I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 102

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Sticking to Principles Is Starlux Gym’s Tradition Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations Giles solemnly bowed to Annie and thanked her, “Miss Annie, thank you so much for today.

” “Not only did I have to trouble you to contact Mr Gars and help Starlux Gym pay the fees online, but you will also have to pay a large sum of money first.

” “Miss Annie, I’ll get the money to pay you back later.

” “It’s alright, Giles.

You don’t have to pay me back at all.

” Seeing that Giles was still so polite to her, Annie shook her head.

Although that fee was indeed not a small sum, she and her sister owed Giles a lot of favors.

Therefore, even if Giles wanted to return it to her, she did not intend to accept the money.

“Giles, it’s precisely because of your help that my sister’s illness can be cured.

” “Moreover, if you hadn’t guided me after I failed the challenge, my spirit beast and I wouldn’t have broken through to the Gold rank so quickly.

” .



“So you’ve already helped us sisters so much.

It’s time for us to repay you.

” “Miss Annie, I appreciate your kind intentions, but work and personal matters cannot be mixed together.

” Seeing that Annie wasn’t about to let him pay, Giles’ tone became resolute.

He rarely displayed his stubborn side.

“The spiritual energy supply for Starlux Gym was cut off because of me.

Besides, this fee should have been paid for by Starlux Gym’s money.

” Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM “So even if you helped me, Miss Annie, I absolutely have to pay you back.

” “If I don’t do that, my actions will be equivalent to embezzling public funds.

” Hah, why is it that Giles and Alice have the same stubborn character of sticking to their principles? Looking into Giles’ determined eyes, Hash scratched her messy hair helplessly.

She had already witnessed how stubborn Alice, the current Gym Leader of Starlux Gym, was during her university days.

Moreover, after coming to this base city, she had learned about Alice’s experiences over the past two years through communicating with the other leaders of the City Guards.

After Alice graduated from university, she went straight to Starlux Gym.

At that time, someone had suggested to the previous Gym Leader, who had been about to retire, to let Alice be the Acting Gym Leader of Starlux Gym.

This was because as long as the previous Gym Leader recommended Alice to the headquarters of the Beast Tamer Association, even if Alice had been a Gold-rank Beast Tamer back then, she could have directly taken on the position of the Acting Gym Leader.

This way, the previous Gym Leader could retire early and would not have to tire himself out anymore.

He just needed to put his energy into grooming Alice.

However, to everyone’s surprise, the previous Gym Leader and Alice had stuck to their principles and firmly rejected this suggestion.

The previous Gym Leader had insisted on retiring at the retirement age.

At that time, there were still two years before he retired, and those two years were the deadline he had given Alice.

If Alice still did not have the ability to become the Gym Leader of Starlux Gym after two years, in that case, the previous Gym Leader would apply to the Beast Tamer Association’s headquarters before he retired to select a more suitable candidate to be the Gym Leader.

Furthermore, Alice had no intention of becoming the Acting Gym Leader at that time.

Instead, she chose to accept the test proposed by the previous Gym Leader.

At that time, everyone thought that this test was nearly impossible to complete.

This was because Alice, who was 22 years old at that time, only had one Gold-rank spirit beast.

To become a Beast-taming Gym’s Gym Leader, one had to nurture at least three Gold-rank spirit beasts.

Alice had previously spent nearly twenty years nurturing one Gold-rank spirit beast.

It would be too difficult for her to nurture another two Gold-rank spirit beasts in the next two years.

In everyone’s opinion, even if Alice was a young and famous Beast Tamer in this base city, and had her grandfather, who was the Gym Leader of Starlux Gym, grooming her, she would still need at least four years.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Alice only spent about one and a half years to rapidly increase her strength to that of an Epic-rank Beast Tamer and successfully became the ninth-generation Gym Leader of Starlux Gym! Alice’s experience in proving her talent and abilities had become a widely circulated story in the base city.

At the same time, as the youngest Beast-taming Gym Leader at that time, she became the pride of the Beast Tamer Association in this base city.

Alice, as expected of you! But only then are you worthy of being my opponent! After learning about Alice’s experience, Hash did not have much reaction because she agreed with what Alice had done.

However, it was surprising that Giles had made a choice similar to Alice.

As the granddaughter of the previous Gym Leader of Starlux Gym, I wouldn’t be surprised if Alice inherited this trait from her grandfather, but wasn’t Giles adopted? Although Hash was filled with “complaints” about Alice and the old Gym Leader, when she looked at Giles, her eyes were filled with admiration.

Perhaps in the eyes of others, Giles’ stubborn character was stupid because he did not know how to adapt.

However, if he wanted to become a Gym Leader who could manage a Beast-taming Gym, such adherence to principles and fairness was essential.

However, his insistence on returning the money left Annie at a loss.

“Giles, this is not a small sum.

If you want to return the money to Miss Annie in cash, I’m assuming you must go to the bank to withdraw the money.

” Seeing that Annie was blushing and didn’t know if she should accept Giles’ payment, Hash made a suggestion.

“So, I think we might as well do this.

Miss Annie, leave your bank account number with Giles.

He can just transfer it to you when the time comes.

” Hash had suggested this because she wanted to give Annie a chance to turn Giles down.

If she really didn’t want Giles to pay back the money, all she had to do was give Giles the wrong bank account number.

Unexpectedly, Annie did not accept her suggestion and instead proposed another solution.

“Your Excellency, thank you for reminding me.

” After hearing Giles mention ’embezzling public funds’, Annie felt conflicted and troubled.

As she really wanted to help Giles, she had no intention of asking Giles to pay her back.

However, if she did that, she would undoubtedly “force” Giles to “embezzle public funds.

” What Hash had just said opened Annie’s mind.

That sum of money is not a small sum.

If Giles wanted to pay her back, he would probably have to go to the bank.

Because he didn’t have that much “cash”! It’s cash! Annie, who had thought of an idea, looked at Giles with a smile after thanking him.

“Giles, actually, you don’t have to go to the bank to withdraw money or transfer the money to me, because there will be a grand auction in the inner city of the base city next week.

” “As one of the organizers, our Spirit Beast Chamber of Commerce will auction off a batch of goods during this auction.

” “The main type of item would be the beast cores that Beast Tamers harvested in the first month of the autumn-harvest hunting season.

” “Giles, I heard from my elder sister that you obtained a batch of beast cores during the Beast Tamer Friendly Match in the Decker Mountain Range.

” “If you’re planning to pay us back, why don’t you come to this auction next week? Our Spirit Beast Chamber of Commerce can help you auction off that batch of beast cores.

” “By doing so, not only will you be able to pay for the spiritual energy supply, but you can also earn a considerable amount of income.