Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 90

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 90

Chapter 90: Inside the Peach Grove Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Looking at that scene, Lin Qi suddenly smacked his forehead.

  Sloppy! He should have followed them in just now, but now, he was surrounded again.

  Lin Qi thought for a moment and decided to learn from the woman.

  He shouted, “All of you, get lost!”   … There was no movement at all.

Only the orc closest to Lin Qi was a little annoyed and wanted to teach the shouting guy a lesson.




  However, as soon as he raised his hand, he realized that the person was the hero of the tribe, Lin Qi.

He could only bitterly scratch his head and turn around to join in the fun.

  Lin Qi was stunned.

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COM   ‘What do you mean? The difference in treatment is too obvious!’   .




  In the end, Lin Qi managed to enter the house, but it was half an hour later.

Abalu’s wife came out of the house, and the orcs all made way for him.

That time, Lin Qi took his time to walk in.

  Abalu was still unconscious, but the blood on his body had been wiped away, and he had changed into clean clothes.

If not for the flat left sleeve, it would have been impossible to tell that he was seriously injured and unconscious.

  Lin Qi went into the house and looked at the doctor next to him.

“How is he?”   The doctor shook his head.

“His life is saved, but I can’t say when he’ll wake up.

”   Lin Qi frowned.

“Is his injury that serious?”   “The serious injury is one thing,” The doctor said after a pause.

“He must have suffered a lot.

The torture he was put through will most likely traumatize him.

Did you say that he was running at full speed when you met him?”   Lin Qi nodded.

The doctor continued, “That’s right.

At that time, he probably didn’t have much consciousness.

He was holding on with one breath.

After the impact, he relaxed and fell into a deep coma.

”   “Then… Is there any other way to wake up his consciousness?” Lin Qi was a little anxious.

  “No… If we forcefully wake him up in this situation, Abalu might become a fool.

”   Lin Qi sighed, “Then forget it… I thought Abalu would wake up and tell us what happened and where the other missing tribesmen went.

Now it seems… I’ll think of another way.

”   That was not a solution.

It was impossible for the reconstruction of the tribe to stop completely.

Even if there was a simple treehouse to shelter them from the wind and rain, what would happen in the future? Moreover, the hidden danger could not be eliminated.

How could the orcs live and work here?   However, if they continued to work, some of the tribesmen might continue to disappear.

Now that Abalu had returned, he was still missing an arm.

  The remaining eight people were most likely doomed.

  Lin Qi thought for a moment and decided to expand the search area.

He called the Dark King to accompany him.

  “Let’s go out and take a look again.

We can’t go on like this.

”   The Dark King thought the same.

In the beginning, the group of orcs had agreed to build a luxurious small house for the Dark King.

Now, not only was the house gone, but they were also not eating happily.

  However, that time, they did not head over to Yu Meng and Luther.

After all, the man and dog duo had formed a tacit understanding for a long time.

They were good at fighting and escaping.

  To put it bluntly, they thought of Yu Meng and Luther as a burden in their schemes.

  When there was no one around, the two of them quietly left the tribe.

  Little did they know that they were seen by the Holy Maiden who had just walked out of the house.

She was a little curious, so she quietly followed behind.

  Lin Qi and the Dark King came to the gorge again.

The huge skeleton was still there.

  At that time, they carefully observed the skeleton.

The Dark King lay on the ground nearby and carefully smelled it.

  Lin Qi climbed onto the skeleton and saw traces that shocked him.

  “Dark King! Come quickly!”   The Dark King jumped up and came to the skeleton.

Following Lin Qi’s gaze, it saw a row of teeth marks on the skeleton.

  It was very neat and clear.

It looked like…   “Human teeth marks…” Lin Qi said his speculation, but the teeth marks were much bigger than those of ordinary humans!   Lin Qi and the Dark King looked at each other.

“There’s… Someone on this island! No, it’s a creature that looks like a human.

”   “And it’s an intelligent creature!”   “But… Why didn’t it attack us last time?” Lin Qi was a little puzzled.

  Suddenly, a woman’s scream came from afar.

  Lin Qi and the Dark King quickly jumped down from the skeleton and hid in the woods.

They quickly went in the direction of the sound.

  Lin Qi picked out the Explosive Beef Meatballs.

The Dark King’s eyes were flashing red again, ready to explode at any time!   When they got closer, they found that someone was hanging in the air by some strong vines and was still shaking.

  Lin Qi looked at the Dark King and gestured with his hands, “Three, two, one, go!”   A man and a dog, one in front and one behind, surrounded the man.

Lin Qi took out the meatballs in his hand and aimed at the man, but he found out that the man was the Holy Maiden!   The Holy Maiden also found out that it was Lin Qi and shouted, “Lin Qi, let me down quickly!”   The Dark King found the root of the vine, opened its mouth, and bit the rope.

  The Holy Maiden fell from the sky and Lin Qi caught her.

  “Why are you here?” Lin Qi was confused.

  “Well… I saw you guys coming out and I was curious, so I ran out following you guys,” the Holy Maiden answered embarrassedly.

  “Are you kidding me?” Lin Qi was angry.

“What if you go missing after running out of the camp?”   The Holy Maiden’s eyes lit up when she heard that.

“Are you concerned about me?”   Lin Qi was speechless   Is that the time to say such things? Moreover, his relationship with Yu Meng had just eased up.

Could he admit it? He could not!   At that point, the Dark King coughed and said, “Ahem, are you guys going to stop hugging?”   The two people finally reacted.

The Holy Maiden jumped out of Lin Qi’s arms with a red face.

  In order to hide his embarrassment, Lin Qi turned to study the vine.

  “Is this a trap set by the tribesmen?”   “I don’t think so…” The Holy Maiden carefully observed the trap and said, a little unsure.

  After a while, the Holy Maiden suddenly said with certainty, “This is definitely not set by the tribesmen.

”   “How are you sure?”   “Look.

” She pointed at the knot tied to the root of the tree.

“Although our tribe often arranges this kind of trap, the way to tie the knot is taught by the old priest, which means that the hunters in our tribe only know one way to tie the knot.

”   The Holy Maiden spent a lot of effort to untie the knot.

“We have never seen this kind of knot before.

”   Lin Qi thought for a moment and said, “According to the current clues, there should be a group of hidden, human-like intellectual creatures living on this island.

They are good at hunting and are fierce by nature.

But, why are they catching orcs?”   He could not figure it out.

“Are they catching prey? Or do they think we are invaders and want to beat us? But why are they only catching several individuals at a time?”   He could not figure it out.