Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 52

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 52

Chapter 52: General David’s Plan Anna exerted strength in her legs and used the obstacles on the wall to leap onto the city wall that was dozens of meters high.

When she reached the top of the city wall, she looked around.

What she saw was a large number of beasts.

These ugly mutated creatures were charging at a human.

The human was like a God of War.

With his strength alone, the group of beasts was unable to charge towards the city wall behind him.

For a moment.

Anna stared at the familiar figure among the group of beasts for a moment.

Was this Peter’s full strength? She was shocked by the power Peter had displayed.

This was because in her knowledge, no human being could do that.

Clearly, the Peter in front of her had surpassed the limits of human bodies.

She watched Peter waving his fists among the beasts.

The mutated creatures that rushed to Peter’s side could not block his attack.

Peter’s body erupted with powerful strength and he kept killing the mutants around him.




This scene made Anna open her mouth and speak softly.

“The God of War Peter! One day, I will surpass you.

” These were Anna’s true thoughts.

She had always been a girl who advocated power.

The tragic experiences of her childhood made her understand that she was the only one with great power.

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COM Only then could she survive in this dangerous world.

She could not always be helped by others.

In the end, she had to rely on her own strength.

At this moment.

All the other Genetic Warriors leaped onto the wall and came up behind Anna.

After seeing the shocking scene outside the city wall, they felt the same as Anna.

They were all impressed by the power Peter displayed.

In the team of Genetic Warriors, a burly man over two meters tall shouted, “Anna! The God of War Peter is fighting alone.

Is standing here and watching him the only thing that we can do!” Anna turned to the other Genetic Warriors, her gaze once again fierce.

“For the God of War Peter! Follow me down the city wall!” “For the God of War Peter!” “For the God of War Peter!” “Go, go, go!” The 100 passionate Genetic Warriors jumped off the city wall at almost the same time.

This scene was captured by a drone sent by the Federation.

Some were hiding in their homes and watching the live broadcast through their smart devices.

They saw the scene of 100 Genetic Warriors jumping off the city wall, shouting “the God of War Peter”.

The vision of many citizens watching the broadcast grew blurry.

Women covered their faces and sobbed.

There were also many old people who were trembling.

They knew that with these Genetic Warriors in the base city, they would not be attacked by the horde of beasts.

At this moment.

Every human in New York Base City remembered the name of a human.

It was Peter! They also remembered the Genetic Warriors who wanted to save the base city.

At the same time, in the command room of the Federation, General David was also watching the live broadcast.

“We were all wrong.

Humans can take the path of genetics.

We don’t have to rely on mechas made of steel.

” After General David finished speaking, his assistant voiced his idea as well.

“General David! If we let these Genetic Warriors operate powerful mechas, they will be able to better fight the mutant creatures.

Isn’t that right?” General David looked at his assistant with disdain.

“Idiot! The greatest advantage of the Genetic Warriors is that they have strength comparable to mechas.

At the same time, they also have flexibility that mechas don’t have.

” “Are you going to let the powerful Genetic Warriors wear mechas? They won’t be able to kill the mutated creatures efficiently.

Instead, it will impede the advantage that the Genetic Warriors have.

” The assistant broke out in a cold sweat after hearing what General David said.

He had just said it casually, but he didn’t expect that the greatest advantage of Genetic Warrior was their speed and agility.

As a result, they were able to unleash far greater power than mechas.

If one put this information together, it could be summarized in a word — efficiency! Suppressing the number of mutated creatures was what humans needed the most.

The greatest advantage of mutated creatures was not their large size, their strong defense, or their great strength.

Instead, the greatest advantage of mutated creatures was their numbers.

The queen insect of these mutated creatures could reproduce a large number of mutated creatures in an extremely short period of time.

This horrifying rate of reproduction was what gave the human faction the greatest headache.

As long as they could solve the problem of the queen insect’s reproduction rate, they would be able to completely defeat the mutated creatures.

General David saw hope in the God of War Peter.

He saw the hope that he could control the number of mutated creatures.

However, as a higher-up of the Federation, he had a clear understanding of the ability to control a Genetic God of War.

With the Federation’s current strength, they were unable to control the God of War Peter.

General David needed to choose a new Genetic Warrior.

Then, he would use the Federation’s rich resources to nurture them.

The Genetic Warrior nurtured by the Federation needed to have the power to fight the God of War Peter.

This was David’s current idea.

However, he didn’t say it in front of the staff in the combat room.

This matter had to be carried out in secret because he was also afraid of angering the God of War Peter.

General David had been watching the live broadcast.

Among the Genetic Warriors, he found a target that interested him.

It was Anna!