I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 101

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 101

Chapter 101: What Is the Relationship between Annie and Giles? Is Starlux Gym Opening the Evaluation Section? Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations As soon as he heard that Annie had a solution to this problem, Hash asked Annie, “Miss Annie, do you have some safer and more effective solution?” Although Hash was an Elite Beast Tamer, she knew nothing about spiritual energy and electrical circuits.

Therefore, she did not feel assured letting Giles handle the circuits alone.

If anything happened to Giles while connecting the wires, not only would there be no one managing Starlux Gym, but she also wouldn’t be able to account to Alice and the Beast Tamer Association’s Headquarters.

“I think I can try to contact Mr Gars using the pager.

This way, he can use the computer of the Spirit Beast Chamber of Commerce to help Starlux Gym pay the fees online.

” Annie took out a palm-sized pager and turned to look at Giles questioningly.

Right now, as long as Giles, who was in charge of managing Starlux Gym, was agreeable to using this method, she would directly call the person in charge of the Spirit Beast Chamber of Commerce, Gars.

“Okay, this method is indeed safer, and it will be much faster.

” After hearing Annie’s method, Hash nodded slightly.

Due to the high cost of a pager and the high cost of spiritual energy used during the communication, ordinary people did not have a pager.




As the Second Young Lady of the Spirit Beast Chamber of Commerce, it was not surprising for Annie to own a pager with her family’s financial resources.

As an Elite Beast Tamer, the Beast Tamer Alliance had also arranged for her to have an exclusive office pager.

However, the people she could contact with using her pager were all public officials like Rex, who was the Commander of the City Guards.

Even if this kind of problem could be resolved with a word from them, it was impossible for her to contact public officials of this rank to help.

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COM However, Annie’s situation was different.

As the Second Young Lady of the Spirit Beast Chamber of Commerce, it was considered a personal matter for her to get the person in charge of the Spirit Beast Chamber of Commerce, Gars, to help out.

Therefore, Hash was very supportive of Annie’s suggestion.

“Giles, if we use this method, the spiritual energy in Starlux Gym will be supplied again in a few minutes.

” After hearing Annie’s method, Giles looked at the Beast Tamers who were still waiting to borrow the training ground.

During this period of time, another few Beast Tamers had arrived at the entrance of Starlux Gym.

When they heard that the spiritual energy supply of Starlux Gym had been cut off, they all asked when they could borrow the training ground.

Fortunately, Hash, who was an elite Beast Tamer, was here.

Otherwise, their agitated and violent emotions would definitely not be suppressed so easily.

However, as the number of people stopping at the square outside Starlux Gym increased, Giles knew that the problem of the spiritual energy supply could not be delayed.

He had to solve it as soon as possible! Otherwise, the protests that had happened two weeks ago in the Beast Tamer Association’s branch might have erupted on a small scale in the square outside Starlux Gym.

Although he wasn’t the type of person who liked to trouble others, the safest and most efficient method was indeed to get Annie to contact Mr Gars from the Spirit Beast Chamber of Commerce to pay the bill.

At the thought of this, Giles nodded solemnly at Annie.

“Okay, Miss Annie, I’ll have to trouble you to contact Mr Gars.

” “You’re welcome, Giles.

Just continue to call me Annie.

” Seeing how serious Giles was, the blushing Annie quickly waved her hand.

“None of us know how to connect the wires.

If you go alone, not only will it take a long time, but there might also be an accident.

That’s too dangerous.

” “Also, it is rare for Your Excellency Hash to have the time to witness me challenge Starlux Gym.

It is very important for you and me to solve the problem of the spiritual energy supply in Starlux Gym as soon as possible.

” Beeb beep beep… Annie said that as she pressed the buttons on the pager.

A few seconds later, the pager connected.

“Hello? Is this Uncle Gars? Hmm, I’m Annie.

I need your help now.

” “Giles, can I trouble you to provide me with the address of Starlux Gym and the user information?” While Annie and Giles were handling the problem of the spiritual energy supply, the Beast Tamers who were standing nearby and waiting to use the training ground, were not standing there in a daze.

“Hey! Guys! Did you hear that? That young lady named Annie said that she wants to help Starlux Gym pay for the spiritual energy supply! That bill is not a small amount!” “Don’t you know? Annie is the Second Young Lady of the Spirit Beast Chamber of Commerce! This sum of money is a huge sum to us, but to her, it might not even be considered pocket money.

” “Who said that I didn’t know that Miss Annie is the Second Young Lady of the Spirit Beast Chamber of Commerce? Isn’t the main point why Miss Annie would fork out this sum of money for Starlux Gym?” “Is there a need to think about that? Look at how red her face is.

It must be related to Giles, who is now in charge of Starlux Gym!” “Haha! If that’s the case, won’t Giles be in big trouble?” “That’s right! As far as I know, the son of the President of the Langtry Chamber of Commerce has been courting Miss Annie!” “If he knows about this, even if Giles is now the Acting Gym Leader of Starlux Gym, he will still teach Giles a lesson under the pretext of challenging the gym.

” “Huh? Did I remember wrongly? Isn’t Henry from the Langtry Chamber of Commerce courting Annie’s elder sister, Alina? Why is he courting Annie now?” “I’m talking about Henry’s brother, Charlie.

He only arrived in our base city this week.

” “I heard that too.

Charlie was stunned for a good minute when he saw Annie.

When he snapped out of it, the first thing he did was to tell Henry to be prepared to call Annie his sister-in-law.

” “Oh my God! So Henry is courting Annie’s elder sister while Henry’s elder brother is courting Annie? This is crazy! What are these two brothers thinking?” “I think the two of them must have had a bad relationship since they were kids.

That’s why Henry likes Alina, who’s three years older than him.

That’s also why Charlie likes Annie, who’s five years younger than him.

” “That makes sense! Wait a minute! I suddenly remembered that Alina went out with Giles for a period of time.

Doesn’t that mean that Giles has offended Henry and Charlie at the same time?” “Don’t spread rumors here.

Miss Annie just said that she will challenge Starlux Gym under the witness of Her Excellency Hash today.

That’s why she helped Giles pay the bill for the spiritual energy supply.

” “Miss Annie wants to challenge Starlux Gym? Are you kidding me? Giles won the Beast-taming Gym Tournament last month!” “That’s right! Moreover, he has a powerful Epic-rank spirit beast.

Ever since a few people failed the challenge last month, no one has challenged Starlux Gym anymore.

” “I heard that Miss Annie has challenged Starlux Gym several times, but she still failed in the end.

” “The biggest difference between Giles and Gym Leader Alice is that his spirit beasts are basically all at the Gold rank.

When Gym Leader Alice accepts a Beast Tamer’s challenge, she will always take out spirit beasts of the corresponding rank to accept the challenge.

Therefore, I can still occasionally see one or two Beast Tamers coming out of the evaluation section with the badges.

” “I think it’s mainly because Giles’ Gold-rank spirit beasts are too powerful.

If they go all out, even a Gold-rank Beast Tamer won’t have any chance of winning.

” “Oh! I understand now! No wonder Annie said that she wanted to challenge Starlux Gym under Her Excellency Hash’s watch.

Her Excellency Hash appeared at Starlux Gym today because Annie found her to be the referee!” “As an Elite Beast Tamer, Her Excellency Hash actually came here personally to be the referee because the Second Young Lady of the Spirit Beast Chamber of Commerce wanted to challenge Starlux Gym.

I think there might be a conspiracy behind this!” “You’re worried that there’s a conspiracy? It’s very simple to prove it! Everyone can seek Giles’ approval to go to the evaluation section to watch the match.

If Her Excellency Hash, who’s the referee, doesn’t allow us to watch, then there must be a conspiracy!” “Go to the evaluation section to watch the match? Wait a minute! Guys! We seem to have forgotten something more important!” “That’s right! Since Miss Annie can challenge Starlux Gym today, does that mean that Starlux Gym’s evaluation section is finally opening?!” “…”