I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 34

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Meeting Elena Again, Stopping at the Top Eight? Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations In the trading market of Flange City.

Giles hadn’t expected to meet Elena here.

“Congratulations for advancing to the Top 16 as a Gold-rank Beast Tamer, Giles.

This has never happened before in the previous Gym Tournaments,” Elena said.

“Elena, why are you here in Flange City? Are you here to watch the Gym Tournament?” If Elena was here to watch the Gym Tournament, she would have told him much earlier.

“I received news today that the Dragon Blood Grass had appeared here, so I came here straight.

” The Dragon Blood Grass was the herb that Elena needed to treat her illness.

“Congratulations in advance on winning the championship,” Elena winked and said with a smile.




She had seen Giles’ true strength at Grant Forest.

It was obvious that he would win the championship.

Giles smiled and didn’t deny it, because he thought so too.

Unless the contestants from the gym had a Legend-rank spirit beast.

However, that was impossible.

Just then, Elena’s phone rang.

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COM She picked it up and looked at it, before smiling apologetically at Giles.

“My father’s men found the Dragon Blood Grass.

I’ll head over first.

” After watching Elena leave, he returned to the hotel to prepare for the tournament tomorrow.

The next day arrived quickly.

Today, the final champion would be determined.

Countless people were looking forward to seeing which gym would win in the end.

Giles arrived at the tournament venue very early.

“Master, there seems to be more people today than yesterday.

” Sun Wukong looked at the spectator stand with surprise.

“Of course, the champion will be determined today,” Giles stroked its head and said with a smile.

“The champion will definitely be Master!” Sun Wukong clenched its small fists and said.

Looking at the other gym contestants around him, Giles felt a surge of fighting spirit.

Ever since he was conscious, Starlux Gym had never won the championship in any Gym Tournament.

This time, he had to win the championship.

With this thought in mind, the competition for the Top 16 to advance to the Top Eight began.

The projection on the big screen was showing a random draw.

The next moment, the results were out.

Giles found his opponent.

Starlux Gym vs Martin Gym! The other party was also an Epic-rank Beast Tamer.

However, it was nothing in front of the King Kong Beast! One must know that the King Kong Beast had previously torn apart four Epic-rank beasts in Grant Forest.

It could be said that it was invincible against those below the Legendary rank! Giles was once again the first to advance to the Top Eight! This scene was once again witnessed by the spectators.

“Oh my God, Giles won so easily.

I even suspect that his King Kong Beast is a Legend-rank spirit beast.

” “It’s only at the Gold rank.

After using its innate skill, it can be comparable to an Epic-rank spirit beast.

It doesn’t seem to have any negative side effects.

This skill looks shameless no matter how you look at it.

” “You must be envious.

No matter how abnormal this spirit beast is, it is still something that he nurtured.

If you have the ability, why don’t you also nurture one?” After Giles ended the battle, he also began to watch the other groups’ matches.

The King Kong Beast was very powerful, but he could not be blindly arrogant.

It would be very dangerous if there was a spirit beast that could suppress it.

The 18-year-old Epic-rank Beast Tamer, Jameson, caught Giles’ attention.

Jameson’s spirit beast was actually a shadow.

Giles’ eyes narrowed at the sight.

His speculation had come true.

That shadow was no ordinary spirit beast, but a very rare dark-attribute spirit beast called Shadow Ghoul.

This type of spirit beast was a very peculiar existence.

Its main body was a ball of mist.

They were usually born in places with many corpses and had an extremely strong baneful aura.

Without any means to restrain it, ordinary spirit beasts would not be able to fight back at all.

Soon, Jameson’s opponent was defeated by the Shadow Ghoul.

After a while, the other matches also ended.

When Jameson found out that Giles had been the first to advance again, he began to take this Gold-rank Beast Tamer seriously.

This was because those who could get into the Top 16 were not simple.

Even so, Giles had easily defeated his opponent.

Jameson had to take this seriously.

At the same time, the other contestants who had advanced to the Top Eight also completely regarded Giles as their opponent.

All eyes turned to Giles, knowing that he was a formidable opponent.

Without any superfluous words, the competition for the advancement of Top Eight to Top Four began.

On the big screen, they began to be split into groups.

Starlux Gym vs Harvey Gym.

“Although your King Kong Beast can unleash the power of an Epic-rank spirit beast, I’m not a pushover.

” Peter from Harvey Gym said to Giles.

He was also an Epic-rank Beast Tamer.

He was that confident because he had two Epic-rank spirit beasts.

Furthermore, they were all flying spirit beasts.

He wasn’t in the least bit frightened to face Giles’ King Kong Beast.

“You should be proud of yourself for reaching this stage by relying on a Gold-rank spirit beast.

” “However, since you’ve met me, you’re destined to stop here.

” Peter looked serious.

He wasn’t mocking Giles.

He was simply stating a fact.

It was a fact that many in the audience believed.

Although most of the spectators had guessed that Giles’ Diamond Beast had a terrifying innate skill that did not have any negative side effects and that even its cooldown time was extremely short, the audience had also learned about something else from the previous matches.

Peter from the Harvey Gym had two flying spirit beasts that could attack from a distance.

They didn’t need to fight Giles’ King Kong Beast in close combat.

Needless to say, Giles was aware of this situation.

However, he just smiled and summoned the King Kong Beast.

Upon seeing this scene, the spectators started discussing fervently.

“If Giles had used the Swan Beast from before, he would still be able to put up a fight.

” “He only used his Swan Beast once yesterday.

After that, it was always the King Kong Beast that fought.

Could it be that the price of using the Swan Beast’s innate skill is very high?” “You have a point.

Otherwise, Giles wouldn’t have allowed the King Kong Beast to continue fighting.

” Peter also summoned his Epic-rank spirit beast, Ice Bird.

“Ice Bird, fly into the air and use your ‘Freeze’ skill.

” Under Peter’s command, the Ice Bird flew into the air and let out a cry.

The next moment, a beam of cold blue light shot towards the King Kong Beast.

“King Kong Beast, dodge.

Get close to the Ice Bird.

” However, the King Kong Beast did not dodge.

That beam of light was too fast and instantly enveloped the King Kong Beast.

Seeing this scene, the spectators already knew Giles’ outcome.

“Giles has lost.

Against a flying spirit beast, his spirit beast is completely helpless.

” “That’s right.

This spirit beast of his has no way of getting close to it.

So what if it’s strong?” “However, to be able to advance to the Top Eight, he is already very powerful.

You must know that in the previous tournament, Alice only advanced to the Top Four.

” Seeing the King Kong Beast get frozen, Peter looked indifferent.

This was the result he had expected.

“Giles, admit defeat and stop at the Top Eight.

It’s not a disgrace for you.

” “Stop at the Top Eight? You underestimate me.

” “Or rather, you underestimate my spirit beast.

” Peter frowned when he heard this.

When he saw what was happening in the arena, his expression changed drastically.

“How is this possible?!”