Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 82

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Exposed Information! Peter took Betty to Basement Three, where the fake President was kept.

On the way here, he had informed Professor Eugene.

As Peter and Betty were the closest to Basement Three, they arrived first.

Peter asked Betty to stand behind him.

Then, he opened the electronic lock on the door by scanning his pupils outside.

Peter opened the heavy alloy door with force, revealing the space inside.

The cyborg was still lying on the platform and seemed to have not moved.

After Peter walked into the room and confirmed that there was no danger, he raised his hand and motioned for Betty, who was behind him, to come in.

He needed Betty to run another test on the cyborg later.

In the meantime, he wanted to remove the spare recorder first.

The best outcome would be as Betty had said, that the spare recorder had yet to be activated.

The cyborg, which was fixed to the platform, couldn’t move, but it could see Peter and Betty coming in.

When the cyborg saw Betty, it flashed an intriguing smile.

This made Betty feel strange because the cyborg’s face still looked like the President’s.

Meanwhile, Peter saw the expression on the face of the cyborg and had a very bad feeling.

This feeling quickly flashed across Peter’s mind.

Thus, he accelerated and arrived in front of the cyborg.

Bang! Peter smashed the armor on the chest of the cyborg, revealing the complicated mechanical structures inside.

Then, he looked at Betty, who was not far away.

Betty knew why Peter was looking at her and immediately went opposite of Peter to check the recorder on the cyborg.

With the God of War Peter present, she could feel a sense of security.

Thus, she worked quickly and rapidly removed a small device from the cyborg’s chest.

“Is this the backup recorder that you mentioned?” Peter looked at the device in Betty’s hand and asked her.




“God of War Peter, this is a two-way recorder.

As long as it is activated, the receiving end can also record the information at the same time.

” Peter knew what Betty was talking about.

After all, he had studied for the mecha course back then and knew a lot about high-end technology.

However, he did not study this as deeply as Betty had.

“Now, tell me if this recorder has been activated or not.

” Peter was concerned that the spare recorder in front of him had been activated.

Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM “God of War Peter, please wait a moment.

I’ll check immediately.

” However, before Betty could leave the platform to check the recorder, the cyborg lying on the platform spoke.

“Haha, don’t waste your time.

The problem of whether the recorder in my body has been activated or not simply doesn’t exist.

” After successfully drawing Peter and Betty’s attention, the cyborg flashed a proud expression and continued to speak.

“That’s because the recorder has always been turned on.

You’ve all been tricked by me!” Peter heard the mockery from the cyborg and really wanted to walk over and blow up the cyborg, but his rationality stopped him from doing so.

The reason for this was very simple.

Since the recorder in this cyborg’s body had always been activated, it was useless to smash the cyborg now.

He would instead lose the opportunity to turn the cyborg into his soul slave.

To Peter, the most important thing now was how much important information was recorded in the recorder inside this cyborg.

This included the precise location of the underground laboratory, as well as the conversations between Peter and Professor Eugene, which mostly consisted of discussions about the Holy War Organization.

If this information was revealed to the mysterious Holy War Organization, the entire Genetic Warrior camp that Peter represented would be completely exposed to the mysterious Holy War Organization.

Peter wanted to use the A-Grade queen insect to join the Holy War Organization and obtain important information.

However, to his surprise, before he could implement his plan, the other party had intercepted and obtained important information about the Genetics College.

At this moment, Betty, who had taken away the recorder from the cyborg, was checking it on a work table beside her.

She found a very unfavorable result and immediately put down the recorder in her hand before looking in Peter’s direction.

“God of War Peter, this recorder has been passively recording information from the outside world, including all the language and image information it has sensed.

The earliest record was two months ago, which is before the beasts launched their siege.

” “Damn it!” When the cyborg previously spoke, Peter had a feeling that the consequences were not good, but he couldn’t help but be angry when he heard the final confirmation from Betty.

This was equivalent to exposing himself to the Holy War Organization.

Then, the door to the room was opened from outside and someone entered the room.

Peter saw that it was Professor Eugene rushing over.

He was also holding a box that was about the size of a football.

Peter wondered what was inside.

“God of War Peter, I’ve brought something good.

” Then, Professor Eugene simply handed the box in his hands to Peter.

As there were outsiders present, Professor Eugene could not call Peter “master”.

“Professor Eugene, what is this?” Peter took the box that Professor Eugene handed him and asked curiously.

“God of War Peter, this box contains an interference device with an extremely high frequency.

It can interfere with signals over a range of dozens of kilometers.

No signal can be sent or received within this range.

” Peter knew Professor Eugene’s intentions.

He was now holding out this interference device to minimize their losses.

However, Peter knew that it was useless.

Since the Holy War Organization had received the messages sent by the recorder, they must have grasped the precise coordinates of the basement.

The interference device would interfere with the arrival of the Holy War Organization at most and buy them some time to resist.

“God of War Peter, I think the interference device that Professor Eugene gave us is still very useful.

At the very least, it can prevent the other party from obtaining our precise positions and buy us more time.

” Betty did not see any joy on the God of War Peter’s face when he saw Professor Eugene take out the interference device.

Thus, she knew that the God of War Peter did not take the device seriously.

Professor Eugene heard Betty mention him and looked in Betty’s direction with his cunning eyes.

“Miss Betty, I’m glad that you support my suggestion.

However, only the God of War Peter will make the decisions that follow.

” How could the cunning Professor Eugene not understand what Betty meant? This girl was actually going to drag him into this in order to protect herself.

Peter almost laughed at the sight of the two of them in front of him, as if they were acting in a movie.

“Professor Eugene, we should prepare in advance to deal with a crisis that might arrive at any moment.

” Professor Eugene understood what Peter meant.

Peter was asking him to extract the Thunder God genes with a higher concentration as soon as possible.

Not only did Peter want to improve his strength, the other students in the Genetics College also needed to improve their strength as quickly as possible.

Peter walked towards the door.

He planned to leave this place and go to the hospital to visit Callie.

However, a mechanical voice suddenly sounded behind him.

“It’s useless no matter how well-prepared you are.

The powerful Holy War Organization has already sent smart mechas over!”