Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 58

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Going Out in the Rain Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Lin Qi and the others knew what was happening outside because of the familiarity of a group of orcs escorting several people over.

They were all participants and their underlings in the Black Wind Castle trial, but they seemed to have suffered heavy losses.

First of all, each and every one of them was injured, and their numbers were much less than the last time they met.

  Only Chen Lin and Lin Mengyao were left from Storm City.

Dong Ling, Zi Yan, and Bai Feng were left from Exquisite City.

There were two participants from Seven Day City, Ming Long and Tian Gao.

Only the team from New Moon City was completely intact.

  “Let us go, you detestable orcs!” Even though Chen Lin was caught, he did not forego his potty mouth.




The orcs next to him heard that and wanted to punish him, but they were stopped by Lin Qi.

After some explanation, both sides were relieved.

Chen Lin and the others were also released, but it seemed that he looked down on the orcs.

The corners of his mouth curled down to his chin, and no one knew where his sense of superiority came from.

Chen Lin and the others did not communicate much with Lin Qi and the others.

They simply explained the situation and then dispersed.

That group of people had been tired from a whole day of traveling and were arranged to rest.

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COM ‘I didn’t expect them to be so miserable.

I thought they would be able to escape safely.

’ Lin Qi looked at the participants who were supporting each other and lamented their bad luck in his heart.

They did not encounter the Mystic Swamp like the four of them.

However, if they really encountered it, none of them would be able to make it out.

The next day.

After a night of rest and recovery, all the strongest participants in the various city-states were present.

“Lin Qi, Yu Meng, Lewis, you guys have to come to the room in front for a meeting,” Tian Gao walked in front of Lin Qi and the others as he spoke in a commanding tone.

Initially, when Lin Qi heard that and saw his arrogant attitude, he did not want to go, but he was afraid that they would cause trouble to the Bru tribe.

  Lin Qi arrived at Chen Lin’s room and saw that they were discussing a plan to trick the orcs to create the path out.

Everyone agreed, but Lin Qi and Yu Meng did not.

The Bru tribe was now Lin Qi’s friends.

They objected to Chen Lin’s plan, and the group started to quarrel.

“Lin Qi, you actually teamed up with these orcs.

You have no shame.

” “Are they your only friends?” “Hahaha…” Chen Lin had just surrounded Lin Qi and the others, but before they could make a move, they were then surrounded by the orcs.

At that moment, they realized that what Lin Qi said was true.

He was really friends with those orcs.

Dong Ling, who was silent, stepped in to mediate the matter.

Only then did everyone disperse.

“We have to leave as soon as possible.

We can’t let these people get ahead of us.

”   On the way, Lin Qi told Yu Meng and the others about his perfect plan.

They did not have any objections and started to prepare before they left.

However, before they were able to do so, they encountered an unexpected situation.

Which was that Chen Lin and the other teams had already left without saying goodbye.

More importantly, before they left, they had stolen more than half of the grain in the warehouse.

The entire Bru tribe was in a state of anxiety.

That was the only grain they had left.

Lin Qi felt a little guilty and helpless.

The orc tribe thought that the humans outside were good people like Lin Qi and the rest, but they had not expected them to be a bunch of ingrates.

Just as Lin Qi and the rest were about to chase after Chen Lin and the others, the sky suddenly changed drastically.

From a cloudless sky, it only took a few minutes before a strong wind blew and dark clouds loomed over them.

“Not good, it’s going to rain acid.

” “The acid rain is coming.

” The group of orcs who were filled with indignation just a moment ago was scared into hiding as if they had seen a ghost.

Only Lin Qi and the others were left at a loss.

They hid in their rooms and looked at the drizzling rain outside.

When the raindrops fell on the ground, they would emit white smoke.

It was obvious that the acid rain was dangerous.

At that time, Nadak came to Lin Qi with a shield.

His shield was smoking due to the rain.

The Holy Maiden wanted to speak with Lin Qi to discuss the situation.

When Lin Qi arrived at the temple, the Holy Maiden explained to him what acid rain was and her worries.

Acid rain was a natural disaster that occurred there every year, but it came earlier that time.

Acid rain was very corrosive.

After the yearly acid rain, there would be a lack of food, and they could not go out to hunt.

The food that could survive the acid rain could not be eaten after being soaked by the acid rain.

The food in the warehouse of the Bru tribe was used to deal with the aftereffects of the acid rain every year, but that year’s rations were stolen.

After the Holy Maiden heard the news, she frowned.

Without food, the tribe could not survive.

“I will find food for the Bru tribe.

Don’t worry, Sister.

” When Lin Qi heard that, the first thing he thought of was to use the gourmet system to provide food for the tribe members.

  However, after carefully looking at the prices, he instantly discarded that idea.

If he wanted to supply the entire tribe of orcs, his gold coins were far from enough.

It was more convenient to look for food.

He could look for the recipes in the gourmet system.

Earlier, Lin Qi heard from the Holy Maiden that the tribe still had raincoats that were resistant to acid rain.

Moreover, when it rained, the demonic beasts would hide.

At that time, the outside world was the safest place for Lin Qi.

The Holy Maiden knew that Lin Qi was very special, or else she would not have asked him to come and discuss the solution.

However, she was still worried about Lin Qi’s safety.

After reminding him several times, she took out a black raincoat and handed it to Lin Qi.

Lin Qi put on the raincoat and slowly walked into the rain.

After waiting for a while, he found that it really could protect him from acid rain.

Seeing that, Lin Qi was relieved.

He did not say goodbye to Luther and the others.

If Luther knew, he would definitely go on behalf of Lin Qi, but he did not have a gourmet system, so he could not determine or process the food he collected.

Lin Qi walked into the woods outside alone.

The special boots on his feet were made of the same material as the raincoat on his body.

Lin Qi also had a map in his hand, which displayed a few places recorded by the Bru tribe where there was food.

The tribe had also encountered similar situations a few times.

Otherwise, there would not have had a raincoat and a map.

The food marks on that map indicated that the food there would not be contaminated by the acid rain, so Lin Qi did not need to worry.

Patter, Patter.

Only the sound of Lin Qi’s footsteps and the rustling sound of rain could be heard throughout the entire mountain forest.

There was a person who died in the acid rain.

Lin Qi walked forward and saw that it was Chen Lin’s guard from yesterday.

They had fallen here so there were still a few people who were in danger.

More than a dozen people had fallen along the way.


They did not understand what the rain was so they were caught off guard and were directly hit.