Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 91

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 91

Chapter 91: Regret Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation According to the logic of an ordinary person, you should either fight or kill them.

What did you mean by catching them without showing up? I don’t understand! Suddenly, Lin Qi thought of a terrifying possibility that made him feel nauseous.

The Holy Maiden and the Dark King looked at Lin Qi’s suddenly pale face.

“What did you think of?” “I might have guessed why they wanted to capture the tribesmen.

” Lin Qi bent down to control his strong desire to vomit.

“What? Tell me quickly!” The Holy Maiden was almost worried to death.

Lin Qi did not say anything, but turned his head to look in the direction of the huge skeleton.

The Dark King also looked in the same direction, and suddenly understood something.

He muttered with a solemn face, “Man-eating? So disgusting!” The Holy Maiden did not know what they were looking at, but she vaguely heard the word ‘eat’ from the Dark King’s mouth.




Her face instantly turned pale, and she ran to the side to support herself against the wall and began to retch.

After a while, she finally recovered and walked back with a trembling body.

“Will this really happen?” Lin Qi did not comment on it.

In his previous life, Lin Qi loved horror movies.

One of his favorite detectives said, “First, we have to eliminate all the impossible conclusions.

Then, the rest, no matter how strange, unbelievable, and irrefutable, must be the truth.

” Continue_reading_on MYB0 X N0VEL.

COM According to what the other party had done during that period of time, cannibalism was the only possibility, no matter how difficult it was to accept.

“Since the trap has been activated, the other might come to check it later.

Now, we just have to wait here,” Lin Qi said after thinking for a while.

He looked at the Holy Maiden again.

“You should go back quickly.

It’s too dangerous here.

” “I won’t!” The Holy Maiden refused.

“I’m the Holy Maiden of the orc tribe after all.

You’d be wrong if you saw me as an ordinary woman.

” Then, she punched the tree next to her, creating a big pit.

Lin Qi was speechless “Also…” She continued to persuade him, “If I go back now, what if I run into them on the way?” Lin Qi had no choice but to agree.

In fact, it was useless whether the Holy Maiden was powerful or not, he could not let her walk back to the camp alone.

What if something happened on the way? By then, he would be filled with regret.



At the camp, Yu Meng and Luther suddenly found that they could not find Lin Qi and the Dark King.

They guessed that Lin Qi might have gone into the woods to look for clues.

While they scolded Lin Qi for being sneaky, they planned to go to the forest to look for Lin Qi and the Dark King.

However, before they left the camp, they heard the orcs say that the Holy Maiden had left as well.

Luther noticed that Yu Meng’s face instantly turned cold.

She turned around and went back the way she came.

Luther shouted from behind, “What’s wrong? Weren’t we going to look for them?” Yu Meng said without turning her head, “No! Let them die outside.

” .


Of course, Luther did not know that Yu Meng had misunderstood the situation again.

At that moment, Lin Qi was hanging upside down on a tree.

They planned to use one of them as bait, and the other two were lying in ambush.

At first, Lin Qi wanted the Dark King to act as bait, but it was not willing.

Lin Qi said that the Dark King had to work more if he ate more, so the two of them fought.

The Holy Maiden suddenly said, “Why don’t I go!” Lin Qi waved his hand righteously and said, “How can I let a girl be the bait? If you want to go, I’ll go!” Then… The Dark King said, “Agreed!” The Holy Maiden said, “I agree too!” Just like that, Lin Qi was hung upside down on a tree.

He hid a dagger in his sleeve.

If anything happened, he could cut the rope as quickly as possible.

At the same time, he hid two Explosive Beef Meatballs in his palm.

After an unknown period of time, Lin Qi felt all the blood gathering above his head.

He was about to lose consciousness.

Finally, the sound of footsteps could be heard from afar.

A huge figure walked over.

When it walked out of the shadow, everyone finally saw its true face.

It was in the shape of a human, but it was much larger.

It was at least seven feet tall.

It had no hair and no eyebrows.

Its entire head looked bald, and it was emitting a foul smell.

It only had one eye! The giant did not have a neck, and it did not turn its head.

It only had a big eye that was spinning.

Lin Qi could feel that the eye was staring at him, but it did not move.

Instead, it stood where it was and opened its big mouth.

Every tooth was sharp, and there seemed to be blood on its teeth.

It looked extremely cruel for a moment.

Lin Qi’s hair stood on end.

Just as he was about to throw out the meatball in his hand, he realized that the giant had slowly retreated into the shadows and was gradually walking away.

When they could no longer hear any sound, the Dark King and the Holy Maiden walked out from the bushes and brought Lin Qi down.

Lin Qi looked at the Dark King and found that it looked disgusted.

“Why? Do you know him?” “Ah… Yes, he’s a nine-star cannibal! Filthy creatures!” The Dark King spat.

Lin Qi and the Holy Maiden were full of questions.

“What is a nine-star cannibal?” “The species born of female giants and male humans.

They inherited the cruelty of the giants and the cunning of humans.

They were born to eat their fathers, so they were not tolerated by humans and giants.

“They don’t have sweat glands, so they like to sleep in the mud.

No wonder we didn’t find any traces after searching so many times.

“These creatures especially like to eat human-shaped creatures, so they are called cannibals.

” Lin Qi’s hair stood on end when he heard that.

Hybrid? Eat their human father? “They were born from humans, why would they like to eat humans?” The Holy Maiden asked in confusion.

Dark King thought for a moment and explained, “Legend has it that it’s a matter of bloodline.

They inherited the brutality of giants but no sense, the cunning of humans but no wisdom, so the guess would be that their affinity for humans has been twisted into a different desire.

“I thought that those creatures were extinct.

I didn’t expect that there were nine-star cannibals on this Godforsaken Island.

How unlucky!” The Dark King spat on the ground again, as if to drive away the bad luck.

Lin Qi looked at the Holy Maiden.

“It seems that the other eight tribesmen have been… Eaten.

” The Holy Maiden felt conflicted when she heard that.

She did not know whether to feel sad or disgusted.

The cannibals were too cunning.

They must have sensed that something was wrong and did not attack Lin Qi.

It was useless to stay here any longer.

It was better to return to the camp and make a long-term plan.

On the way, Lin Qi was still thinking about the nine-star cannibals.

He asked the Dark King, “Are there many of these cannibals?” The Dark King thought for a moment and said, “Probably not.

There are some problems with their bloodline, so they are like the giant dragon race.

It is very difficult to reproduce.

” Lin Qi nodded.

As long as there were not many of them!