Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 57

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Gourmet Performance The assets of the Bru tribe were very primitive.

The tools were all simple processed iron weapons, but the weapons they used were of a higher quality than farm tools.

Each of them was sharp, shiny, and seemed to be used frequently.

The orcs in the tribe used a lot of tools, and they had a variety of them, especially the tools used to capture prey.

They were sharp and sturdy.

The two orcs spoke very quickly.

They could vaguely hear the words kitchen, warehouse, and water well.

However, Lin Qi and the others were watching very seriously.

They took out a strange-shaped stick and asked the two orcs what it was.

“This is a blow dart, used for sneak attacks.

” The orc’s explanation was quite simple, but Lin Qi also knew the use of that stick.

The Bru tribe was not very big, and they finished their tour in a short while.

Lin Qi also let the two orcs leave while Luther, Lewis, and himself returned to the room.

“Do you have any ideas on how to leave this place? We need to find a way back as soon as possible.

” Lin Qi looked at Lewis and Luther, who were sitting across the table, expectantly.

Luther scratched his head for a while but did not say a word.

Lewis frowned and thought for a while.

He only said that he wanted to escape in the dead of night.

It was impossible to get an idea from the two of them.

He needed to discuss with Yu Meng about leaving the Bru tribe.

Lin Qi felt that Yu Meng was the smartest among the four of them.

If he did not have the system, the three men would have to rely on Yu Meng.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Lin Qi came to Yu Meng’s door and knocked three times.




After a while, the door was opened, and Yu Meng came out with her face covered.

However, she changed her veil again, probably because the previous one was a little dirty.

Once Yu Meng opened the door, she turned around and returned to the room.

leaving Lin Qi standing at the door awkwardly, thinking about how he had offended her.

“The veil looks very nice.

” Lin Qi walked into her room and praised Yu Meng, trying to ease the awkward atmosphere, but he did not get a response.

Yu Meng sat at the table, flipping through the magic book she carried with her, ignoring him.

The atmosphere became even more awkward.

Continue_reading_on MYB0 X N0VEL.

COM Lin Qi did not continue.

He felt that it was probably Lewis who had offended Yu Meng.

He simply told Yu Meng his plan and asked her for her thoughts on it.

Hearing that, Yu Meng’s eyes left the book.

She looked up at Lin Qi and said, “Didn’t you just become the Holy Maiden’s godbrother? Why are you in such a hurry to leave?” “I only did it because I had to save everyone,” Lin Qi explained and did not elaborate.

Yu Meng did not say anything more.

She brought up the most important point, which was to get a map of the orc tribe and confirm their location, as well as the exit so that they could walk out.

“I was thinking the same thing, but we can’t ask for it directly to avoid arousing the suspicion of the orcs.

” Lin Qi was surprised that Yu Meng’s idea was the same as his.

Luther and Lewis could not even come up with a single idea after a long time.

In the evening, under the setting sun, the entire tribe was dyed a dark golden color.

The tribe started to get busy.

There was a high bonfire in the small square in the middle of the tribe.

There were all kinds of demonic beasts that had been slaughtered and were waiting to be roasted.

The Holy Maiden also came to look for Lin Qi personally.

She was holding a necklace made of various animal teeth.

It looked very new and must have been made by the Holy Maiden when she returned to the temple.

“This is the necklace of the Orc God.

It can protect the wearer,” the Holy Maiden said as she placed it in Lin Qi’s hands.

Lin Qi did not know what to do with the gift.

It was just a delaying tactic.

He had just discussed with Yu Meng how to get the map, but he did not expect the orcs to treat him so sincerely.

The orcs led the four of them to the square and started the bonfire event.

The burning flames scattered the darkness around them.

The orcs were all sitting around, waiting for Lin Qi’s performance.

He had just promised them that he would cook these demonic beasts.

Those were not the delicacies in the system, so he had to rely on himself.

However, Lin Qi was already confident in himself.

He had cooked many foods outside of the system.

Rose salt, chili powder, black pepper… All kinds of spices were taken out by Lin Qi.

Those magical spices were the source of his confidence.

He could rely on those spices to turn ordinary food into a delicacy, but it would only be a little worse than what the system could make.

Lin Qi held a bone knife and was cutting up the entire demonic beast.

Lin Qi was also curious about the bone knife in his hand.

It really was made of bones, and there were no other materials.

After trying it out, it was actually sharper than the longsword he had used before.

That was really a magical thing.

That world was quite a magical one.

After splitting the meat into pieces that were suitable for barbecuing, Lin Qi began his performance.

In his previous life, he had seen videos of delicacies being made, such as sprinkling salt with one hand to make the meat catch fire.

The orcs had never seen a barbecue performance before.

They all stared at it closely.

When the performance reached its climax, there were orcs who were cheering and clapping.

Boom! Lin Qi set one of the fatty ribs on fire and sliced it in front of the crowd, the tantalizing aroma and the light of the fire passing in front of them sparked cheers from everyone once again.

Not only the orcs but even Yu Meng and the others were affected by the atmosphere and became excited.

“I take back what I said before.

Lin Qi is really good at cooking.

When I become the Lord of New Moon City, I will contract all the restaurants in the city to him,” Lewis said to Luther and Yu Meng as he also cheered like the other orcs.

If it was his past self, he would have blamed Lin Qi for stealing his limelight.

Now, he was infected by the cheers of the orcs around him and started to applaud Lin Qi.

The barbecued meat was made one after another, and a few female orcs brought it to the others.

The male orcs drank and ate the meat, as they cheered for Lin Qi’s performance from time to time.

In the arms of the female orcs, there were one or two little orcs.

Those little guys were the first to get roasted meat.

They heard the man who was shouting at Lin Qi, calling him a chef or something.

Many little orcs had buried in their hearts that they wanted to be like Lin Qi when they grew up.

[ Congratulations on activating the Hidden Mission: Gourmet Performance.

] [ Gourmet Performance: A person who truly loves gourmet food will not only bring delicious food to the customers but also let the customers enjoy the wonderful aspects of the gourmet production process.

] [ Reward: Devil Pepper Powder.

] [ Devil Pepper Powder: It makes dishes spicy to the extreme.

It whets one’s appetite and increases their speed of advancement.

It can also be used as a hidden weapon (severe consequences, use it cautiously) ] ‘Phew, I’m finally done.

The gourmet system actually had a hidden mission.

It didn’t even mention how to activate it.

Looks like I still have to rely on luck.

’ Lin Qi looked at the sated orcs and felt satisfied.

‘Was this the charm of gourmet food?’ In the past, Lin Qi only used the gourmet system as a tool to help him.

Today, the barbecue prepared for the orcs made him feel the charm of gourmet food as well as the joy and satisfaction of cooking for others.

It was almost midnight now, and the bonfire event was about to end.

Suddenly, a noise came from outside, startling the people here.