Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 70

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Plan to Create Gods Using Humans Barker’s voice continued over the phone, but what Barker said next shocked Peter, causing him to break out into a cold sweat.

“God of War Peter, Callie is not in a good state now.

She has been unconscious all this time.

” “What happened? Where is Callie now?” Barker knew about Callie’s relationship with the God of War Peter.

He spoke as quickly as he could about how they had discovered Callie and how they had brought her on board the aircraft.

Currently, Barker and the others were protecting Callie as they flew to Genetics College in the aircraft.

After confirming that Callie was almost at the Genetics College, Peter ran out of Professor Eugene’s office.

He first looked for Professor Eugene and asked him to inform the medical staff to go to the parking lot.

Then, Peter also rushed to the parking lot.

More than ten minutes later.

The aircraft responsible for transporting Callie landed in the parking lot.

Then, Peter ran over with the medical staff.

Barker was the first to get off the aircraft.

“God of War Peter! Callie woke up a while ago, and now she’s sleeping again.

” The medical staff entered the aircraft first and used a mechanical bed to move Callie to the ground.

After a preliminary check by the medical staff, Callie’s mind must have been triggered by something that caused her to show signs of sleep.

Peter couldn’t help much for the time being.

He had to get the medical staff to take Callie to the hospital for observation first.




Peter watched as Callie was pushed away and turned to ask Barker.

“Barker, you said that you found Callie outside a house.

Was Callie alone back then?” “God of War Peter, when we found Callie, she was sitting on the ground alone.

We went forward and called out to Callie, but she didn’t react.

Her two eyes looked at the ground as if she had no soul.

” “Did you search the nearby house then?” Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM “God of War Peter, we only searched the house closest to Callie at the time.

There was a tunnel that led underground, but we didn’t enter it rashly.

I reported the situation in the underground tunnel to Genetic Command.

There will be Genetic Warriors constantly guarding that place now.

” Peter looked down and thought for a moment.

Then, he looked up at Barker again.

“You guys did well.

Take the other Genetic Warriors and get some rest.

Come find me tomorrow at 10am.

” Then, Peter motioned for Barker and the others to rest.

Peter decided to take Barker with him the next day and return to the Federation once again.

He wanted to know what Callie had experienced in the underground tunnel Barker had discovered.

During this period, Peter stayed with Callie in the hospital’s treatment room.

This was until he received a message from Professor Eugene.

Professor Eugene informed Peter that Better had fixed the GPS and recorder on the smart mecha.

Thus, Peter could only call over a female student from the Genetics College to help him look after Callie.

Then, Peter went to the basement of the laboratory and saw Betty, who was waiting for him.

“God of War Peter, these are the fixed GPS and recorder.

They can be used at any time.

” Peter was about to say something to thank her when he realized that Betty had taken out a human heart from behind her.

“Betty, what is this?” Peter saw Betty take out a human heart and couldn’t figure out what Betty was up to.

“God of War Peter, I took this human heart from the mecha you brought back.

” “What?!” Peter looked at the heart in Betty’s hand.

No matter how he looked at it, he could not associate it with the mecha.

Could it be? At this moment, Peter remembered what Professor Eugene had said.

Before David was taken away, Professor Eugene had discovered a mecha army that had suddenly appeared.

However, the behavior of those mechas was very strange.

He had never seen the warriors operating those mechas walk out from inside the mechas.

Even if the mechas were equipped with systems that could resolve the physiological problems of their operators, people still had to eat.

This was one of the reasons why Professor Eugene found it strange back then.

Peter understood that he had discovered a new evolutionary pathway that involved the union of mechas and humans.

More accurately, it involved the integration of Genetic Warriors and mechas.

If one thought about it carefully, that mysterious organization had been executing a plan that violated the entire human race.

It was to use the physical bodies of humans to create gods on a large scale.

At some point, Peter realized that his back was drenched in sweat.

This discovery shocked Peter greatly.

Furthermore, he now had a more troublesome problem.

Peter looked at Betty, who was in front of him.

This mecha engineer from the Locke Company already knew about this bizarre plan.

Once Betty told the world about it, it would shock the entire human race.

It was difficult to predict the crazy reaction of the already unstable human camp.


Peter couldn’t allow Betty to tell everyone this secret.

The safest way was to let the A-Grade queen insect control Betty and make her its soul slave.

This was the current most reliable method.

When Peter left the basement, he specifically asked Professor Eugene to send someone to keep an eye on Betty.

This was because Peter was going to the Federation tomorrow.

He wanted to go to the underground tunnel that Barker had discovered and find the reason why Callie had been agitated.

After dealing with the matters at hand, Peter immediately rushed back to the hospital to continue accompanying Callie.

Peter stayed by Callie’s bed throughout the night.

He slept a few hours in between.

Otherwise, even the Genetic God of War would not be able to take it if he did not sleep for a long time.

The next morning at 10am, Peter and Barker boarded the aircraft that was flying to the base city.

This time, he didn’t bring along more Genetic Warriors.

It was just him and Barker.

It was not that Peter was careless.

Instead, after almost being killed by the S-Grade queen insect in the underground tunnel, he felt that it was better not to enter a narrow place like this underground tunnel with many people.

This would instead have the opposite effect.

About an hour later, Peter and Barker arrived at the place where they had found Callie.

This location was relatively remote, and it was thousands of meters away from the Federal Building.

Furthermore, the slums were adjacent to this district.

Chaos and crimes were common here.

Peter couldn’t figure out why Callie had come here.

Before coming here again, Peter had specifically asked someone to retrieve the surveillance cameras from that time.

There was no valuable information found in the surveillance cameras, which only deepened Peter’s curiosity about what was below the underground tunnel.

“Barker, wait a minute.

” Peter saw that Barker was going to go down first and spoke to stop him.

Then, Peter turned on the lights and jumped into the underground tunnel first.

Barker followed closely behind Peter and jumped down as well.

To Peter’s surprise, the underground space was large with a complete set of furniture and several separate rooms below.

Peter and Barker entered the room closest to them.

There was only a large wooden bed with a dead man lying on it.

Peter walked carefully to the bed to get a better look at the dead man.

“It’s the President of the Federation!”