Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 57

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 57

Chapter 57: The Final Crisis Outside the city wall of New York Base City.

Anna and the Genetic Warriors were bitterly supporting the defense network.

Meanwhile, in front of them, the temporary defense that had been built with the corpses of countless mutant creatures was about to be broken through by the beasts.

The number of casualties among the nearly 100 Genetic Warriors continued to increase.

If Anna hadn’t been attacking desperately, there wouldn’t have been many Genetic Warriors left.

At this moment.

Another group of beasts climbed onto the corpses of their own kind.

These mutated creatures had bloodshot eyes.

They were clearly being controlled by some power.

When Anna saw the beasts appear again, sadness finally appeared in her eyes.

She knew that they really couldn’t hold on anymore.

There were too many beasts.

It was impossible for her to clone herself and transfer her strength to the other Genetic Warriors.




Behind them was the broken city wall of the base city.

What would be the final outcome of this beast attack? Grief appeared on the faces of the Genetic Warriors present.

At the same time, the citizens of the base city saw the beasts appear again through the live broadcast of the drones.

They all looked terrified.

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COM “Oh my god! There are so many insects!” “Boohoo… Why did the God of War Peter leave? The God of War Peter left us alone!” “Where exactly has the God of War Peter gone? I don’t believe that he will leave us alone!” “It’s useless.

It’s all over…” In an ordinary house, a woman put her five-year-old son and seven-year-old daughter to bed and covered them.

The little girl blinked and asked her mother.

“Mom, does the God of War Peter really not want us anymore?” Upon seeing her daughter’s innocent face, the woman’s eyes showed sadness.

She wanted to turn around and hide her tears.

“Children! Remember! The God of War Peter didn’t abandon us.

In order to save us, he went alone to find a way to eliminate the insects.

” In every ordinary house in the base city, the citizens had different thoughts.

Some understood the God of War Peter.

Meanwhile, some people took the opportunity to slander Peter, while others directed their anger at the Federation government.

General David stood in front of the huge screen in the command room.

The video was showing the scene where the Genetic Warriors stopped the beasts.

When he saw a terrifying number of beasts appear, the Genetic Warriors who were defending the screen began to change their formation.

Previously, these Genetic Warriors had stood in a row to resist the attacks of the beasts.

Now, they were beginning to gather together.

Anna stood at the front of the formation.

Once the beasts rushed down from the mountain of corpses, she would be the first target to be attacked.

“General David! The aircraft I’ve prepared for you can take off at any time.

We should go!” General David’s assistant whispered in his ear.

“The God of War Peter has disappeared.

His whereabouts are unknown, General David! We really can’t wait any longer.

” “We just received a message from the President’s assistant.

The President has arrived safely at the safe area.

” “General David! Are you listening to me?” However, General David still said nothing.

He had been watching Anna on the screen.

He did not want to give up on his plan.

The God of War Peter’s powerful strength indeed made General David wary.

The only one who had a chance of becoming Peter’s match was Anna.

General David had a long-term vision of the future.

He could see from Peter that one day, the Genetic Warriors would definitely become the pillars of the entire human race.

Meanwhile, before the wings of the God of War Peter fully grew, he would quickly nurture a potential opponent.

This was also one of the reasons why General David was in no hurry to leave.

Furthermore, General David knew very well that the God of War Peter did not explain the reason for his sudden departure.

However, it was very likely that he was looking for the leader of the beast herd.

It was not difficult for General David to guess this strategy with his outlook.

He knew very well that the God of War Peter was taking a gamble, as was everyone in the entire Human Federation.

As long as the God of War Peter found the leader of the beasts and killed it, the entire herd of beasts that threatened the base city would instantly collapse.

In the live broadcast in front of General David, the beasts that rushed up the mountain of corpses began to attack.

The Genetic Warriors, led by Anna, were ready to die here.

Behind these Genetic Warriors were millions of ordinary humans.

The powerful genes of the Genetic Warriors strengthened their bodies and their will.

There was no turning back for the Genetic Warriors.

At this moment, a ruthless expression appeared in Anna’s eyes.

“Brave Genetic Warriors!” “For the base city behind us!” “Kill all these damned bugs!” Boom! Boom! Boom! At the same time, railguns were fired from the direction of the base city.

The light rays that contained extremely high heat instantly destroyed the beasts that had climbed the mountain of corpses.

However, the number of beasts that had already charged down the mountain of corpses was still terrifying.

The beasts had already rushed to a spot more than ten meters away from Anna.

Anna, who was physically exhausted, felt that her body was extremely heavy.

It was already very difficult for her to wave her fists.

However, what made her feel the most despair was that her mind had begun to spin.

At this moment, Anna closed her eyes.

She still had many wishes that had not been realized.

In her mind, she saw the God of War Peter’s figure as he left.

Everything would be over.

Then, Anna heard her friend’s surprised voice.

“Look! The beasts have all fallen.