I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 32

I Let You Manage the Beast Taming Arena, Now Everyone Became Divine Beasts? - Chapter 32

Chapter 32: The First to Advance Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations Michael stared at the spirit beast with incredulity in his eyes.

“No, that’s impossible!” “Your spirit beast is only at the Gold rank.

How can it defeat my Epic-rank spirit beast?” Giles cast a glance at him.

“That’s just what you think is impossible.

” After saying this, Giles recalled his spirit beast and jumped off the arena with Sun Wukong.

Only Michael was left standing in the arena, his face deathly pale.


  At the same time, the spectators who noticed this arena were all shocked when they saw that the final victor was actually Giles.

“Who said that he’s a Bronze-rank Beast Tamer? Which Bronze-rank Beast Tamer can defeat an Epic-rank Beast Tamer?” .



“I watched Giles’ battle the entire time just now.

The two spirit beasts he summoned are both Gold-rank spirit beasts.

They probably used some kind of innate skill to defeat their opponents in one strike.

” “That’s right.

Other than the explosion of their innate skill, there’s no other explanation.

But the side effects of such powerful innate skills are most definitely very serious.

I am certain that he will have to stop at this point.

” The spectators discussed and came to this conclusion.

Most of their speculations were correct, but they did not know that the King Kong Beast’s Giantize skill did not have any side effects! Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM On the other hand, Roy from the Victor Gym was shocked when he learned that Giles had won the match.

However, his thoughts were the same as the spectators.

In his heart, Giles was no threat even if he was at the Gold rank.

His opponents were the few genius Beast Tamers.

Roy turned his gaze to the side.

There, he saw Jameson, Robert, and Anna.

If he wanted to win, he would have to face them! Roy’s eyes were full of flames as he looked at them.

That flame was called Battle Will! At the same time, as they were battles between the strong and the weak, the battles of the other groups ended one after another.

Half of the gyms were eliminated.

The contestants who had advanced had happiness written all over their faces, while the losers dejectedly went over to the spectator seats to watch the upcoming battles.

The upcoming battles had nothing more to do with them.

Without much explanation, the commentator said a few words to moderate the atmosphere.

After everyone’s spirit beasts had a rest, the second knockout round began.

The names on the big screen began to jump.

Giles’ opponent was determined once again.

Starlux Gym vs Victor Gym! When the spectators in the arena saw this scene, they started discussing fervently.

“Giles is up against another Epic-rank Beast Tamer.

I just watched the battle of that Epic-rank Beast Tamer.

He’s very experienced.

Giles will definitely lose this time.

” “Is there a need for you to analyze it in such a serious manner? In the previous round, Giles merely used the innate skill of his spirit beast to win by a fluke.

” “That’s right.

If he faces another Epic-rank Beast Tamer now, he will definitely lose.

” As the spectators were discussing, Giles and the Victor Gym’s contestant, Roy, were already in the arena.

Without spouting any nonsense, Roy summoned his Epic-rank spirit beast, Netherworld Serpent.

Even though he had mocked Giles previously, he knew that this was not a reason for him to be careless.

After all, Michael’s outcome was right there for all to see.

On the other side, Giles summoned the Swan Beast.

The Netherworld Serpent on the other side was highly toxic.

Although the King Kong Beast could guarantee a one-hit kill, Giles was still worried.

It was much better to let the Swan Beast fight.

“Swan Beast, use your innate skill, Wings Transformation!” Immediately, following Giles command, a flash of light radiated from the Swan Beast and condensed beside its wings.

The next moment, a new pair of wings appeared! The Four-Winged Swan Beast appeared! At the same time, the aura on its body also amplified.

Its combat ability was comparable to an Epic-rank spirit beast! Seeing this scene, Roy’s eyes narrowed.

“Netherworld Serpent, use Venom Spray!” Upon hearing the order, the Netherworld Serpent opened its mouth and a black liquid shot towards the Swan Beast like a sharp sword.

“Swan Beast, dodge! Fly into the air and use Wind Wings!” The Swan Beast instantly rose into the air and easily dodged the Netherworld Serpent’s venom attack.

Then, it followed Giles’ instructions and used its Wind Wings skill.

Immediately afterward, the two pairs of wings flapped rapidly and a violent gale swept towards the Netherworld Serpent in the arena.

The next moment, the Netherworld Serpent was struck, and it drifted along with the gale.

A few breaths later, it fainted and lost its ability to fight.

Seeing this scene, Roy’s eyes were filled with disbelief like those of Michael’s.

“How is this possible! Your Gold-rank spirit beast like you actually has an innate skill as well and it even increases combat strength!” Upon hearing this, Giles said nothing.

He can’t possibly tell him that every spirit beast of his was a freak, can he? At the same time, the audience watching the battle was shocked.

“No way, Gilesactually has a second skill with innate skills?” “Oh my God, he defeated another Epic-rank spirit beast.


” “I’m sure that Giles will not go any further.

How many spirit beasts can actually have this kind of innate skill that can increase combat power?” “That’s right.

He’s lucky enough to be able to contract two such spirit beasts.

” The spectators started discussing.

Naturally, Giles and Roy were unaware.

Looking at the four-winged Swan Beast, Roy felt extremely uneasy.

Even if he wanted to stall for time, he couldn’t do it because this wasn’t allowed in the competition.

Moreover, what terrified Roy the most was that Giles’ spirit beast seemed to still be able to go on for a long time.

Not to mention that he no longer had a second Epic-rank spirit beast, but even if he did, he probably wouldn’t be able to defeat Giles.

Roy sighed.

He could only try.

“Come out, Bloodthirsty Bald Eagle!” The next moment, a Bald Eagle with a blood-colored aura appeared in the sky.

Judging from its aura, it was a Gold-rank spirit beast.

“Bloodthirsty Bald Eagle, use your skill, Bloodthirst!” The next moment, the blood-red color on the Bloodthirsty Bald Eagle’s body became extremely thick in an instant.

Even Giles could smell the blood.

With a sudden shrill, the blood-colored fog around the Bloodthirsty Bald Eagle dissipated and it advanced to the Epic rank.

Seeing this scene, the spectators immediately exclaimed.

“Roy from Victor Gym actually also has a spirit beast that can increase combat strength.

” “Yes, I thought that victory and defeat would be decided.

I didn’t expect Roy to summon such a spirit beast.

” “Next, it’s time to determine the victor.

” In the arena, Roy had already ordered the Bloodthirsty Bald Eagle to attack.

The Bloodthirsty Bald Eagle’s current state could only last for three minutes.

Once the time was up, it would lose its ability to fight.

He didn’t know how long Giles’ spirit beast could last, but it should be about there.

Therefore, in Roy’s opinion, as long as he could defeat Giles’ spirit beast, it would basically be a victory.

However, it was all in his head.

The next moment, Giles’ counterattacked.

“Swan Beast, dodge the attack and continue using Wind Wings!” Another similar gust of wind swept across the arena.

The Bloodthirsty Bald Eagle couldn’t fight back at all and was swept into it.

Just like the Netherworld Serpent from before, it lost its ability to fight.

At that moment, the outcome was decided.

Giles advanced once again, and he was the first to advance in this round!