Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 51

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 51

Chapter 51: The God of War Peter Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios In the Federal combat room.

All of the staff dropped their work and gathered around General David.

All eyes were on the screen in David’s hand.

The screen was playing the scene of Peter leaping down the city wall and killing his way into the group of beasts.

This scene shocked everyone present.

“The God of War Peter is too powerful!” “Look at the speed at which the God of War Peter kills the mutated creatures.

Not even a mecha army can do that.

” “We’ve seen images of mecha armies fighting against beasts, but this is the first time we’ve seen a battle method like the God of War Peter’s.

” “If it were the Mecha Warriors charging into the herd, they would have been trapped by the mutated creatures.

Look, those mutated creatures can’t even get close to the God of War Peter.

” .



“This is too scary.

We are lucky to have the God of War Peter in the human faction.

” “That’s right.

We were worried that the God of War Peter would not be able to fight against the beasts alone no matter how powerful he is.

Now it seems…” Just as the staff were discussing among themselves.

General David heard them praise Peter again.

Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM In particular, when he heard them say that even the mecha army couldn’t do it, he furrowed his eyebrows.

After all, General David was the highest-ranking commander of the mecha army.

He had experienced many battles between the mecha armies and groups of beasts.

However, he could not say anything now.

After all, it was Peter who was fighting the beasts now.

Meanwhile, the mecha army that he had always been proud of suffered heavy losses.

They were almost completely annihilated.

When he saw Peter leap into the group of beasts, a tinge of emotion made General David realize something.

He realized that it was not only Mecha Warriors who could defeat mutated creatures.

A human who could kill mutated creatures with his physical strength had appeared among the Genetic Warriors.

This was something that had never happened before.

Since General David could become the commander of the Federation’s mecha army, his intelligence was definitely outstanding.

He only thought for a short while before he realized that something must have gone wrong.

After all, the Genetic Warriors had not been able to break through their physical limitations for such a long time.

As a result, they could only follow behind the Mecha Warriors and became the Battlefield Cleaners.

This was until Peter’s appearance broke this norm.

He had single-handedly killed hundreds of mutated vultures and become a champion.

Now, it was as if the God of War had returned.

Peter leaped down the city wall alone again and killed his way into the horde that filled the land.

He was saving the Federation at a critical moment.

If he could do it, then could the other Genetic Warriors do the same in the future? This was the thought that came to General David’s mind at that moment.

Ever since the genetics major had been established, after several centuries of development, how was it possible that they only produced only one person like Peter? This did not make sense.

General David thought for a moment and immediately thought of the current dean of Genetic College.

It was Professor Eugene.

Speaking of Professor Eugene, he was also in the Federal combat room.

After the beasts attacked the city… As the dean of the Genetics College, Professor Eugene’s duty was to command the genetics students to help the people in the city.

Professor Eugene saw General David looking at him again and flashed an uncertain expression.

“Professor Eugene, how long has it been since you took over the Genetics College?” Professor Eugene remained calm when he heard General David’s question.

However, he was still extremely shocked.

“Why did David suddenly ask that question?” “Could it be that he discovered something?” Professor Eugene silently speculated.

He was a human being controlled by the queen insect.

Although he would not lose his normal emotional thinking, he was afraid of being discovered.

As a professor who had studied genetics for half his life, Professor Eugene knew very well how domineering the control abilities of the queen insect was.

The queen insect was directly controlling his consciousness.

Under such circumstances, it was impossible to escape.

If this control were to be discovered by other humans, only death awaited them.

“General David, why are you suddenly asking this question?” Professor Eugene simply voiced his doubts.

An upright man fears no gossip.

He understood this principle.

General David waved his hand and looked at the screen in his hand.

“Nothing, I was just asking…” Then, General David pointed his finger at the screen.

“Your Genetics College has produced a fierce person who has surpassed the God of War rank.

Congratulations!” Professor Eugene simply chuckled and managed to cope with this situation.

He couldn’t figure out what General David intended for now.

If it was only because General David was jealous after Master Peter displayed strength that surpassed that of the mechas, then there was no problem.

Professor Eugene was afraid that David would doubt his identity.

This might be the aftereffects of being controlled by the queen insect.

He was too suspicious of others! However, Professor Eugene could confirm one thing.

It was that General David had his eye on him.

Alternatively, General David had his eye on the Genetics College that he ran.

Professor Eugene wanted to tell Peter his theory.

However, it was definitely not the right time.

Peter was killing the beasts outside the city wall.

Instead, he would find time to tell Peter later.

At this moment, General David focused on the battle in the video again.

The scene of Peter killing the beasts made him want to recruit Peter.

This was a genius that only appeared once in a hundred years.

How could he stay in the Genetics College? He definitely had to find a way to persuade Peter to join the mecha students.

General David had a wonderful idea.

He could customize the best mecha for Peter.

He thought that Peter’s attack power was strong.

However, this did not mean that his defense was also strong.

After all, Peter’s body was still made of flesh and blood.

In fact, after several enhancements by the Thunder God genes, Peter’s physical strength was comparable to that of the steel-bodied mechas.

However, General David did not know this.

He felt that the method he had thought of was very good.

If all went well, he definitely had to find Peter after the war.

However, General David did not notice that his previous thoughts had been unconsciously influenced by Peter.

Before Peter returned, General David thought that if the base city was attacked, the beasts would occupy the city.

At that point, there would only be one last resort.

He would detonate the atomic weapon.

Then, they would perish together with the beasts.

However, Peter showed great strength after his return.

That changed General David’s mind.

There was still hope for the Federation.

As long as Peter was there, the Federation would not be occupied by the beasts.

At this moment, the scene in the video shocked everyone again.

A girl appeared behind Peter in the video.

Furthermore, behind the girl were more than a hundred Genetic Warriors.

They had rushed over to support Peter.

After all, Peter had been fighting for more than half an hour.

Even if he was the God of War, his body would still feel tired.

“Are these all Genetic Warriors?!” “Why do I feel like there’s something wrong with my past knowledge… Are all Genetic Warriors so powerful now?” “Who is that girl? I’ve never seen her before.

Is she the God of War Peter’s girlfriend?” “Don’t talk nonsense! Callie is the girlfriend of the God of War Peter.

” “Look, these Genetic Warriors are very powerful too!” “Oh my god! The speed at which they kill the beasts isn’t slow either!” “Yes! Although they can’t catch up to the God of War Peter, they’re still faster than the mecha army.

” At that moment, General David looked very upset.

He could still accept that Peter showed strength which far exceeded that of the mechas.

However, the battle power of those ordinary Genetic Warriors had increased so much.

This was definitely not normal.

General David was on the verge of breaking down.