Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 58

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Tragic Victory   Dozens of drones were hovering over New York Base City.

From the perspective of these drones, the upper echelons of the Federation and the citizens of the base city could clearly see a scene that shocked them.

As a large number of beasts charged towards the base city, these mutated creatures suddenly fell.

Only a small portion of high-leveled mutated creatures did not collapse.

However, these high-leveled mutated creatures no longer charged towards the city wall.

This sudden scene shocked everyone who was watching the live broadcast.

“Oh my god! Can someone tell me what’s going on?” “Why did those ugly insects suddenly collapse?” “Did the Federation use some secret weapon?” “How is that possible! If the Federation really had a secret weapon, they would have used it long ago.

” “It must be those Genetic Warriors guarding outside the city.

They must have some special ability.

” .



“Do you remember when the God of War Peter left, the Genetic Warriors didn’t do anything to stop him? They must have known something.

” “Oh my god! Why is the ground shaking? Is there an earthquake?!” After the beasts outside the base city fell, the entire ground shook.

This was followed by the roar of an explosion.

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COM Rumble! The Genetic Warriors who were guarding outside the base city looked terrified.

Meanwhile, the mountain of corpses in front of them collapsed, revealing a scene even further in the distance.

A large area of the ground in front of them had collapsed, creating huge craters on the ground.

This was beyond their understanding.

This was a scene that could only be seen in disaster films in history.

Among the Genetic Warriors, Anna had the greatest reaction.

She knew that the God of War Peter had gone to the underground tunnel to look for the leader of the beasts.

Now that there was a large collapse on the ground, it must be the God of War Peter fighting the leader of the beasts.

Otherwise, the beasts that were attacking them would not have suddenly collapsed.

“The God of War Peter must have killed the leader of the beasts!” Anna’s sadness instantly disappeared, and a hopeful expression returned to her face.

“We’re finally saved!” “Anna! There are also many high-level mutated creatures!” “Let’s go! We’ll deal with these insects first!” Then, Anna led the other Genetic Warriors to clean up the high-level mutant creatures.

When these beasts were no longer controlled by the S-Grade queen insect, their berserk state lost its support.

After ordinary mutated creatures were no longer controlled by the S-Grade queen insect, the side effect was that their mental strength would collapse and they would fall unconscious.

The higher-leveled mutated creatures had stronger mental strength.

Although they did not faint, they had lost their ability to attack.

Thus, it only took the Genetic Warriors a short time to kill the remaining high-level mutated creatures.

“Anna! The high-level mutant creatures have been killed.

Should we look for Big Boss Peter now?” Anna looked at her companions around her.

Their faces and bodies were filled with the blood of the mutated creatures, as well as their own blood.

Each Genetic Warrior was like a demon that had just crawled out of hell.

She knew that her companions in front of her had been fighting for a long time.

They had overdrawn their physical strength.

When they faced the herd of beasts earlier, they could still rely on their strong willpower to endure.

Now that the crisis posed by the beasts was resolved, these Genetic Warriors looked exhausted.

Of the hundred Genetic Warriors, less than half were left.

It would take a long time to piece together the corpses of the Genetic Warriors who had sacrificed their lives from among the corpses of the beasts.

After experiencing this beast attack, the human faction had paid a painful price.

“You guys take the time to rest.

I’ll look for the God of War Peter.

” “We can’t let you go alone.

You’d better take us with you.

” Anna raised her hand to stop her companions from suggesting otherwise.

“Don’t worry, the control of the beasts has lost its effect.

This means that the God of War Peter has killed the leader of the beasts.

” “It’s enough for me to go alone.

You guys go back to the base city to rest.

” Just as Anna was comforting her companions, a door behind them opened.

Then, a team of people in military uniforms walked out.

The leader was a middle-aged man who was about 50 years old.

His eagle-like eyes quickly locked on Anna, who was standing among the Genetic Warriors.

“You must be Anna!” The first people to leave the base city to meet the Genetic Warriors were General David and his subordinates.

When General David greeted Anna, his assistant immediately introduced him to Anna.

“This is General David from the Federation’s mecha army!” “Hello, General David.

” After a brief greeting, General David went straight to the point.

“Anna! I suggest that you return to the base city with the other Genetic Warriors to rest.

Leave the rest to us.

You’ve done enough.

” Upon hearing what General David said, Anna and the other Genetic Warriors instantly had a good impression of this General from the mecha army.

“General David, thank you for your kindness.

The other Genetic Warriors are really exhausted.

Tell them to go back and rest.

I have something else to do.

” General David had guessed what Anna was going to do.

“Anna, I know that you’re going to find the God of War Peter.

This is also what our Federation needs to do.

Don’t worry, I’ve already sent a mecha to find the God of War Peter.