I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 33

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 33

Chapter 33: The Only Gold-rank Beast Tamer in the Top 16 Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations The audience were extremely shocked when they looked at Giles’ arena.

The audience, who thought that Giles would lose, felt an invisible slap in their faces.

“Giles shouldn’t have any other spirit beast that can increase combat power, right?” one of the spectators said warily as he looked at Giles.


However, it is very difficult for his two spirit beasts to advance again.

” “Haven’t you eaten enough of your own words? Who knows what Giles will be like in the next match.

” At that moment, many of the spectators did not dare to comment anymore.

After all, it was a fact that Giles had won two matches.




Who would have thought that a Gold-rank Beast Tamer could defeat two Epic-rank Beast Tamers? At the same time, in the arena, Roy had already snapped out of it.

Although he had predicted it previously, the final outcome was still unexpected.

Giles’ Swan Beast was far more powerful than he had imagined.

He gave Giles a long look, before leaping off the arena and walking up to the spectator stand.

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COM “Dear audience, as you can see, the winner of this knockout round has been decided!” “Contestant Giles defeated two Epic-rank Beast Tamers consecutively.

This result is beyond many people’s expectations.

I have to say, Contestant Giles is truly amazing!” “After these two battles, contestant Giles, a Gold-rank Beast Tamer, directly advanced into the Top 32.

Will he be able to continue advancing? Let us look forward to the next battles.

” The commentator’s voice was loud and it quickly stirred up the emotions of the audience.

Immediately, many of the spectators cheered.

After all, it was unbelievable that Giles, a Gold-rank Beast Tamer, could directly enter the Top 32.

On the other hand, the other groups’ matches were still ongoing.

Every group’s battle was extremely intense.

More than an hour later, the second knockout round also came to an end.

Of the 64 contestants, only 32 remained.

Those who could advance to this stage were basically all Epic-rank Beast Tamers.

Giles became the only Gold-rank Beast Tamer amongst them.

However, the other contestants did not dare to belittle him.

It was not just anyone who could defeat two Epic-rank Beast Tamers with Gold-rank spirit beasts.

In next to no time, the third knockout round began.

This time, Giles’ opponent was a girl named Darcy.

Giles got the King Kong Beast to activate its Giantize innate skill right off the bat and obtained victory.

This time, it was also Giles who was the first to defeat his opponent and end the battle, This instantly attracted the attention of many spectators.

Quite a number of media outlets had also noticed his existence.

He had defeated his opponent swiftly and cleanly each time, instantly attracting the attention of many media outlets.

Of course, it was because of his identity as a Gold-rank Beast Tamer.

Although they did not think that he could win the championship, just the fact that he was able to defeat Epic-rank Beast Tamers beyond his level was enough to attract everyone’s attention.

Soon, the other teams’ matches also ended.

The commentator announced the name list for the Top 16.

Shockingly, Giles was among them.

This also attracted the attention of those contestants who had hopes of winning the championship.

Jameson, Robert, and Anna, who were standing near Giles, sized him up.

They did not regard Giles as an opponent.

After all, none of them were ordinary Epic-rank Beast Tamers.

They were very confident in their strength.

However, they were all wary of Giles’ King Kong Beast.

That was because they keenly noticed that this King Kong Beast seemed to be able to unlimitedly unleash the power of an Epic-rank beast.

At the same time, many media outlets in Flange City started reporting about Giles’ performance in the tournament.

“A Gold-rank spirit beast can defeat an Epic-rank spirit beast!” “Who on earth is this unexpected person in the Top 16?” “The only Gold-rank Beast Tamer in the Top 16.

” This news quickly spread throughout the entire Flange City, and many people heard about the outcome of Giles’ battles.

They were all shocked when they saw the news.

A Gold-rank Beast Tamer defeated three Epic-rank Beast Tamers consecutively? What kind of monster is this? Even television dramas wouldn’t dare to show something like this.

Many people, who did not go to the venue to watch the match, were skeptical, thinking that the media was making false reports.

That was until they saw the recording of the tournament.

“Oh my god, his King Kong Beast is so terrifying.

It can defeat Epic-rank beasts after using its innate skill.

” “Yeah, and did you guys notice that he let this spirit beast fight twice today? Moreover, the interval between each battle was very short.

” “Are you saying that the cooldown time for his spirit beast is very short?” “That’s right.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t explain his three battles today.

” “God, that’s terrifying.

He won’t take the crown, will he?” At that moment, Giles didn’t know any of this.

After the Top 16 was determined, the tournament ended for the day.

To give the contestants enough time to rest, the remaining matches were scheduled for the next day.

After Giles extricated himself from the annoying media, he brought Sun Wukong to stroll around Flange City.

Then, he found a hotel and waited for the tournament to begin the next day.

On the other hand, in the Hengduan Mountain Range of Yorkshire.

A bunch of Beast Tamers were chatting.

“I heard that the Gym Tournament this time was brought forward.

The Top 16 were selected today.

” “You can’t even get a signal here.

Where did you get the information?” “I heard from the person who sent the logistics resources here that the battle was intense.

” “How was it? How was it? Which gym made it into the Top 16?” “I don’t know all the Top 16.

I only know of one gym that entered the Top 16.

” Alice was also listening by the side.

She couldn’t help but feel curious.

“I heard that the gyms that advanced to the Top 16 are all Epic-rank Beast Tamers.

Only one of them is a Gold-rank Beast Tamer.

” “What? Which gym is so lucky to have a Gold-rank Beast Tamer make it into the Top 16?” “Luck? Let me tell you, he didn’t rely on luck.

He directly defeated three Epic-rank Beast Tamers and advanced to the Top 16.

” “I think it’s called the Starlux Gym.

” Alice was stunned when she heard the name of her gym.

However, she immediately realized that it couldn’t be her gym.

How can she not know Giles’ strength? “Starlux Gym? Isn’t this the gym where the Beast Blood Sect was wiped out last time? The gym that’s said to have a Legend-rank Beast Tamer?” “That’s right.

It should be that gym.

” “Sss, this gym is really terrifying.

We must not provoke it in the future.

” Listening to the discussions of the people around her, Alice was even more convinced of her own thoughts.

That is definitely not her gym.

Yup, it’s definitely another gym with the same name!