Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 72

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 72

Chapter 72: General David’s Mistake Peter and Barker were in no hurry to leave the hidden space underground.

Instead, they searched the room carefully.

Other than finding a few containers used to hold some liquid in another room, they also found the corpse of another human.

The head of the corpse did not crack like that of the President.

For the time being, Peter and Barker could not determine whether the corpse was a cyborg based on its appearance.

Other than these two corpses and a few containers that Peter planned to take with him, he left the other pieces of furniture untouched for now.

He would deal with them later.

When the two of them returned to the surface of the ground, Peter asked Barker to find some cloth to wrap the two corpses.

Then, he was to bring them back to Genetic Command and wait for Peter there.

Meanwhile, Peter planned to go to the Federal Building once and look for General David to tell him about the discovery of the President’s corpse.

He wanted to test David’s reaction.

If he could make David expose something, it would be beneficial for Peter to have more inside information about the mysterious organization.

Furthermore, the mysterious organization that had been behind all of this might have obtained important information about the Federation through David.

Thus, Peter planned to not do anything to General David first.

Instead, he wanted to use David to lure out the mysterious organization behind him.

When Peter was about to reach the Federal building, a guard team appeared ahead.

They surrounded General David and walked towards Peter.

General David also saw Peter and hurried to stand in front of Peter.

“God of War Peter, we meet again.

I assume you already know about Callie’s injury?” Peter smiled professionally and looked down at the short General David.

“General David, I want to ask you a question.

” .



“Oh, go ahead.

” Peter had now recovered his normal appearance and was no longer like before when he was covered in blood.

As a result, David felt much less oppressed by Peter.

The most direct observation of this was that General David no longer trembled when he spoke to him.

“General David! When did the President of the Federation return to the Federation?” Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM Hm? David’s emotions changed violently.

He didn’t know why Peter had suddenly asked this question.

General David, who had been in the political world for many years, showed no signs of his panic on the surface.

“The President of the Federation left in an aircraft when the beasts attacked the base city.

He hasn’t returned yet.

I see that the God of War Peter cares about the President’s safety.

” General David had said that last sentence deliberately because of the President’s granddaughter, Callie.

She was Peter’s girlfriend, and the entire Federation knew that.

To put it bluntly, he was giving the God of War Peter some face.

Peter certainly understood what David meant by his last sentence, but he wasn’t buying it.

“General David, I have something good that I want you to see.

” Then, Peter took out his smart device and opened the video he had recorded.

At the next moment, a virtual video appeared between Peter and General David.

In the video, a large bed with a person lying on it appeared.

Just as General David was wondering about this, the video began to move.

It zoomed into the head of the person, and a face that everyone present recognized was frozen in the image.

At this moment, beads of sweat finally appeared on General David’s forehead as his body began to tremble slightly.

Peter didn’t have to say anything as a crack appeared in General David’s mental defense.

Meanwhile, Peter would stop while he was ahead.

He did not want to fall out with General David now as it would be disadvantageous to his future plans.

Peter knew the logic of making a larger investment in order to gain a big reward.

“General David, you were frightened too, right? I was as frightened as you were when I saw the President lying in bed.

” Peter only showed General David the first half of the video.

As for the image of the President’s head splitting open to reveal the mechanical structure inside, he would not let David see it.

The reason was very simple.

Peter was still not sure what role David played in the mysterious organization behind this.

If David also did not know that the President was a cyborg, this was tantamount to exposing the secret that Peter had discovered to David.

“Yes, God of War Peter.

I was indeed shocked.

” “God of War Peter, where did you find the President’s corpse? I’ll send people over now.

” Peter clearly heard that David was talking about the President’s corpse.

This old fox had finally shown his weakness.

From the video he projected, it was impossible to tell if the President was dead or alive simply from the image.

After all, the President seen in the video seemed to be asleep.

Furthermore, under normal circumstances, when one saw a familiar person with his eyes tightly shut in the video, their first reaction should be that he was sleeping and not that he was dead.

This meant that David had learned of the President’s death in advance, or that he had sent people to kill the President.

“God of War Peter, where is the President now? Please tell me.

As the commander of the Federation’s mecha army, I have a responsibility to find the President.

” After all, David was a high-ranking official in the Federation.

He also realized that he had accidentally said something wrong.

Thus, he immediately said that he wanted to find the President to cover up the fact that he had said the wrong thing.

Peter gave David an apologetic look.

“General David, I’m sorry, but I can’t hand the President’s body to you.

I want to bring him back to the Genetics College and let Callie handle him.

” Peter’s words revealed a lot of information.

Firstly, Peter told David that the President’s body was with him, but he would not hand it to him.

Then, he told David that Callie had returned to the Genetics College.

If he wanted to do anything to Callie, he had to think about the consequences first.

General David stood still, looking very embarrassed.

“It’s reasonable to leave the President’s body to Callie to handle.

However, the President is the highest commander of the Federation after all.

Thus, it’s better for the Federation to handle the President’s body.

” Peter knew that David couldn’t stand it anymore.

Why was he fighting for the President’s body? It was definitely not because of what he said on the surface.

Assuming that David knew that the President’s body had been modified into a cyborg, it would make sense for David to try his best to obtain the President’s body.

However, the problem was that if David knew where the President was hiding, why did he let Callie know? If he wanted to kill Callie with this, he didn’t have to go through so much trouble.

This was unless there was a deeper secret behind this.

Everything David did might be to lay the groundwork for his ultimate goal.

Peter couldn’t guess what David’s ultimate goal was yet.

However, Peter was certain that David’s ultimate goal was more or less related to him.