I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 103

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 103

Chapter 103: The Upcoming Auction in the Inner Ring of the City Just as Hash had said, Giles didn’t have much cash on hand.

Therefore, apart from taking out his savings, he was also mentally prepared to take a loan.

The solution that Annie proposed at this moment reminded Giles, who was still worried about money.

In his small cabin in the spirit beast section, there were still many beast cores that he had obtained.

The reason why the Metal-feathered Eagle had gone out of control after the spiritual energy storm was because it had flown to his cabin and swallowed beast cores.

Therefore, after that accident, for safety reasons, Giles locked the box containing the beast cores and placed it under his bed.

Two weeks had passed since then, so much so that Giles had almost forgotten that he still had a batch of beast cores.

One had to know that as a crystal that contained a lot of spiritual energy, beast cores were resources that Beast Tamers and spirit beasts could not lack during training.

For example, the autumn hunting season that began this month was the fixed period for Beast Tamers to collectively hunt ferocious beasts every year.

On the other hand, the reason why Beast Tamers would collectively hunt ferocious beasts was not only to control the number of ferocious beasts to prevent the ferocious beasts from attacking the city, but also to obtain resources like fur, blood, bones, and meat that were beneficial to Beast Tamers and spirit beasts.

Among these resources related to ferocious beasts, the most important and most valuable were the beast cores that had formed in the bodies of ferocious beasts.




Therefore, the Spirit Beast Chamber of Commerce took advantage of the first month after the autumn-harvest hunting season to set up a special auction for the beast cores.

The quality of Giles’ batch of beast cores was not low.

If he could sell them for a good price in this auction, he would not have to worry about money for the time being.

After all, according to the punishment that Hash had told him previously, the Beast Tamer Association’s headquarters had already decided to deduct two months of his salary.

If Giles wanted to maintain the Starlux Gym’s operations for the next two months after returning the money to Annie, participating in this auction and auctioning off the batch of beast cores was the fastest way to earn money.

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COM At the thought of this, Giles nodded at Annie and agreed to participate in the auction held in the Inner Ring of the City the following week, “Yes, Miss Annie, your sister is right.

I did obtain a batch of beast cores during the Beast Tamer Friendly Match in the Decker Mountain Range.

” “Since our base city will be holding an auction in the Inner Ring of the City next week, I can only trouble you and Mr Gars to help me auction off this batch of beast cores.

” “No problem, Giles, but I want you to agree to my request.

” Annie smiled after Giles promised to attend the auction next week.

“As long as you can agree to my request, you will be a key client of our Spirit Beast Chamber of Commerce in this auction.

” Annie had her own plans for proposing this solution to Giles.

According to Giles’ previous explanation, if Annie didn’t accept the expenses that he should have returned, then leaving that money behind was equivalent to “embezzling public funds.

” That was why Annie had inadvertently thought of this solution under Hash’s reminder.

She wanted to help Giles solve his monetary problems by looking at it from a different perspective.

As long as Giles agreed to participate in the auction next week, Annie could get the person in charge of the Spirit Beast Chamber of Commerce, Gars, to think of some ways to raise the price of this batch of beast cores as much as possible.

Furthermore, Annie planned to get Gars to take only a small portion of the money as commission.

Even if that portion of the money was not enough for Giles to pay off the debt, it did not matter as long as it allowed Giles to earn more money.

After all, as the Second Miss of the Spirit Beast Chamber of Commerce, she might not be able to repay the favor that she and her elder sister owed in other aspects.

However, if Giles were to participate in this auction, then given that it was her home ground, she had many ways to let Giles reap the maximum benefits in this auction.

However, regarding the fact that Giles had been politely addressing her respectfully from the beginning, Annie felt that Giles was still keeping a distance from her.

“Miss Annie, you’ve helped Starlux Gym greatly today.

If you have any requests, just let me know.

” Giles didn’t think much about what Annie might ask for.

In his opinion, with Annie’s family background and upbringing, she wouldn’t make any overboard requests.

Just as Giles was thinking this, the request Annie made to him was not overboard at all.

In Giles’ opinion, it was even a little bold, so much so that it was beyond Giles’ expectations.

“Giles, my request is simple…” The words were already on her lips, but Annie paused for some reason.

Then, blushing shyly, she made her simple yet bold request.

“I hope that you won’t call me Miss Annie anymore.

Just call me Annie.

Aren’t we good friends?” “Uh…” Upon hearing Annie’s request, Giles’s mouth opened slightly.

Giles was stunned for a moment and didn’t know how to answer.

This was because he usually called Annie by her name.

However, Annie had just helped him solve a huge problem, so he subconsciously addressed Annie respectfully.

However, he did not expect Annie to care about this and even bring it up.

One had to know that Annie asking Giles to call her by her name was completely different from Giles himself calling her by her name.

It was obvious that Annie was showing her goodwill to Giles by making this request.

Even if Giles was clueless about relationships, he could understand why Annie had made this request.

“Okay, Annie.

Like you said, we are good friends indeed.

I’ll be mindful in the future.

” “Okay…” Sigh, this is probably youth, isn’t it? Standing at the side, Hash looked at the blushing Annie and stunned Giles and couldn’t help but sigh.

However, Annie’s simple and straightforward display of her feelings made Giles at a loss.

Seeing that Giles had snapped out of it and only replied one sentence to Annie, Hash understood that she needed to break the ice.

“Okay, okay, Giles.

Since the problem with the bill has been resolved, you can start preparing now.

” To change the topic, Hash brought up the main reason she and Annie had come to Starlux Gym today.

“In that case, when the spiritual energy in Starlux Gym is replenished, Miss Annie can challenge you.

” Hearing Hash mention the ability evaluation again, the tattoo on the back of Giles’ hand lit up.

After Giles let the Metal-feathered Eagle out of the space within the patterns, he pointed to the vine belt on its abdomen.

“Sister Hash, as you can see, the Metal-feathered Eagle is still wearing this vine belt.

It hasn’t completely absorbed the remaining beast-core spiritual energy in its body.

” “If I choose to accept the challenge now, with my current strength, I can’t guarantee that the Metal-feathered Eagle won’t encounter any mishaps during the battle.