Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 74

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 74

Chapter 74: The Strange Insect Anna had stayed in the Federal building since the end of the city defense battle.

One of the main reasons she hadn’t returned to the Genetics College was that the terrifying power displayed by the God of War Peter during the battle had shocked Anna.

She wanted to surpass the God of War Peter and become the Genetic God of War that protected mankind.

According to the cultivation plan of the Genetics College, it would take at least six months for her to reach the level of the Genetic God of War.

Furthermore, this was only the threshold to become the Genetic God of War.

If she wanted to continue improving her strength and reach the level of the God of War Peter, the amount of time she would need was unknown.

This was something that Anna could not accept.

Just as Anna was feeling despair, General David found her and gave Anna a sample of the gene-strengthening potion.

After Anna used this sample, she was surprised to find that the stagnant power in her body was beginning to show signs of improvement.

Later, Anna looked for General David and learned from him that the Federation had once seized a batch of supplies which contained a very special gene-strengthening potion.

In order to convince Anna of his words, David deliberately showed her his power.

When Anna saw that General David’s physical fitness was no inferior to hers, her suspicions about him began to decrease.

Then, General David offered her a condition.

He could allow Anna to advance from a Genetic General to a Genetic God of War in an extremely short period of time.

In return, what Anna needed to do was serve David for a year.

After a year, General David would no longer care if Anna left.

Anna simply chose to accept such tempting conditions.

In her heart, she hoped that she would be able to stand proudly in front of Peter as a Genetic God of War.

Knock knock knock! Anna knocked on the door of General David’s office.

After a short wait, she heard David’s low voice from the other side of the door.




After calming down, Anna reached for the door handle and opened the door slightly.

Through the gap in the door, she could see a corner of the office.

It was silent inside.

A moment later, General David spoke.

“Anna, look.

This is a special gene-strengthening potion.

” There was a simple wooden box engraved with complicated patterns on General David’s desk.

If an expert in antiques were here, they would definitely recognize that the wooden box came from the far east.

Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM General David saw Anna walking in front of him and raised his hand to indicate to her.

“Anna, I hope you can open it yourself.

The gene-strengthening potion inside belongs to you.

” The next moment, Anna’s white jade fingers reached out and touched the top of the wooden box.

The simple but thick texture of the solid wood soothed her excited emotions.

Following this excitement was a trace of caution that Anna had always kept.

“General David! Are you sure you want to give me this special gene potion in exchange for a year of my service?” David nodded solemnly.

In reality, he was praying in his heart.

Why hadn’t this damned Anna opened the wooden box yet? The insect that could burrow into a person’s body and control them had been put into the wooden box by David.

He just had to wait for Anna to open the box herself.

The insect was very fast and could enter Anna’s body before she could react.

Anna’s fingers, which were stroking the wooden box, began to move to the edge of the box.

With very light movements, she opened the lid of the box.

Then, a black insect crawled out of the wooden box and onto Anna’s arm.

“Ah!” Anna’s scream could be heard from the office as General David saw a bug run out of the wooden box.

It instantly pierced the skin on Anna’s arm and entered her flesh.

Then, pain and despair appeared on Anna’s face.

She grabbed her arm that was attacked by the insect with her other hand, instinctively wanting to stop the insect from crawling on her arm.

However, this was simply useless.

After the insect entered her skin and flesh, it crawled along her bones.

In a short period of time, it reached Anna’s spine.

Anna’s body began to make all sorts of unusual movements.

Her body twisted into the shape of a hemp as the insect’s control over Anna’s body continued.

Meanwhile, General David didn’t have a complacent smile on his face.

After all, he had experienced the same thing Anna was experiencing ten years ago.

“Anna, don’t resist.

It’s useless.

Soon, you won’t feel any pain.

You might even sense a new power.

” This time, David didn’t lie to Anna.

Soon, Anna’s body no longer twisted.

Instead, she faced him in a normal posture.

However, Anna’s expression was ferocious, as if she wanted to eat David.

“Damn you, David.

This was your cunning plan.

I’m going to kill you!” The insect that entered Anna’s body could only control her body, but not Anna’s expression and thoughts.

The control abilities of this insect was inferior to that of the queen insect, who controlled the souls of other creatures.

Thus, the creatures controlled by the queen insect were 100% obedient to the queen insect’s orders.

General David ignored Anna’s curse.

Instead, he opened his mouth and an insect crawled out.

The insect was almost the same size as the insect that had entered Anna’s body, except that the insect in Dave’s mouth was yellow.

The yellow insect in Dave’s mouth waved its tentacles, as if it was sending a signal.

As the yellow insect issued a control command towards Anna, the insect in Anna’s body began to control Anna’s body and made her form various difficult poses.

This made Anna’s face contort again, and the pain in her body constantly stimulated Anna’s nerves.

“Damn you, stop it!” David smiled proudly and looked at Anna, who was in pain not far away from him.

“You have to call me ‘master’, not ‘damn’!” The yellow insect in David’s mouth began to wave its tentacles more quickly, causing the insect in Anna’s body to control her body even more frantically.

“Ahhh! It bloody hurts!” “Master, stop! I really can’t take it anymore!” Seeing that Anna was finally willing to submit to him, David shut his mouth.

“Hu Hu Hu!” Anna panted heavily.

Her body finally stopped twisting and returned to normal.

However, the pain in her body continued to persist, just that it was not as severe as before.

Then, General David sat back in his chair.

He took a cigar from his drawer, lit it, and held it in his mouth.

When David’s mouth opened again, a puff of smoke escaped his mouth.

Besides this smoke, there was something he wanted to say to Anna.

“Anna, do you want to know what insect crawled into your body?”