Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 59

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Mysterious Disappearance Lin Qi walked slowly for a while and picked a few mushrooms.

He put them into the system storage and then went to find other ingredients.

The delicacy he was going to make was called Anti-hunger Fresh Mushroom Soup.

It was an ordinary dish in the system that had no special effect一it just prevents hunger.

A small bite could fill an adult for a whole day, which was exactly what the Bru tribe needed.

Acid rain was really hard to walk in, so he could only hide under the raincoat and move carefully.

If any part of his body was exposed, he would be burned by the acid rain.

Lin Qi looked at the burn marks on his hands and felt a headache.

He wanted to collect the fungus on the tree in front of him.

It was also one of the ingredients for Anti-hunger Fresh Mushroom Soup, but the fungus was slightly higher than him and Lin Qi could not climb up with the raincoat on him.

‘Got it.

I’ll use something to smash it down.

Since I can’t go up, I’ll make it come down.

’ Lin Qi circled the tree twice and came up with an idea.

He found two rocks nearby that have not been tainted by the rain.

He aimed at the fungus on the branch, threw the rocks up, and quickly lowered his head.

Dong! Crash! .



The fungus, mixed with the rain that had fallen due to the tremors and smashed onto the ground.

Lin Qi walked up, carefully pierced the fungus covered in acid rain with a metal stick, and put it into his storage.

‘I’ve got it all.

Now, let’s try it out,’ he said to himself.

He walked in the rain for a while and arrived at a protruding boulder that provided shelter for him.

Then, he started to fiddle with the system.

[ Name of Dish: Anti-hunger Fresh Mushroom Soup, Level 3 Dish, Normal, Magic Effect: After eating the mushroom soup, the user can maintain their physical strength for three days.

] Continue_reading_on MYB0 X N0VEL.

COM [ Material Consumption: Mixed Mushrooms (x3) Eucalyptus Leaves (x2) Fungus (x1) Water (x2) Rose Salt (x2) ] [ Cooking… Cooking completed ] [ Ding! You have obtained: Anti-hunger Fresh Mushroom Soup ] “Let’s test out the effect first, but the mushroom soup looks pretty good.

” The mushroom soup in front of Lin Qi was very clear and had a very rich fragrance, which made him, who ate the system’s delicious food every day, unable to resist it.

He scooped a spoonful of it and blew on it before he drank it.

‘It’s really delicious!’ The taste of the Anti-hunger Fresh Mushroom Soup made Lin Qi’s eyes light up.

He had been walking for half a day and was a little hungry.

However, in order to verify the new delicacies in the system, he did not eat anything on the way.

“Not bad, these ingredients can be made in a big pot.

It’s enough for 50 orcs to drink for five to six days.

” Lin Qi now had a new opinion about that level three delicacy.

The other delicacies in the system had magical effects.

As a level three delicacy, it only had a starvation prevention effect.

However, after that experiment, the Anti-hunger Fresh Mushroom Soup was worthy of its level.

‘There’s another level three delicacy I want to try out.

Let’s find the ingredients now.

’ Lin Qi looked at the stone behind him, which had the ingredients he needed.

What Lin Qi was going to make next was the Stone Pie.

The main ingredient was the moss on the stone.

The Stone Pie had a better anti-hunger effect than the Anti-hunger Fresh Mushroom Soup.

One bite could prevent hungry for seven days, which was twice as long as three days for the mushroom soup.

However, according to the system’s introduction, the Stone Pie really tasted like stone which was not good.

However, the orcs were desperate at that point so the most important thing was to eat enough to survive.

Cha… Cha… Lin Qi found a thin stone and started to scrape the moss on the top of the boulder.

After working for two hours, he finally had enough for half of the Bru tribe.

Lin Qi held his neck with his left hand and massaged his waist with his right hand.

He jumped to the flat ground below, ready to pack up the pot and leave.

‘Hey, where’s my Anti-hunger Fresh Mushroom Soup?’ Lin Qi hurried forward and saw that his pot was clean as if it had been licked by a dog.

‘There was more than half of the soup when I left.

’ Lin Qi picked up the pot and looked at it.

The small pot did not leak, and there were no traces on the ground.

He checked again but did not find anything.

‘It’s weird but it’s getting late, and I wanted to rest here but now it seems that I’d better leave.

’ Lin Qi was scared by the disappearance of the food, and he did not want to stay under the giant boulder any longer He had a raincoat that could protect him from acid rain.

There were no demonic beasts outside.

If he stayed under the boulder and there were demonic beasts inside, his life would be in danger.

It was safer to stay under the acid rain.

Lin Qi walked and then stopped.

He found the ingredients needed for the Stone Pie.

He just needed to find some more moss.

The acid rain would only last for a period of time.

They would not be affected by the acid rain for more than a month.

The ingredients that Lin Qi collected were almost sufficient.

The sky was completely dark, and the acid rain was getting heavier.

He needed to find a place to rest.

He would return to the tribe tomorrow morning, and it would be good for him to collect more on the way.

‘There are flames in the distance! It must be those other participants.

’ Lin Qi had just walked for a while when he was attracted by the flames in the dark night.

Lin Qi climbed up the muddy hillside and came to the place where he found the flames.

“Who are you?” The people in the cave noticed Lin Qi as soon as he got close, and they asked.

“It’s me, Lin Qi.

” Lin Qi slowly approached the cave.

Those people saw Lin Qi clearly with the help of the fire and put down the weapons in their hands.

Lin Qi saw that there were only a few participants in the cave, and the people he saw outside who had died were not all those who were missing.

“What about Chen Lin and the others? Did you steal the food from the tribe?” Lin Qi asked, making the participants in front of him lower their heads in silence.

Lin Qi’s question made the people beside the bonfire feel very ashamed.

After all, whether they were swordsmen or mages, stealing was shameful.

“The idea of stealing the food was put forward by Chen Lin, and the items were also taken by him.

When he encountered this strange rain, he also ran away first and abandoned us,” one of them said, lowering his head.

Lin Qi did not care too much about the details.

Even if he ran into Chen Lin, he would not be able to get back the food that he stole.

However, he also felt sorry for those people.

Everyone looked weak.

It seemed that they had been starving for a whole day.

Lin Qi felt that the matter of stealing the food had little to do with them, so he made a pot of Anti-hunger Fresh Mushroom Soup to treat them.

However, there was still a price to pay.

He asked them to scrape off the moss in the cave in exchange for the mushroom soup.

Of course, those people agreed when they heard it.

In the past, when Chen Lin mocked Lin Qi, they had also laughed a lot which made them very ashamed.

Lin Qi made the Anti-hunger Fresh Mushroom Soup.

Everyone took the moss they scraped off and let Lin Qi examine it.

The aroma of the mushroom soup filled the entire cave.

They had been starving for a whole day and could not wait.

“Okay, pass.


” Lin Qi checked the amount of moss everyone collected in the cave.

“Ah! Did you guys eat ahead of the rest of us? There’s nothing left!” “The two of us had just arrived here.

There was nothing in there, to begin with!” There was a fierce argument at the entrance of the cave.

When Lin Qi heard that the food was gone, he quickly walked toward the entrance of the cave.