Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 71

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 71

Chapter 71: The President Is Not My Grandpa Outside Callie’s ward at the Genetics College hospital.

Professor Eugene was talking to a doctor.

“Professor Eugene, Callie’s nerves have been very badly stimulated.

Furthermore, she has burns on her arms.

She must have been attacked by lightning earlier.

We’ve already injected her with a potion to repair her nerves.

However, whether Callie will wake up next will depend on how her body absorbs the potion.

” In reality, the hospital had another way to wake Callie up.

The special genes they had developed would allow Callie to wake up immediately.

However, the special genes had just been developed and had many side effects.

The hospital did not mention this method, considering that Callie was the granddaughter of the President of the Federation and also the girlfriend of the God of War Peter.

“Callie was attacked by lightning?” Professor Eugene was shocked when the doctor mentioned the reason for Callie’s coma.

Originally, Professor Eugene and Peter had thought that Callie had been attacked by remnant mutant creatures in the base city.

Now, it seemed that it was not what they thought.

Professor Eugene sent the doctor away and sat alone in a chair in the corridor.

However, he was thinking about his identity.

He didn’t care if Callie woke up.

Instead, he was afraid that the Federation would find out that he was a human controlled by the queen insect.

Just as Professor Eugene was worrying about himself, an alarm sounded from Callie’s ward.

Beep beep beep! .



The piercing alarm woke Professor Eugene.

He immediately got up from his chair, opened the door to Callie’s ward, and walked in to see what was going on.

Professor Eugene was worried that the God of War Peter would cause trouble for him as he hadn’t taken good care of Callie.

On the hospital bed, Callie’s features were twisted, as if she were having a nightmare.

Meanwhile, the monitor that connected her body was producing an ear-piercing alarm.

Professor Eugene realized that the value on the monitor that was monitoring Callie’s brain waves had increased.

The surveillance cameras were connected to the screens of the medical staff outside.

They would rush over after seeing the alarm notification.

Thus, Professor Eugene didn’t have to operate anything.

Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM At that moment, beads of sweat appeared on Callie’s forehead.

Her eyes were tightly shut, but her brain was experiencing a very painful nightmare.

At this moment, several people in doctor’s uniforms walked in.

Professor Eugene voluntarily gave up his seat.

One of the older doctors turned to Professor Eugene after checking on Callie’s condition.

“Professor Eugene, please contact the God of War Peter immediately.

Callie is in a very bad state and can enter a deep coma at any moment.

There is only one way left.

” The doctor touched his glasses and continued.

“We can only use a special gene therapy on Callie.

” As the dean of the Genetics College, Professor Eugene knew what the special genes meant.

This newly developed potion could intensely stimulate the nerve center of humans.

It was very difficult for ordinary people to withstand the stimulation of this potion.

However, while the doctors and Professor Eugene were discussing the treatment plan, they didn’t see that Callie’s hands had started to move.

Meanwhile, her tightly shut eyes also showed a slight reaction.

No one knew whether Callie was able to hear their conversation and was trying to react for them to see.

Professor Eugene was about to leave the ward and contact the God of War Peter when he unconsciously looked at Callie with surprise.

Callie’s tightly shut eyes had actually opened slightly.

She raised her right hand, as if she wanted to say something.

“Wait! Callie is awake.

What does she want to say?” The doctors all looked at Callie upon hearing Professor Eugene.

As expected, Callie slowly opened her eyes and kept gesturing with her right hand.

“It’s a pen! Callie, what do you want to write?” The doctor beside the bed immediately took out a piece of paper from the cabinet and placed it in front of Callie.

Then, he placed the pen he always carried with him in Callie’s hand.

Callie held the pen in her right hand and wrote two words on the white paper with great difficulty.

Professor Eugene stood together with a few doctors.

After carefully identifying the words, he recognized that they were the words “President” and “Mecha.

” “What do you mean? Callie, what do these two words mean?” Professor Eugene looked at Callie and voiced his doubts.

Callie paused for a moment and tried to open her mouth.

After several tries, she slowly regained the ability to speak.

“Professor Eugene.

The President.

He’s a cyborg.

” Although Callie was very weak now and spoke very softly, Professor Eugene was the closest to Callie.

Thus, he could hear what Callie was saying.

However, this puzzled Professor Eugene even more.

Despite this, he had realized that what Callie was about to say would be very astonishing.

For this reason, he first turned around and asked the few doctors to leave the room.

After the doctors left, Professor Eugene looked at Callie and voiced his doubts.

“What about the President? What cyborg?” Callie looked at Professor Eugene, who was in front of her, and said another word.


” In an instant, Professor Eugene suddenly understood what Callie meant.

Then, he had an absurd thought.

“Callie, are you saying that the President is fake and a cyborg?” Professor Eugene voiced his guess, wanting to get a positive answer from Callie’s reaction.

When he saw Callie nod, he felt a chill run down his back.

This information was too shocking.

It had exceeded the scope of Professor Eugene’s understanding.

The President of the Federation was actually fake, and he was not human! Professor Eugene decided that he had to tell this astonishing information to the God of War Peter as soon as possible.

After comforting Callie, Professor Eugene left the ward and walked to an empty spot in the corridor.

Then, he took out his smart device and contacted the God of War Peter.

However, to Professor Eugene’s surprise, the smart device showed that it could not connect to the smart device that Peter equipped.

What he didn’t know was that Peter had already entered the hidden space underground with Barker.

At this moment, Peter realized that the dead man in front of him was the President of the Federation.

He had seen the President’s face before, so he recognized him easily.

Meanwhile, Barker stood behind Peter and was responsible for keeping a lookout for any mutated creatures.

However, Barker didn’t see any mutated creatures.

Instead, he heard the God of War Peter cry out in surprise.

“Barker, come and take a look!” Barker walked over.

Then, he stood beside the God of War Peter and looked at the dead man on the bed.

“Oh my god! What the hell is that?” Under Barker’s terrified gaze, the head of the corpse had split open, revealing the various mechanical structures inside.

“Has a human been transformed into a cyborg?!” Various guesses appeared in Peter’s mind.

For a moment, he felt very confused.

He needed to calm down and organize the various bizarre events that had occurred recently.