Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 55

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 55

Chapter 55: The Bru Tribe A few orcs came one after another and dragged Lin Qi and the other three out of the net.

Then, they used a kind of vine to tie everyone up and stuff their mouths.

At that moment, an even taller orc walked to the front and glared at them with his round eyes.

The orc’s expression became more and more unsightly, showing his viciousness.

“Good, you humans actually dared to burn the Bru tribe’s man-eating flower fields.

You must pay the price for this! “Bring them to the tribe and await the Holy Maiden’s orders.

” “Yes!” Lin Qi and the others were led forward by the Bru tribe’s people.

Along the way, they could only make eye contact and could not communicate.

The sky was now bright.

Lin Qi and the others were led by the orc commander to the Bru tribe which was in a small valley.

The Bru tribe was surrounded by mountains on both sides.

One side was facing the river, while the other side was open.

However, a high stone wall was built before them, and there were other orcs guarding it.

On the way, Lin Qi and the others occasionally met a few orcs who came to ask about the situation.

The orc commander called Nadak emphasized their offenses to his subordinates, and the orcs became even more rigid.

‘So the man-eating flower field is an actual field which was the source of the orc’s food.

This is not good.

I have to think of a way to fix this, or else things won’t look so good for us.

’ .



Lin Qi listened to the orcs’ conversation along the way and knew the whole story.

He knew that they had caused trouble that time.

They burned the orcs’ fields, so those orcs would definitely not let them go so easily.

‘Food? Oh right, I have a gourmet system, I’ll compensate them.

They were even forced to eat man-eating flowers so they must not have eaten anything like the delicacies in the system.

‘I have to be able to speak first, and I have to think of a way to convince them.

’ Lin Qi thought about it and had a rough plan in his mind.

He was going to pretend to be an envoy sent from the outside to bring magical food to the Bru tribe.

Continue_reading_on MYB0 X N0VEL.

COM The escort team was getting bigger and bigger.

Lin Qi discreetly glanced around and found that there were almost 500 people.

They were tied tightly to a pillar in the square.

The situation was not looking good.

The people of the tribe took turns to be on duty.

It was obviously difficult to find an opportunity.

Lin Qi looked at Yu Meng and Lewis next to him.

Yu Meng’s veil had not been removed.

Perhaps the orcs did not know what the veil was.

Lewis’s face was pale, and he looked weak as if he had been scared.

“Kill them!” “Killing them is too easy.

We have to burn them like they did the man-eating flowers.

” “Yes… Burn them! Kill them!” All the orcs in the tribe shouted.

Lin Qi saw that the orcs had been divided into several factions.

Some said they wanted to burn them, some said they wanted to chop them up with axes, and some even wanted to hang them outside to feed the demonic beasts.

It was really intimidating.

As the orcs of the tribe shouted, a pretty young orc girl walked out of a building with light footsteps.

Upon closer inspection, she wore a short skirt made of animal skin, with several demonic beast teeth and scales hanging on her body.

The square fell silent for a moment, and every orc bowed their heads respectfully.

‘This girl looks like the Holy Maiden they were talking about.

I have to talk to her for a chance to escape.

’ Lin Qi began to struggle violently and then shouted, but his mouth was still gagged and he could not speak.

“Uhh… Uhh…” The Holy Maiden of the Bru tribe had originally come out to declare that the four humans were guilty of burning the man-eating flower fields and grant them the right to return to heaven.

However, she saw Lin Qi struggling non-stop as he seemed to have something to say.

She did not bother herself with Lin Qi’s appearance.

There was a big difference between the aesthetics of the orcs and the humans.

They preferred the strong and mighty ones.

In their eyes, the humans were too thin and weak, and they looked like they could not stand even the wind.

“Nadak, free the youth’s mouth, and let’s see what he has to say.

” “Yes, Holy Maiden!” The orc commander lowered his head to the Holy Maiden, walked to Lin Qi, and removed the vine in his mouth.

“Holy Maiden, we are the emissaries sent by the outside world.

We are here to bring magical food to the Bru tribe.

I can prove it to you.

” Lin Qi said the words that he had thought over many times in his heart in one breath, for fear of being gagged again.

“Magical food? How magical can it be? Can it make up for the land that was burned by you people?” The Holy Maiden did not believe in the magical food that Lin Qi spoke of, but for the sake of the sincerity in his eyes, she was prepared to let him prove it.

The man-eating flower field was gone.

If he really had a way to make up for the loss of the tribe, it would be their best option to prevent the tribe’s starvation.

She hoped that what he said was true.

Otherwise, she would not let that youth go.

“Untie him and let him prove it.

” “Kid, behave yourself.

Don’t play any tricks,” Nadak warned Lin Qi, but he still listened to the Holy Maiden’s order and freed Lin Qi from his binds.

Lin Qi moved his wrist and nodded at Yu Meng and the others.

Then, he was brought to the Holy Maiden.

A few orcs separated him and the Holy Maiden, standing in a row with weapons in their hands, afraid that Lin Qi would plot against them.

At that moment, Lin Qi asked the orcs for a pot and started to make steak, letting the aroma spread throughout the square.

In the gourmet system, even the simplest steak was a delicacy in that world, let alone to those orcs who had never eaten delicious food.

[ Ding! Congratulations, host for completing the task of cooking the steak.

Black pepper and chili powder have been prepared for you.

] In a short while, a fragrant smell of spices filled the air.

The orcs of the tribe all nodded slightly, their pupils instantly dilated, and they kept smelling the aroma.

“Alright, this dish is called Delicious Steak, it can restore the strength of the consumer.

Who wants to try it first?” Lin Qi used an iron stick to display a steak in front of the orcs.

The orcs looked at each other, but no one came forward.

In the end, one of them was assigned to try the so-called Delicious Steak.

The orc who was assigned was excited and nervous at the same time.

He smelled the aroma of the steak and was very eager to have a bite, but he was afraid that there was poison in it.

However, he still mustered up the courage to eat it in one bite.

The taste of the steak was salty and sweet, and the juices filled his entire mouth.

It was very chewy.

That was a Delicious Steak that Lin Qi made specifically for the orcs’ tastebuds.

In the gourmet system, there were options for flavors that were the preferences of several races.

They were all different, and each had its own characteristics suited to the races’ palate.

“Stone, how do you feel?” The people next to him asked curiously.

The orc named Stone smacked his lips twice, and after tasting it for a while, he said, “Delicious.

” “My sense of smell is extremely good so I can smell that it’s delicious.

I’m asking you how you feel.

” “How do I feel? I feel like I’m full of energy now.

” Lin Qi cooked a few more and handed them to the others to try out the effect.