Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 84

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 84

Chapter 84: The S-Grade Queen Insect In the southeast of New York Base City, there was a man-made freshwater lake.

More than two hundred years ago, the human Federation eventually used a nuclear weapon after experiencing global mutation.

At that time, a nuclear bomb filled with 5 million tons of TNT had been dropped in this area.

The huge shockwave destroyed the mutated creatures in this area.

However, people eventually discovered that a large number of mutated creatures had appeared from underground.

As time passed, the place where the nuclear bomb had exploded formed the current lake.

At this moment, the roar of an aircraft engine could be heard from midair.

An aircraft that belonged to the Genetics College was slowly landing from midair, attracting the attention of the surrounding mutated creatures.

The aircraft landed beside the lake.

After the cabin door opened, a tall man walked out.

None of the mutated creatures that had been observing the man dared to rush over and attack this human.

The smallest creature among the mutated creatures, a mutated rat, stared at the human for a while with its scarlet eyes.

Then, it immediately turned around and disappeared at the entrance of an underground cave.

Then, more and more mutated creatures began to gather around the lake.

These mutated creatures ran over to observe the human who had suddenly intruded into their territory.

At this moment, an ear-piercing scream sounded from the originally quiet environment.

The mutated creatures gathered around the lake immediately shivered from the scream.

The sound, which was similar to a sound wave attack, did not last long.

As the sound wave attack slowed down, a huge mutated snake creature crawled out of an underground cave.

The giant snake also had three sharp horns on its head, each of which was about the height of an adult.

It crawled extremely quickly.

In a few breaths, it had arrived in front of the human.

The huge snake’s head crawled at the feet of the human.

After the snake opened its mouth, a human language sounded from its mouth.




“Master, please forgive me for not being able to receive you outside the cave.

” Peter could tell that the voice which came out of the giant snake’s mouth was the voice of the A-Grade queen insect.

To his surprise, this A-Grade queen insect knew how to behave like a human in society and knew how to suck up to others.

However, after Peter came here, he was surprised to find that after a few months, the number of mutated creatures nurtured by this A queen insect was indeed terrifying.

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COM In Peter’s field of vision, there were a lot of mutant creatures.

The types and numbers of creatures were terrifying, and they vaguely exceeded the number of creatures nurtured by the previous S-Grade queen insect.

Without further delay, Peter carried the fake President’s body into an underground cave.

Eventually, Peter did not agree to Professor Eugene’s suggestion before leaving the Genetics College.

Instead, he left Betty at the Genetics College.

This time, Peter was the only one who brought the fake President’s body to the nest of the A-Grade queen insect.

To be safe, Professor Eugene did not come with him.

Instead, he was left at the Genetics College for emergencies.

As for Betty, Peter had other plans for her.

Since the Federation had exposed the image of him and Professor Eugene dissecting the President’s corpse, whether it was true or not, the secret information that Betty had seen no longer mattered.

Moreover, there was a limit to how many humans the A-Grade queen insect could control.

Since the information that Betty had seen was no longer a secret, Peter would not waste one of the A-Grade queen insect’s control slots.

However, he wondered how many more humans the A-Grade queen insect could control after reaching the S-Grade.

Peter walked into the cave for more than twenty minutes before entering a place with light.

Inside this place was a huge insect, whose white skin was wrinkled as it breathed.

Upon seeing Peter enter, the giant insect immediately lowered its head and stuck its head to the ground.

It even spoke in a human voice.

“Master, please accept my apology.

” Peter looked at the A-Grade queen insect in front of him.

There would only be social language in human society.

He also saw some smart devices used by human society beside the A-Grade queen insect.

For a moment, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Alright, don’t imitate the hypocritical etiquette of human society.

” Before the A-Grade queen insect could answer, Peter took out a glass container from his backpack.

Inside the container was a special strengthening potion.

When the A-Grade queen insect saw the potion taken out by Master Peter, its huge body began to twist violently from excitement.

“Master, is this a strengthening potion for me? A strengthening potion that can allow me to reach the S-Grade?” Peter nodded at the A-Grade queen insect.

Then, he took out the strengthening potion and walked up to the A-Grade queen insect.

“I’ll inject it into you now.

There will be some pain during the process.

” Peter opened a syringe and stabbed it directly into the body of the A-Grade queen insect.

Then, the blue potion was slowly drained from the container until all of it entered the body of the A-Grade queen insect.

After completing the injection, Peter immediately left the range of the A-Grade queen insect.

This was because during the level-up process later on, the A-Grade queen insect would twist its huge body due to intense pain.

He did not want to be affected.

As the special potion entered the A-Grade queen insect, its breathing rate began to increase and its huge body was slowly expanding.

From Peter’s direction, it looked like a constantly blowing balloon.

The entire cave was filled with a pungent smell.

The mutated creatures hiding in the dark corners were frightened by the A-Grade queen insect leveling up and began to flee.

Meanwhile, Peter had left this place.

He knew that if the A-Grade queen insect failed to level up, the A-Grade queen insect would self-destruct.

Previously, Peter had experienced the self-destruction of an S-Grade queen insect.

Thus, he did not want to experience it again.

The smell of blood in the cave grew heavier and heavier.

From time to time, the tragic roar of the A-Grade queen insect could be heard.

For mutated creatures, every increase in level was a painful experience.

If they succeeded, they would naturally enter a higher level.

If they failed, all their previous efforts would be turned into nutrients.

After their bodies exploded, they would become food for other mutated creatures.

Half an hour later, Peter sat on the edge of the lake.

He glanced at the time.

The process of the A-Grade queen insect leveling up in the underground cave was a little beyond his expectations.

After another hour, Peter looked in the direction of the cave entrance.

There were no more tragic cries from the A-Grade queen insect.

The level-up process must be coming to an end.

Being able to control an S-Grade queen insect was very important to Peter’s future plans.

Thus, he was still worried about the A-Grade queen insect.

If it really failed, the result of its body self-destructing would be severe.

Then, there was no more stench from the dark cave.

Only the queen insect’s voice sounded in Peter’s ear.

“Master, I’ve successfully advanced to the S-Grade.