Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 73

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 73

Chapter 73: General David’s Plan   In the end, David did not obtain the President’s body from Peter.

Then, David watched Peter leave with an imperceptible ruthlessness on his face.

On the surface, he had brought the guards here to investigate the reason for Callie’s injury.

However, in reality, he had expected Peter to enter that hidden space.

He had disclosed the President’s hiding place to Callie in order to use Callie to lure Peter out.

It would appear more realistic for Peter to find the President’s hiding place himself than for others to tell Peter.

When General David turned to leave, he encountered Anna, who had rushed over from the Federal building.

Anna was disappointed to see that Peter was not beside General David.

“Anna, why are you out here?” David was now very concerned about Anna’s whereabouts.

When he saw Anna leave the Federal building, he could not help but look nervous.

He waved to the guards beside him to go back first, leaving him and Anna alone to talk to each other.

“Don’t worry, Anna.

I can give you what I promised you today.

” Next, General David would carry out the next step of his plan.

Anna was an important part of this plan.




After this, General David would increase Anna’s level and upgrade her from a Genetic General to a Genetic God of War.

This was also the condition that General David had promised Anna in order to rope her into his side.

Anna heard what General Dave had said.

She hadn’t expected to receive the strengthening potion so quickly.

Becoming the Genetic God of War was her greatest wish.

“General David, are you saying that you can give me the gene-strengthening potion today?” Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM General David saw Anna’s urgent expression, but he had another thought.

Previously, the strength of the Genetic Warriors was not as strong as that of the Mecha Warriors.

However, after the God of War Peter appeared, this rule was reversed, and the physical fitness of the Genetic Warriors was rapidly improving.

“Yes, Anna.

The strengthening potion that will help you advance to the level of the Genetic God of War has been sent over.

It’s expected to be delivered this afternoon.

” General David looked at Anna with an imperceptible ruthlessness.

He knew that if he used the gene-strengthening potion to rope Anna in, he could only control her temporarily.

Once Anna obtained the gene-strengthening potion and became a Genetic God of War, he would lose his control over Anna.

This couldn’t be helped.

After all, controlling a Genetic God of War was too difficult.

Anna was the best example of this.

After testing Anna, her current power had reached 13,530kg, which was very close to the power of a Genetic God of War.

After all, the power of a Genetic God of War was 15,000kg.

Meanwhile, the power of the God of War Peter was even more exaggerated.

David conservatively estimated that the power of the God of War Peter was at least 30,000kg.

However, General David did not know that the power of the God of War Peter had reached a terrifying value.

Despite this, the Federation could not be blamed for making a mistake in collecting data on the God of War Peter.

This was because when the God of War Peter resisted the beasts outside the city, the individual defense of the beasts was not very strong.

Thus, there was no practical reference value for the combat power displayed by the God of War Peter.

Against such a large group of beasts, the difference in speed between someone with a power of 30,000kg and someone with a power of 120,000kg of strength was not very obvious.

As a result, there was a mistake in the analysis of the God of War Peter’s power.

If General David found out that the God of War Peter’s power had reached a terrifying 120,000kg in the end, he wondered what kind of expression he would display.

This was also why Peter ignored General David and allowed General David to come up with tricks behind his back.

After all, in the face of absolute power, all schemes were laughable.

Anna followed General David back to the Federal Building.

It was already noon then, and there were still a few hours before the afternoon ended.

She was looking forward to the gene-strengthening potion that she would receive soon.

After returning to the Federal building, David did not return to his office first.

Instead, he entered Basement Three alone, where the former warehouse of the Federation was.

After David became the commander of the mecha army, he transformed this place into a huge secret room where many rare items were stored.

As the elevator reached Basement Three, the originally dark space was illuminated by strong lights after the elevator door opened.

Then, a huge metal door appeared in front of David.

If he wanted to enter the room, he had to scan his pupils to unlock the code lock on the metal door.

Beep! After a crisp sound was produced, the heavy metal door automatically opened.

Then, General David quickly walked in and saw various exquisite glass containers.

He skillfully arrived at an area and opened a box in front of him.

There were four containers filled with light blue liquid.

“What a beautiful liquid!” General David took a container from the box in front of him and held it in front of him.

He admired the light blue potion inside the container and looked intoxicated.

“It would be a waste to give such a beautiful liquid to Anna.

” Then, General David opened another box.

Inside the box were two insects, one large and one small.

The two insects looked like lifeless specimens.

However, Dave knew that once the insects were activated, they could enter the bodies of creatures and control them.

David had obtained these insects from the Holy War Organization.

It was also a method used by the Holy War Organization to control David.

Thus, David also had a similar insect in his body.

General David took out the smaller insect to place into Anna.

As for the larger insect, David had specifically left it for the God of War Peter.

General David turned to leave with the gene-strengthening potion and the insect.

He wanted to put the insect in Anna before she used the gene-strengthening potion.

At that time, General David would have a Genetic God of War as his helper.

Most importantly, after Anna became a Genetic God of War, she would not betray him.

That was because when that time came, David and Anna would serve the Holy War Organization at the same time.

Meanwhile, Anna would become General David’s right-hand man in dealing with the God of War Peter.

After returning to his office, General David carefully released the insect from the glass bottle.

The moment the insect encountered air, the aura of life was activated within the insect.

The originally shriveled insect quickly transformed into an active insect.

When everything was ready, General David used his smart device to inform Anna.

[Anna, the gene-strengthening potion has been sent to my office.

Come to my office if you have time.

] Anna, who was waiting in her dormitory, immediately got up and left the room after receiving the message from General David.

Then, she walked toward General David’s office.