betty’s brain was working rapidly after hearing what Professor Eugene had said.

She was wondering why he hadn’t brought her out of the Genetics College again.

Had something happened at the last minute? After Professor Eugene finished speaking, he walked up and left with Betty without waiting for her answer.

Then, the God of War Peter turned around and boarded the aircraft.

After sitting tight in his seat, the engines of the aircraft roared.

In the next moment, two mechanical arms reached out from below the aircraft and grabbed the body of the fake President, which had been placed on the ground.

The God of War Peter didn’t say anything after reporting the coordinates of his destination to the pilot.

Instead, he looked through the window in the direction of the base city.