Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 92

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 92

Chapter 92: His Foot Slipped Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation There was an old saying that said, one was not afraid of a frontal attack, but one was afraid of backstabbing.

Even if the nine-star cannibals had the bloodline of the seven-star devil beast, the giants, Lin Qi was not afraid of a frontal attack.

After all, the Dark King could occasionally be an existence that could go toe-to-toe with the giant dragon clan.

However, the nine-star cannibals were too cunning.

They would only capture lone orcs, set traps, and retreat as soon as they felt danger.

If they do not get rid of that kind of opponent as soon as possible, there would be big problems sooner or later.

After all, the orcs were going to settle down here in the future.

There would always be times when they would be alone.

When Lin Qi and the others returned to the tribe, they told the old priest everything they had seen and heard.

The old priest sighed after hearing it.

“What do you think we should do now?” Lin Qi thought for a moment.

“The most important thing now is to figure out the strength of the other party and the place where they settled down.

Otherwise, the other party can set traps for us at any time.

” The cannibals were in the dark while the orcs were in the light so even if they really fought, it would be easy for problems to arise.




Lin Qi continued, “The good thing is that there are not many people of this race, or it would really be troublesome.

“The bad thing is that we have already alerted the enemy so it will be even harder to find them.

” The old priest pondered for a while and said, “You said that they also eat other food?” “That’s right.

” Lin Qi thought for a moment and said, “When the Dark King and I first came to this island, we saw a huge skeleton.

At that time, we thought that it was eaten by other wild beasts.

Now, it seems that it was hunted by the cannibals.

” Continue_reading_on MYB0 X N0VEL.

COM “Also,” Lin Qi added, “Before this, there were no other humanoid creatures on this island.

” “How about this,” The old priest suggested.

“Lin Qi, why don’t you use the delicacies to attract them? Even if the environment on Peach Blossom Island is suitable for survival and there’s plenty of food, it’s definitely not as delicious as the food you make.

“Use some delicacies as bait to see if you can attract them.

They’ve captured so many of our tribesmen, so we have to give them something in exchange for them.

” That was a stupid idea.

Moreover, the orcs had captured many trial participants due to their shortage of food situation.

If they could solve the problem with the cannibals by giving them food, would the orcs be able to live in peace with the cannibals? Of course, the prerequisite was that the orcs agreed.

After all, eight of their tribesmen were still alive, and Abalu was still in a coma.

Lin Qi decide to put more thought into it.

He said goodbye to the old priest and walked out of the house.

As soon as he left, he saw Yu Meng.

He happily waved at Yu Meng, and then she turned around to leave as if she had not seen him.

Lin Qi was confused by Yu Meng.

‘What’s going on now? ‘She was fine yesterday, but what is going on today? ‘That’s weird!’ If Lin Qi and the others had come back after three or four days, Yu Meng might have been worried about Lin Qi and thought that they had gone to do something important.

However, they went out in the morning and came back right after.

What good could that do? At that point, Lin Qi was just a sc*mbag in Yu Meng’s mind.

Lin Qi was still hesitating whether he should go after her and ask what was going on.

The Holy Maiden then walked out of the room.

“Lin Qi?” “Ah?” Lin Qi was stunned.

“What’s wrong?” “Let’s go find the other orc commanders and discuss the defenses of the camp.

We can’t just sit around and wait for death.

We have to take the initiative to attack!” “Okay!” Lin Qi also thought that the orcs had to get involved.

He put the matter from before to the back of his mind.

Anyway, Yu Meng was always like that.

She had a cold personality, so he would talk about it in the future.

Little did he know that Yu Meng was about to explode with anger when she saw that scene from afar.

From her point of view, it was just that Lin Qi was about to catch up to comfort her, but was stopped by the Holy Maiden, and Lin Qi even left with her.

Side by side? Furthermore, they were talking and laughing.

Ordinary women would usually rush up and question the sc*mbag at that exact moment, and then put on a show where the original wife would expose homewrecker’s true colors on the street.

However, was Yu Meng an ordinary woman? Obviously not! Therefore, Yu Meng took out her magic staff, pointed it at Lin Qi, and rotated it slightly, muttering, “Elementary Hockey Puck!” An incredibly small hockey puck suddenly appeared in front of the magic staff and then flew quickly toward the direction where the magic staff was pointing at.

The hockey puck fell under Lin Qi’s feet, and the path under his feet was instantly covered by ice.

While Lin Qi was chatting and walking, he suddenly slipped then fell on his butt.

He was stunned! The Holy Maiden next to him was also stunned.

While walking, the person next to her suddenly disappeared.

She turned around and saw Lin Qi who sat on the ground.

Lin Qi looked at the ice under his feet.

“It’s only autumn, and it’s already frozen?” He suddenly thought of Yu Meng.

In the entire tribe, the only one who could produce ice out of thin air was Yu Meng, but when he turned his head, Yu Meng had already disappeared.

He scratched his head.

Did the temperature really drop? He could not think of a reason, so he could only vent his anger on the ice on the ground.

He used his feet to smash the ice into pieces, then soothed his butt and limped away.



Lin Qi and the Holy Maiden found all the orc commanders and discussed the matter of guarding the camp as well as taking the initiative to attack.

Everyone was sitting on the ground, and only Lin Qi insisted on standing.

The orc at the side even politely gave a small stool to Lin Qi.

“Hero, sit down!” Lin Qi politely pushed him back.

“No need, no need!” “You’re a hero, you don’t need to be polite with us.

” The orc pushed Lin Qi onto the stool and patted his shoulder.

“Ouch…” Lin Qi’s face turned red.

However, Lin Qi could not say it out loud.

After all, he was a big man.

How could he fall while walking? He could only endure the pain on his buttocks and forced a smile at the orc commander.

“Thanks!” The orc waved his hand.

“You don’t have to be so polite… Holy Maiden, what’s wrong with you? If you have anything funny to share, let everyone know.

” The Holy Maiden next to him almost choked with laughter.

She knew why Lin Qi had not wanted to sit! Lin Qi’s face darkened.

“It’s not that bad.

” Finally, under the atmosphere where Lin Qi was about to flip the table, the group finally began to talk about the official topic.

“The nine-star cannibals are very cruel, very cunning, and cannibalistic.

So from now on, we have to set up a fence around the perimeter of the camp to prevent the enemy from suddenly attacking.

“Secondly, we must set up a sentry post every 60 feet around the perimeter of the camp.

There should be at least two orcs in each sentry post.

“In addition, every 20 orcs should form a patrol team and patrol around the clock.

As for the total number of teams and how often the sentry posts are changed, you can discuss it yourselves.

I believe you are more familiar with each other than I am.

“Lastly, we must choose a team of elites to follow me into the forest to investigate the cannibals.


This is the most important and dangerous job.