Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 56

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 56

Chapter 56: The S-Grade Queen Insect’s Trump Card “You humans are far more evil than other creatures!” “The nature of you humans is all about greed!” “You…” “Howl!” Peter rushed over and swung his fist, interrupting the insults the queen insect had been directing towards humans.

There were no longer any beasts protecting the S-Grade queen insect.

A mutated creature of this level was equivalent to the mother of the entire herd.

Even the upper echelons of the Federation might not know how the queen insect was born.

He estimated that only a small number of humans in the entire human Federation knew the detailed information about the queen insect.

Peter did not look down on the queen insect because he thought that there were no mutated creatures protecting the queen insect.

After all, this was an S-Grade queen insect.




Then, Peter’s words made the S-Grade queen insect flash a different expression.

“Unfortunately, I use my one-time chance to control a creature on another A-Grade queen insect.

” “Otherwise, I’ll use my control skill to control you.

” “Controlling an S-Grade queen insect is very useful.

” Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM Peter tried to anger the S-Grade queen insect.

The upper body of the S-Grade queen insect had a humanoid shape.

Its ugly mouth opened to reveal a row of fine teeth.

Meanwhile, behind the queen insect were the remains of many creatures.

These remains should be the source of food for the queen insect.

“Damned human!” “You have no right to control me!” “My master is far more powerful than you!” Peter felt that something was unusual when he heard the queen insect finish its sentence.

“Your master? Who is your master?” The queen insect didn’t answer Peter.

Instead, its body began to swell.

With intelligence that did not belong to humans.

Thus, the queen insect knew very well that once it fell into the hands of humans, its fate would definitely be tragic.

“Damned human, I want to die with you!” Peter realized in horror that the body of the queen insect in front of him had swelled to a large extent.

“Is it going to self-destruct?!” In this critical situation, Peter suddenly remembered the new skill he had just obtained.

He could use his illusion skill! He wondered if it would be effective on the queen insect that was about to self-destruct.

However, there was no other way.

He could only give it a try.

Then, Peter used his illusion skill.

At the next moment… The S-Grade queen insect’s body stopped expanding as its eyes lost their vitality.

Obviously, the illusion technique was effective on the S-Grade queen insect.

Peter simultaneously discovered that an unfamiliar scene had unfolded before him.

If he guessed correctly, the scene before him should be the scene that the queen insect was seeing in the illusion.

The image was from the queen insect’s perspective.

Thus, whatever food it saw would be displayed.

The environment in the illusion was very oppressive.

It was a battlefield filled with killing.

Then, an unusually tall creature appeared on the screen.

Peter couldn’t tell if the creature was human.

This was because it had the physical characteristics of a human, but its height had exceeded the limits of a human.

Although he didn’t know how tall it was, he could estimate its height from the references beside it.

It was not difficult to make a rough judgment.

This humanoid creature was at least ten meters tall.

After all, its head had already exceeded the three-story building in the background.

“Could this giant be the master of the queen insect?” In the image, the queen insect looked at the nearby giant and did not attack him.

Peter judged from this that the giant was most likely the master of the queen insect.

For a moment, his mind was racing as he thought of a terrifying scene.

When Peter had encountered the A-Grade queen insect previously, the A-Grade queen insect had tried to control Peter.

As Peter’s mental strength was very high, he was immune to the control of the A-Grade queen insect.

After that, he extracted the genes of the A-Grade queen insect and obtained an opportunity to control a creature.

Thus, Peter simply controlled the A-Grade queen insect before controlling Professor Eugene and Locke through it.

However, the current situation was that the S-Grade queen insect in front of him should have stronger control abilities.

However, Peter did not feel the control from the S-Grade queen insect.

Furthermore, the S-Grade queen insect had said that it had a master.

When Peter heard this, his first thought was that the S-Grade queen insect was lying to him.

This S-Grade queen insect must have guessed Peter’s ability to control creatures through some method.

That was why the S-Grade queen insect said that it had a master.

This was equivalent to telling Peter that his control abilities were ineffective against the S-Grade queen insect.

However, after the S-Grade queen insect entered the illusion, a giant appeared.

This made Peter suspicious again.

Could the S-Grade queen insect be telling the truth? At this moment.

The scene in the illusion changed.

The giant inside seemed to have discovered something unusual about the S-Grade queen insect.

As its huge body walked towards the S-Grade queen insect, the giant raised its fist and smashed it in the head.

As the giant’s fist landed on the queen insect, the scene in the illusion was shattered.

The S-Grade queen insect escaped the illusion.

Then, its body, which had stopped expanding, began to swell again.

“Damn it!” Peter immediately turned to flee the underground cave.

The underground tunnel had been dug up by insects.

Thus, once an explosion occurred, the ground around him would collapse.

Peter did not want to be buried here alive.

“Fifty times more rage!” At this critical moment, Peter activated 50 times more rage, and his attributes were instantly raised to a terrifying level.

His current speed had already reached an exaggerated level.

Afraid that he would be affected by the self-destruction of the S-Grade queen insect, Peter sped up his escape.


Peter received a brainwave from the S-Grade queen insect.

To put it in words, the rough meaning of the brainwave was, “My master already knows of your existence.

The Holy War will avenge me!” Boom! The body of the S-Grade queen insect exploded, sending out a powerful shockwave.