Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 51

Magic Land: I Make It Big as a Gourmet Food Supplier! - Chapter 51

Chapter 51: The Solution Lin Qi trudged through the mud, trying hard to find the others.

The surrounding was covered in thick white fog, and he could only see about seven feet away.

The first person he found was Luther.

He was in a more dangerous situation than Lin Qi since the mud was already at his neck.

Luther’s breathing became more and more labored.

He was gasping for breath and struggling nonstop.

He was shouting things like ‘Young Master’ and laughing from time to time.

“Luther, wake up!” Lin Qi did not go any closer.

He saw that the mud around Luther seemed to be alive, and it was slowly pulling him down.

‘This swamp is actually alive.

I can’t wake him up from this distance.

Wait… I almost forgot that I still have the Song God’s Flower.

’ [ Song God’s Flower: It can stimulate the mind of the user, wake up a person who is in a deep coma, and see into their dream.

] “So beautiful.

” Looking at the thumb-sized pale blue flower in front of him, Lin Qi almost lost himself in the Song God’s Flower’s beauty and wasted time.

“Even I’m not immune to it and I’m the owner of the system.

” Lin Qi came back to his senses and threw the Song God’s Flower to Luther, who was still lost in the land of dreams.

Snap! The Song God’s Flower shattered into specks of fluorescent light, and the specks of light hung in the air like a light screen.




The scene in the light screen was set in a dark forest.

Luther led his army and swore to protect Lin Qi.

“Luther’s dream is to become a great hero.

The person he is protecting is me?” Lin Qi questioned.

Lin Qi observed Luther’s dream.

Suddenly, the light screen shattered.

Luther opened his eyes and came back to his senses.

He found himself in a deep swamp.

“I’m getting out!” Luther shouted and jumped out of the mud.

However, he could not stand firmly and sat on the ground.

Continue_reading_on MYB0 X N0VEL.

COM “How do you feel?” Lin Qi saw Luther’s pale face and asked hurriedly.

“Young Master, you saved me.

The mud here seems capable of absorbing physical strength.

I’ll be fine, I’m just going to try steadying myself for now.

” Hearing that, Lin Qi looked at the mud under his feet.

It was not his imagination.

The mud here really was strange.

“Don’t move and take a rest.

I’ll go save the others.

” Lin Qi got up in a hurry to find the others.

If he delayed for even a minute, the lives of the others might be in danger.

At that time, Lewis was in a much better situation than Luther.

He did not move an inch, and the mud only reached his chest.

Lin Qi gradually approached him.

Seeing him smiling, he squatted down and poked him, but there was no reaction.

‘It seems that everyone is dreaming, but I can’t tell anyone about my dream, or my life would be in danger.

’ Bam! Another Song God’s Flower was placed on Lewis’s head, and Lin Qi saw clearly what kind of dream he was having.

Shown on the light screen, Lewis was standing on the balcony of a castle, waving his hand and greeting the people below.

Lin Qi had seen that castle before.

It was the residence of the Lord of New Moon City.

It seemed that Lewis dreamed that he was New Moon City’s lord.

“He is so self-righteous!” Lin Qi muttered to himself.

Lewis did not wake up by himself as Luther did.

He did not open his eyes until the power of the Song God’s Flower was used up.

The first person he saw was Lin Qi, who squatted in front of him.

Lewis greeted him warmly, “Young Master Lin, long time no see.

Welcome to the castle and have a seat.

I just got…” Then, Lewis realized that something was amiss.

He was the city lord but… How did he end up in the mud? However, he instantly put two-and-two together.

He looked at Lin Qi with an awkward expression.

“Can you get out by yourself? I haven’t found Yu Meng yet.

I’m going to save her.

” Lin Qi pretended not to know what he was dreaming about and asked casually.

After all, Lewis was a swordsman, so he jumped out easily.

Then, Lin Qi was relieved to find the last person, Yu Meng.

Yu Meng was a bit further away than Luther and Lewis, but she was in a safer position compared to the three of them as she did not get stuck in the mud.

For some reason, she ran to a crooked tree and half-lay on a dry part of the ground, falling into a coma.

Yu Meng frowned as if she was in a painful dream.

“Aren’t they all beautiful dreams? Is Yu Meng’s situation different from ours?” Lin Qi took out a Song God’s Flower.

Just as he was about to use it on Yu Meng, something happened.

Yu Meng’s face was filled with anger.

She raised the magic staff in her hand and waved it forward, shouting, “Don’t touch me!” It happened so suddenly that there was no time to dodge.

Lin Qi could only watch as the magic staff bumped into his chest.

Bang! Lin Qi was sent flying backward.

That was not the power of the magic staff itself, but Yu Meng’s ice magic.

“Ugh!” Lin Qi fell heavily into the mud and spat out a mouthful of blood.

‘Uh, what happened to her? She’s unconscious but she can still hit people?’ Lin Qi propped himself up and saw Yu Meng raise the magic staff that was already full of magic energy.

“Again? I’m here to save you so repay my kindness with enmity.

” Lin Qi was so scared that he rolled and dodged the ice ball that flew toward him.

The ice ball instantly hit the ground beside him, and everything within 10 feet became a smooth ice sculpture.

However, Yu Meng’s eyes were tightly shut, and she had no intention of stopping.

She was ready to cast the next spell.

‘I can’t take any more hits.

I have to wake her up quickly.

’ Lin Qi felt unbearable pain in his chest.

The ice ball just now almost froze the left side of his body.

He could not care less about the pain.

Once the magic staff was preparing the next spell, he took out a bunch of Song God’s Flowers and threw them at her.

That time, it hit the top of Yu Meng’s head.

She immediately froze, and the magic energy in the magic staff slowly retreated.

‘I almost died in the hands of my own companion this time.

I’m so unlucky.

This seems to be my first injury in this world.

’ The pain made Lin Qi take a deep breath.

Seeing that Yu Meng stopped moving, Lin Qi was relieved.

He looked down at his chest, where a piece of blue ice had formed.

At that moment, the light screen above Yu Meng’s head attracted Lin Qi’s attention.

The light screen in front of him was completely dark as if it was tinted black.

He could barely see a woman wearing a mage hat talking about something.

It made him forget about his own pain for the time being.

However, the dream that was revealed by the Song God’s Flower could only show the scene within the dream and no sound could be heard.

In addition, it was very dark inside, and Lin Qi could not understand anything from the shape of the words from the mage’s mouth, but he could be sure that the mage was not Yu Meng.

“Is this Yu Meng’s nightmare?” Lin Qi wanted to prop himself up and carefully look at the mage within the light screen, but the light screen suddenly distorted.

The mage inside looked in Lin Qi’s direction, and then the light screen disappeared.

The mage’s action startled Lin Qi.

That was just part of her dream, right? Could the people inside sense that they were being watched? “How are you? Are you okay?” Yu Meng woke up and saw Lin Qi lying on the ground in the distance, but he seemed to be injured.

Yu Meng was about to ask about Lin Qi’s injury, but when she saw the magic staff in her hand and the unmelted ice beside Lin Qi, she understood that she was the one who hurt him.