Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 52

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Miraculous White Jade Soup   Yu Meng looked apologetic and did not know what to do.

She gripped her magic staff tightly, her fingers turning white from the force.

She had never apologized to anyone since she was young, and she did not know how to do it.

Seeing that she had her head down, Lin Qi said, “Hey, come and help me up, I was almost killed by you.

” Hearing his words, Yu Meng proceeded to react.

She hurried to Lin Qi’s side and helped him up.

She reminded him in a low voice, “Be careful.

” Then, she gently tapped Lin Qi’s chest with her magic staff.

Seeing the blue ice slowly disappear, Lin Qi immediately stopped feeling cold, but the wound on his chest was still very painful.

“Lin Qi, um, I’m… Sorry.

” On the way to help Lin Qi find Luther and Lewis, Yu Meng apologized softly.

Lin Qi did not blame Yu Meng because it was partially his fault for being too careless.

“Young Master, how did you get hurt? Was it a demonic beast?” Luther saw Yu Meng helping Lin Qi walk and stood up from the ground, asking with concern.

Lewis stood up vigilantly and pulled out his longsword, showing his serious demeanor.

Lin Qi glanced at him from the corner of his eyes, and a smile appeared on his lips, thinking that he looked like a proper swordsman.

Then, the pain in Lin Qi’s chest was getting worse and worse, and he could not help but clench his fists.




“Cough… Cough…” “Young Master, we might not be able to get out.

This should be the legendary Mystic Swamp, and our experience has verified this assumption,” Luther said to Lin Qi in a low voice, and then pointed at the thick fog around them.

“If we want to survive we must find a tree and tie ourselves up to prevent ourselves from sinking.

” “Young Master Lin, you’re injured.

I’ll help tie you up.

Then, Luther will tie me up.

” Lewis looked around, trying to find some vines.

Continue_reading_on MYB0 X N0VEL.

COM “We don’t have time to waste.

Tell me more about the Mystic Swamp.

There might be another way.

” Lin Qi looked at Lewis helplessly.

Lewis used to laugh at others who appeared weak but now he did not feel the need to mock Lin Qi.

“The most dangerous thing in the Mystic Swamp is the thick fog.

It could make all creatures that come in contact with it fall into a deep sleep and then be swallowed by the mud.

” “You should have said so earlier.

I have a way to get us out safely.

” Lin Qi turned around.

[ Ding… Peppermint Leaf, Vanilla, Dewy Ice Grass synthesized.

] [ Congratulations, Host! You have successfully synthesized a Refreshing Drink! ] Lin Qi took out a Refreshing Drink from the gourmet system and knew that it would come in handy in that situation.

[ Refreshing Drink: It has the effect of preventing people from being bewitched by external forces.

After drinking it, it allows one to stay conscious and prevents the delusions from being effective for 12 hours without any side effects.

] Lin Qi took out four bottles of drinks and gave one to each of them.

Yu Meng took the drink curiously.

They all took a sip.

It was sour, sweet, and tasted pretty good.

In less than 15 minutes, the thick fog in front of their eyes disappeared.

It turned out that the thick fog did not really exist.

They were all relieved.

After tidying up, they continued to walk forward.

The marks they left behind had all disappeared so they could only find a new path to leave the swamp.

Exposure to light in the swamp was minimal resulting in a lower temperature and the moist ground made it exceptionally difficult to walk through.

The group went through many twists and turns, and their strength was about to be exhausted.

As Lin Qi was injured, the three of them took turns to support him.

He had the time to look at his surroundings to detect anything unusual in the Mystic Swamp.

Suddenly, he saw a milky-white mushroom in front of him on the left.

It looked somewhat familiar.

He started to look through the unlocked recipes in the system.

[ Miraculous White Jade Soup: Ingredients: White Jade Mushroom, Snake Meat, Flat Mushroom, Fresh Mushroom, Water.

] [ Effects: The user will become very handsome or beautiful, and popular.

The opposite sex can not help but feel attracted to the user.

Alternatively, instead of the first option, it can increase the physical strength of the user.

] Not bad, there was actually a delicacy that could make use of white jade mushrooms.

[ Marsh Mushroom Soup: Ingredients: Gray Mushroom, Tree Mushroom, Red Umbrella Mushroom, White Jade Mushroom, Water.

] [ Effect: It can improve the strength of the drinker in all aspects, without causing any side effects.

] Lin Qi asked Luther to pick the white jade mushrooms.

The white jade mushroom looked like it was carved from white jade, and it looked very warm.

“Are you preparing to make Marsh Mushroom Soup?” Yu Meng could not help but ask curiously.

After running for their lives and getting lost deep in the swamp, everyone was probably hungry.

Lin Qi took out the small pot that he always carried with him.

He glanced at Yu Meng and replied, “How can that be? The white jade mushroom is so precious.

Of course, we have to use it to make Miraculous White Jade Soup.

” Of course, the Miraculous White Jade Soup was made by the system.

The small pot was used as a decoy.

Everything else was stored in the dimensional pouch that he bought before he left.

[ Dish Name: Miraculous White Jade Soup, Level-3 Dish, Rare Level, Magic Effect: The user will become either strong or handsome, beautiful, and popular (Can only be consumed once, no effect after multiple consumptions) ] [ Material Consumption: White Jade Mushroom (x1) Snake Meat (x2) Flat Mushroom (x5) Fresh Mushroom (x6) Water (x2) ] [ Cooking… Cooking completed ] [ Ding! You have obtained: Miraculous White Jade Soup ] While cooking, Lin Qi explained the effects of the soup to everyone一it could increase one’s strength, or make one more handsome or beautiful but the prerequisite was that one could only choose one.

Lewis and Luther were exceptionally excited.

Only Yu Meng was still as cold as ever.

In a short while, the soup was ready.

Lin Qi excitedly scooped up the white soup in the small pot and drank it in one gulp.

Then, he ran to the edge of the puddle to check the changes in his appearance.

Lin Qi’s choice made Yu Meng turn her head in anger.

How could there still be such a person who did not want to improve their strength? Luther did not hesitate to choose to enhance his strength.

After all, he wanted to become a hero.

Lewis was still hesitating whether he should choose to be handsome or to be strong.

Lin Qi’s reflection in the water was very handsome.

Lin Qi touched his face and exclaimed, “I didn’t expect that I would be so lucky to encounter something like this with the luck we’ve had so far.

Woah… I really became handsome.

” Lin Qi raised his head and looked at the others.

Luther and Lewis were stunned.

The Lin Qi in front of them had not become a different person.

Only his facial features were slightly adjusted.

Those small changes had greatly impacted his overall look.

He was indescribably handsome! Yu Meng, who was originally frustrated, could not help but turn her head to look at Lin Qi when she heard the other’s exclamations.

She was instantly mesmerized in just a glance.

She had never seen such a handsome face before.

Everyone was so amazed by Lin Qi’s appearance.

Realizing that she had lost her composure, Yu Meng quickly came back to her senses.

She was annoyed that she had been mesmerized by Lin Qi.

Her face, which had turned red due to self-reproach and shame, was covered by the veil, so no one could see how embarrassed she was.

“Look at you dawdling! Let’s hurry up and leave.

Our lives are more important.

” She did not dare to look at Lin Qi anymore.

After saying that, she swung her skirt and left.

The three of them looked at each other.

Yu Meng was right.

The crisis had not averted yet, so they could not stay any longer.

They continued to follow Yu Meng.

“Why are you angry again? I really don’t understand women.

” Lewis shook his head and sighed.

Yu Meng ignored them and walked in front alone.

Lin Qi was being supported by Luther and Lewis.

However, Lin Qi was still happy that he had become so handsome.

He did not have much ambition.

He only wanted to peacefully enjoy his life as a noble, so he did not have much desire to become stronger.

Along the way, the smile on Lin Qi’s lips did not disappear.

He was immersed in his handsome appearance.