Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 54

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Burning Man-eating Flowers As he ate, Lin Qi tried thinking of a solution.

He did not want to go back inside the Mystic Swamp, where he was the only one without the strength to defend himself.

He was covered in mosquito bites, and after searching through the system, he could not find a way to repel the mosquitoes.

Whether it was in the other world or here, mosquitoes were the things he hated the most.

So he was the first person to oppose going back to the swamp.

However, he was also racking his brain to think of a way to traverse the man-eating flower field.

‘Food like the Flaming Swirl Roasted Chicken is useful, but using up the gold I have in my hand won’t get me out alive.

It would be great if I could get some more recipes like the Explosive Beef Meatballs when I level up in the future.

That way, I’ll have the ability to protect myself.

’ As Lin Qi checked the system for delicacies, he thought to himself.

There were several delicacies in the system that could solve the problem in front of him, but there were too many of them and he did not have that many gold coins.

A fire was built in front of the four of them to keep out the cold.

They also sorted out the order of the night shifts.

Lin Qi was injured so he was arranged to have the first watch.

That way he can have a good rest the remainder of the night and heal up.

Unlike Yu Meng, Lin Qi did not need to meditate.

He had nothing to do at the moment, so he started to fiddle with the fire in front of him, adding wood to it so that it would not go out.

Suddenly, inspiration struck! “Fire! Yes, fire! I’ve found a way!” Lin Qi shouted excitedly.

The others were awakened by it.

“Lin Qi, why are you shouting? Can’t you let people rest?” Lewis happened to dream that he had become the Lord of New Moon City again.

After experiencing it for a while, his beautiful dream was interrupted and he kept mumbling.

“I’ve thought of a way to pass through the man-eating flower field,” Lin Qi shouted happily as if he wanted everyone in the mountains to know about his solution.

“What is it?” Yu Meng picked up the magic staff on her lap and asked unhappily.




She was meditating just now and was abruptly interrupted by Lin Qi.

The magic energy in her body was still a little unstable.

If Lin Qi did not give her a reasonable explanation, she did not mind scaring him as payback.

Lin Qi had not noticed their movements.

He took out a broken stem of a burning man-eating flower from the fire and held it in front of the three of them.

He said, “Use fire.

We can use fire to burn a path out of that man-eating flower field.

That way, we can pass through.

” After hearing Lin Qi’s words, Yu Meng and Lewis’s eyes lit up.

They thought that it was a good idea.

No matter how strange the man-eating flower was, it was still a plant.

It would definitely be afraid of fire.

Continue_reading_on MYB0 X N0VEL.

COM “Let’s get up and prepare to burn that man-eating flower field.

We need to find a way out as soon as possible.

” Lin Qi first found a withered branch, sharpened the end, and used fire to ignite it.

Then, he stepped back and quickly took a few steps forward.

He threw the torch in his hand out like a javelin.

The torch drew an arc in the night sky, causing a streak of light to form in the air.

Then, the sparks fell onto a man-eating flower, stuck steadily on the ground, and it began to burn slowly.

In the next moment, the fire gradually spread to the nearby man-eating flower.

The flower began to use its thorny vines to whip and beat at the flames.

It extinguished the torch with a few strokes.

“One is not enough.

Yu Meng and Lewis, go find branches that can be used as torches.

I’ll sharpen them.

Luther, you throw them.

” Lin Qi had allocated their tasks and everyone began to carry them out.

Yu Meng did not know why she would listen to Lin Qi’s instructions without question.

If it were in the past, if Lin Qi dared to speak to her in such an authoritative tone, she would have turned him into an ice block long ago.

She turned to look at Lin Qi, who was standing beside the fire.

Yu Meng’s face could not help but turn red again.

In an instant, her face darkened.

No one knew what she was thinking.

Lin Qi cut the branches that they handed over, lit them, and handed them to Luther.

He said, “Luther, try to throw them all in one place so that these man-eating flowers won’t have time to put them out.

” “Yes, Young Master.

” Luther’s power as a grand swordmaster was obvious.

His throw was accurate, steady, and very fast.

Lin Qi could not keep up with it, and it was very effective.

The man-eating flowers only extinguished the few torches in front of them.

Not only were they unable to extinguish the torches in the back, but they also ignited their own thorny vines.

The pain caused them to swing around haphazardly, and the fire grew bigger and bigger.

That scene was beyond Lin Qi’s expectations.

He did not expect the man-eating flowers to expand the fire and accelerate their own destruction.

“You two, come and take a look.

This is a rare sight.

” Lin Qi quickly called the two back to watch the man-eating flowers burn.

The raging fire lit up half of the sky.

Below them were man-eating flowers crazily swinging their long vines.

However, their strength was getting weaker and weaker, and they looked like they were about to die.

“I didn’t expect it to be so fast.

I thought we would have to work all night to open up a road.

Now, we have cleared a path for ourselves.

” Lin Qi looked at the sea of flames in front of him.

He was a little far away, but his face still felt the heat一it was enough to acknowledge the power of the fire.

The three of them waited until the second half of the night came before the sea of flames in front of them was extinguished.

However, the ground was still a little hot, so they did not want to linger.

“Let’s go now.

This fire should have scared away the monsters nearby.

We can take this opportunity to move forward.

” Everyone agreed with Lin Qi’s suggestion.

Luther took the lead, while the rest followed behind.

Soon, in the man-eating flower field that had turned into ashes, they had to speed up.

The ground under their feet was too hot and they could not stay there.

The territory of the man-eating flower was not that big.

In less than half an hour, they were about to leave.

“Hey, Young Master, there are people ahead of us.

I don’t know if they are other trial participants.

” Luther saw a person standing in front of them.

He was tall, so he could not recognize which city he was from.

“The one in the front, which city are you from?” Luther had just finished shouting when he saw more movement.

Suddenly, a huge net was thrown onto them.

They thought that they could meet other teams and the road ahead would be easier.

Unfortunately, before they could go forward, they were covered by a huge net.

It was not that Lin Qi and the others had not thought of resisting.

However, due to the suddenness of the incident, they had thought that the other party was participants.

However, that huge net was abnormal.

It would cause people to lose their strength and be captured instantly.

Seeing the person on the other side approaching step by step.

“They’re orcs.

There are orcs here? Don’t they live in the south of the continent?” Lin Qi found it hard to believe that they had actually encountered orcs.

They were indeed a little different from regular tribesmen.

The orcs in front of them were tall and muscular.

After taking a closer look, they bared their teeth and stretched out their long ears.

Their features were somewhat similar to those of beasts.

Lin Qi saw that those orcs were no different from other humans except that they were uglier with slightly different features such as long ears and sharp teeth.

However, they were very tall and looked like giant bears.