Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 56

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Approval Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Lin Qi was very fast.

He finished grilling the Delicious Steak in record time.

It was oily and juicy.

With the special seasonings in the system such as black pepper and chili powder, the orcs’ eyes lit up.

The orcs who did not eat it were drooling.

Some orcs were not afraid of the hot steak.

When Lin Qi passed the steak, an orc caught it with his bare hands causing him to toss it back and forth between his hands due to the heat.

He could not wait to put it into his mouth.

If it were not for the Holy Maiden who was in the distance, they would have fought over such a delicacy long ago.

Perhaps such a dish could only be enjoyed after going to heaven and returning to the embrace of the Orc God.

Seeing that the food was warm enough, Nadak went up and asked for a steak.

He glanced at the busy Lin Qi and ate it without hesitation.

When the steak entered his mouth, Nadak eyes widened as much as possible.

The effect was obvious.

It was even faster than the power-recovering spell given by the Orc God.

He felt that he had an endless amount of power and could now kill five forest wolves in one go.

Nadak closed his eyes and sincerely apologized to the Orc God.

Then, he asked for another one.

He carefully wrapped it in a red leaf, walked to the Holy Maiden, and respectfully presented it to her.

The Holy Maiden saw everything that Lin Qi had done, and she could see the effect of his cooking from the expressions of the orcs who had eaten the steak.

The orcs became very excited after eating it and began to fight with each other in the open space next to them.

The Holy Maiden looked down at the Delicious Steak that Nadak was holding in both hands.

The tempting aroma made her throat bob slightly.




She picked it up and put it into her mouth to taste it.

She would not cover her mouth and take small bites when eating like Yu Meng.

In their orc tribe, they did not follow human etiquette.

“Oh, this… This…” The Holy Maiden took a bite and was shocked speechless.

However, it was not the taste of the steak that could be seen to shock the Holy Maiden, for it entered her mouth and she only chewed it for a moment as if she was mute.

“Divine power, it’s actually divine power, not a magic farce.

” The Holy Maiden looked up at Lin Qi with a serious face.

She slowly walked forward.

The orcs who were waiting for the steak noticed the Holy Maiden, so they immediately restrained themselves and retreated to both sides.

Continue_reading_on MYB0 X N0VEL.

COM Lin Qi was busy grilling the steak, so he had not noticed the situation in front of him.

He handed the steak to the other orcs but no one took it.

Lin Qi raised his head and saw the Holy Maiden standing in front of him.

She was looking at Lin Qi curiously.

“Holy Maiden, would you like another one?” Lin Qi handed over the steak in his hand.

The Holy Maiden accepted it generously, but her eyes remained on Lin Qi.

The arrival of the Holy Maiden to the center of the square made the entire tribe quiet down.

The orcs who were noisy a moment ago began to line up.

The Holy Maiden’s gaze also moved back and forth between the orcs who had eaten the steak and Lin Qi.

The smile on her face grew wider and wider.

Lin Qi was also looking at the Holy Maiden out of the corner of his eyes.

He did not know her strength and was afraid that she would see something amiss.

However, the ingredients could be explained with the dimensional pouch, so they should be able to pull through.

“Young man, how old are you?” The Holy Maiden’s slightly magnetic voice sounded in front of Lin Qi.

Her voice was not as soft as the other girls’ voices that Lin Qi had heard before, but it was more charming.

“I’m 17 years old, Holy Maiden,” Lin Qi answered.

The Holy Maiden nodded and said with a smile, “I’m one year older than you.

You should call me sister.

Why don’t I be your Godsister?” Hearing her words, Lin Qi knew that the crisis had passed and their lives were no longer in danger, so he agreed immediately.

Since things had already developed to that point, the Holy Maiden asked someone to let Yu Meng and the others down.

Yu Meng looked at Lin Qi, who was talking and laughing with the Holy Maiden, with disdain in her eyes.

Her view of him had reverted.

She despised men who relied on women.

Luther and Lewis, who were standing next to her, had different thoughts.

They were very envious of Lin Qi.

“Young Master is indeed a young master.

People like him are charming no matter where he goes.

” Lewis nodded unconsciously.

He was thinking about whether to change the Night Light’s Billow that Lin Qi had promised him to the Miraculous White Jade Soup.

He was aware that the value of the Miraculous White Jade Soup was higher, so he wanted to try it.

After Lin Qi distributed the steak to all the orcs, he was so tired that he did not want to move anymore.

[ Ding! Congratulations! Your steak has received good reviews from all the orcs.

Reward: Rose Salt, Super Sticky Starch Paste ] ‘Eh? There’s a reward? Let me see.

’ [ Rose Salt: Rose is a symbol of love.

The food cooked with rose salt can improve the customer’s good impression of you ] [ Super Sticky Starch Paste: A versatile ingredient.

It can be used to process all kinds of pasta dishes and trap enemies ] Reading the introduction of the Super Sticky Starch Paste cleared Lin Qi’s exertion away, It was a treat that could be used for attacks just like the Explosive Beef Meatballs.

The Holy Maiden was very happy and proceeded to return to the temple of the tribe.

It seemed that the people of the tribe were very satisfied with that event.

Only two orcs were left standing next to Lin Qi.

They listened to the Holy Maiden’s instructions and took Lin Qi to visit the rest of the orc tribe.

The first thing Lin Qi did was to find Luther and the others to visit the orc tribe together with them.

He also wanted to ask them about the next plan since he did not have any good ideas at the moment.

They were not far away, but they had guards at their sides.

“Luther, let’s walk around.

These two orcs want to take us to visit their tribe,” Lin Qi said excitedly to the three of them.

He had solved the crisis and obtained special ingredients.

Now that the crisis had been averted, Lin Qi became the guest of honor at the Bru tribe.

He was officially named the Holy Maiden’s godbrother by the leader of the tribe.

The whole Bru tribe had some respect for that chef.

“Okay, I haven’t seen the orc tribe yet.

When I go back, I can tell others about it.

” Lewis could not wait to visit that place, thinking that he would have the right to brag when he returned to New Moon City.

They gathered together, but Yu Meng seemed to be annoyed instead of excited.

She turned around and left them.

She wanted to go back and rest, but the tribe had already arranged a place for them to stay.

“What’s wrong with her?” Lewis did not understand.

“She was fine just now so why did she leave?” “Maybe she’s tired.

Let’s go take a look around first.

” Lin Qi did not think too much about it and allowed her to go for now.

The others did not care much either.


The two orcs led them to take a look around the tribe.