Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 50

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Genetic Warriors, Follow Me!   When Peter jumped down from the hatch, he saw a human using a weapon to injure a mutated creature.

What surprised him was that the man was actually an ordinary person.

It was not hard to imagine that the base city was on the verge of collapsing.

Peter landed on the ground and punched the mutant creature.

Then, 160 Genetic Warriors jumped down from the hatch one after another.

This scene shocked the man, causing him to tremble.

He had never seen such powerful Genetic Warriors.

He had fought alongside Genetic Warriors before.

However, they were not like the Genetic Warriors he was seeing now.

At this time, after Peter punched the mutated creature, he immediately turned to look at the others who had landed.




These were the elites he had brought back.

The lowest-leveled warrior was about to break through to a B-Grade Genetic General.

It was obvious that such a powerful army of Genetic Warriors was about to save the entire base city.

Peter gave his orders as soon as he saw everyone jump down.

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COM “Team 2, 3, and 4, follow me to the city wall and defeat those damned mutated creatures.

” “Anna, lead the rest of the teams and provide reinforcements at other places.

” After making these arrangements, Peter first jumped over the barriers and charged towards the city wall.

Behind him, the three teams of Genetic Warriors followed Peter up the wall.

Meanwhile, mutated creatures kept charging down from the city walls.

Peter flashed a sharp look and clenched his fists.

Every time he delivered a punch, a mutated creature would be blasted apart.

Peter’s current strength had reached 240,000 kg.

This was two times stronger than before.

When the aircraft was travelling back to the base city, Peter was not idle either.

He simply extracted the Thunder God genes.

After killing the A-grade black tortoise, he had gained 100 times more stamina.

This made Peter’s stamina reach an astonishing level.

It was enough to withstand the pressure of extracting the Thunder God genes again.

By extracting the Thunder God genes this time, Peter’s physical fitness simply increased by 2,000 times.

This was equivalent to an improvement of 1,000 times compared to his previous physical fitness.

Bang bang bang! A lot of mutated creatures that appeared on the city wall were blown up by Peter.

This scene attracted the attention of others.

“Oh my god! Look who blew up the mutated creatures on the city wall!” “Why are there so many Genetic Warriors?!” “Has the God of War Peter really returned…” “That’s right! It’s the God of War Peter.

I saw his video.

It’s him.

” “Is he still human? That’s too terrifying.

He blasted a mutated creature’s body apart with a single punch…” “Don’t you see? There are still a lot of Genetic Warriors running towards the city.

They’re probably going to reinforce the troops at other places.

” “That’s shocking.

I want my son to join the Genetics College as well.

” As Peter returned with the Genetic Warriors, the number of mutated creatures poured into the base city started to decrease rapidly.

This greatly reduced the number of casualties among the citizens.

At this moment, the Federal command room had also discovered Peter.

They immediately sent out their miniature reconnaissance planes to fly directly to the city wall.

They began to broadcast Peter’s achievements.

The Federation’s objective was very clear.

It was to let everyone in the base city see the scene of Peter General leading the Genetic Warriors to guard the city wall.

Regardless of whether it was the Genetic Warriors hiding in buildings or fighting mutants on the streets, even the mecha operators could see the video broadcasted by the Federation.

This was the most effective way to calm the hearts of the people.

Instantly, the people were in an uproar.

“Is that really the God of War Peter? That punch was too scary.

” “God of War Peter! Kill those stinky bugs!” “Boohoo… Callie didn’t lie to us… Lord Peter came back to save us.

” “Don’t be too happy yet.

Didn’t you see in the video that there are still many mutated creatures outside the city wall?” “Yes, no matter how powerful the God of War Peter is, he will be exhausted when facing so many mutated creatures.

When that time comes…” At this moment, in the Federal combat command room.

General David was also watching the video, which showed Peter’s formidable strength.

It did shock General David.

However, he was also worried about a problem.

No matter how powerful Peter was, how could he possibly kill all the mutated creatures? It was not that David didn’t believe in Peter’s strength.

The number of mutated creatures attacking the base city was too terrifying.

This was a battle of attrition.

For the mutated creatures, they were not afraid of consuming their resources.

However, the human faction was different.

Even if Peter died of exhaustion, he could not kill all the mutated creatures.

What about making the mutated creatures feel fear and actively retreat? This was even more impossible.

After all, these creatures were all mutated.

Their savage nature had become their nature.

In the video, Peter stood on the city wall, waving his fists and harvesting the lives of the mutant creatures.

However, more and more mutated creatures rushed up the city wall.

The faster Peter killed the creatures, the more mutated creatures rushed up.

General David immediately realized what was wrong.

Previously, the mutated creatures outside the city wall had to wait for the mutated creatures on the wall to jump down before they could find a place to stand.

However, Peter was now killing mutant creatures very quickly.

This was equivalent to clearing space for the mutated creatures outside the wall to stand on.

Just as General David frowned, he realized something with horror.

In the picture, Peter’s figure had changed.

Peter, who was already tall, grew even taller again.

He had no idea that Peter had also discovered the problem that more mutated creatures had appeared.

Therefore, he activated 50 times more rage.

Then, to General David’s astonishment, Peter jumped off the wall.

“Is Peter crazy! He jumped into the group of beasts…” However, what happened next made General David’s jaw drop.

He could not close it again.