Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 53

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Man-eating Flowers “We’re out!” Luther, who was walking at the front, exclaimed in surprise.

Lin Qi took two quick steps when he heard.

He pulled aside the weeds in front of him and saw the empty space before them.

“We’re finally out.

That swamp was full of mosquitoes and mud.

We don’t have to suffer anymore,” Lin Qi said excitedly to Yu Meng and stretched his body.

Unexpectedly, that action tore the wound on his chest.

It hurt so much that the corner of his mouth twitched.

Fortunately, after eating a few steaks, his injury had almost recovered.

“It’s getting late.

Luther, let’s go look around and confirm our current location.

We should go down the mountain as soon as possible.

” Lin Qi remembered that they had just arrived here a few days ago.

Now that they had everything they needed, they could not stay in the Terrifying Mountains any longer.

If something more dangerous happened, they might end up here forever so they had to find a safe path as soon as possible.

They spread out in three directions, but they did not venture far from each other.

If one encountered any danger, the others nearby could quickly help.

“What is this一a sunflower? It is way too big.

” Lin Qi saw a strange flower in front of him, and he was completely shocked.

That flower was upside down, and its shape was not ordinary.

However, the sky was already dark so he could not clearly see what was in front of him.

Swoosh! Just as Lin Qi turned around, a thorny vine grew toward him at an alarming speed.




Lin Qi sensed that something was wrong and immediately bent down to dodge it.

Snap! Another thorny vine appeared and hit the ground in front of him一stirring up a patch of soil and causing the branches beside him to fall.

If he had not ducked down early, his head would have split open out like the soil in front of him.

Continue_reading_on MYB0 X N0VEL.

COM Before Lin Qi could get up, he heard several more noises behind him.

Fortunately, he had been prepared.

He had the Explosive Beef Meatballs he had gotten from the last upgrade.

That was one of the rare multi-functional and magical delicacies in the gourmet system.

[ Explosive Beef Meatballs: A special delicacy.

It can be eaten or thrown.

After eating it, the user’s strength will be doubled.

After throwing it, there will be a violent explosion.

Please use it carefully to avoid accidental injury.

] Lin Qi quickly got up and ran forward.

He threw an egg-sized beef meatball behind him.

Boom! A deafening sound came from behind.

Lin Qi was also impacted by the airwave behind him and almost fell.

‘That was close.

I was almost hit by those things.

’ Lin Qi was still scared.

He panted for a while, anxiously waiting for Luther’s arrival.

“Not good, the Young Master is in danger!” Luther heard the violent explosion and quickly ran to Lin Qi.

Yu Meng and Lewis also rushed over when they heard the sound.

A demonic beast that could create such a commotion would definitely require all the members of their team to deal with it.

“Young Master, are you okay? What was that noise just now?” Seeing that Lin Qi was fine, Luther was relieved.

He quickly asked about what had happened, so that he could be sure.

Lin Qi told him everything that he had encountered.

Luther gripped the greatsword in his hand tightly and became more vigilant.

“Young Master, the thing that you encountered just now should be a man-eating flower.

” “What… Man-eating flower?” Before Lin Qi came, he had heard from the others that among the creatures in the Terrifying Mountains, one of the more famous ones was the man-eating flower.

They were famous because they were relatively rare in that world, and they were a type of plant that could move on its own.

Every time they settled in a place that was not suitable for them to live, they would die naturally, leaving behind their big, flower head that would roll in the wind to find a new habitat.

“Let’s go take a look ahead.

We can find a place to rest after a thorough investigation.

” Luther said to the other three.

He was the person with the most experience living in the wild among them.

After all, he had been a mountain bandit for many years.

Lin Qi replaced the Exploding Beef Meatball with a magic scroll when recounting what had happened to the others.

If they knew that the noise was caused by a dish from his system, Lin Qi would be in danger in the future.

At that point, Yu Meng and Lewis scouted the area where Lin Qi was attacked.

They were on guard and observed the remnants of the man-eating flower.

It was a shocking sight.

A huge pit was in front of them.

Although it was not too deep, it was quite large.

What kind of fire magic scroll was that? However, they did not ask Lin Qi because everyone had a secret.

It was their trump card.

It was taboo to ask about others’ trump cards.

The scene in front of them also surprised Lin Qi even though he was the culprit.

There was nothing in the big pit in front of them.

Everything that existed within that range had disappeared.

There were some man-eating flowers at the edge of the pit.

They were either destroyed until only their roots were left, or there were still some flames on their bodies that were about to die off.

“It really is a man-eating flower.

I saw one or two last time.

However, there are too many of them here.

” Luther picked up a charred man-eating flower root and looked at it carefully.

After confirming that it was a man-eating flower, Yu Meng’s expression changed and she frowned.

It seemed that the man-eating flower was quite dangerous and could cause danger at any time.

“Young Master and you guys wait here first.

I’ll go up and scout the area,” Luther said while pointing at the big tree in front of him.

That big tree was the tallest structure in the vicinity and was surrounded by man-eating flowers.

However, if one climbed it, one could see further in the distance.

It was almost 1000 feet away from here, so the man-eating flowers there were not affected by the explosion.

“Wait, I’ll use ice magic to freeze the man-eating flowers under the tree first.

It’s safer that way.

” Yu Meng waved her magic staff and cast a freezing spell.

The effect of the spell was immediate.

The man-eating flowers, which had become irritable because of Luther’s approach, were frozen and turned into ice sculptures.

Lin Qi also handed Luther a Delicious Steak and told him to be careful.

He could only do so much.

He only had one Explosive Beef Meatball, and he had already used it.

Luther was very fast.

He stepped on the man-eating flowers that had been frozen into an ice sculpture and jumped up to the tree in front of him in three steps.

However, the information he relayed was not good.

That place was surrounded by man-eating flowers, and there was no way forward.

The only clear path led them back to the Mystic Swamp where they had to find another way out.

They had the Refreshing Drink provided by Lin Qi so they were not confused by the thick fog, but they could not navigate within the swamp.

Both options were bad, so they decided to make the decision tomorrow to see if the situation gets better.

“Let’s stop chatting for now.

Come and eat.

” Lin Qi had already taken the food out of the system and put it into a small pot to cook for a while.

It was now steaming hot and full of fragrance.

They had already walked for a day and were exhausted.

They sat down and started eating.