Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 219

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 219

Ye Chen retracted the Dragon Claw Grass in his hand and opened the yellow dot that he had already read to read the system information again.

Good God, there’s new information.

Before the leader of the Feather Dragons told Ye Chen about this, in the system, the only thing it said about the flowers of the Dragon Claw Grass was that they could help the Life and Death Wood absorb other Spiritual Energy and change its color.

After picking them, they could be petrified and used as medicine.

It did not mention anything about the function of mutated beasts.

However, it had already silently summarized what the leader of the Feather Dragons said and filled in the original information, confirming that it was constantly updating the system database through the information provided by others.

Ye Chen closed the information speechlessly and looked up at the leader of the Feather Dragons again.

“Then do you know how the effect of the Dragon Claw Grass came about? If you know how it feels after taking it, you can tell me too.

” To be honest, Ye Chen did not have much hope for this question.

Not to mention that the Dragon Claw Grass didn’t grow in the foreign realm where the Feather Dragons were, the Dragon Claw Grass was a companion plant of the Life and Death Wood.

When Zhurong mentioned the function of the Life and Death Wood’s Wood Marrow, the leader of the Feather Dragons also looked confused.

This was enough to prove that it didn’t know much about the Life and Death Wood.

Ye Chen asked about the Dragon Claw Grass because it was not good for him to disturb Zhurong at this time, so he came to it to try his luck.

He did not expect to really have some gains.

He felt that it was not a problem to consider getting more deeper information after leaving the array.

Now, he was just killing time.

However, the leader of the Feather Dragons surprised him again.

“I don’t know about the effect, but I’ve seen the relevant records in my senior’s mental world after taking it.

” It thought for a moment and replied, “It’s said that when one first takes it, they will feel that the turbulent Spiritual Energy has been temporarily absorbed.

After that, for about half a day, one will enter a state where they can’t mobilize any Spiritual Energy.

As long as one persists in regulating their breathing during this period of time, everything will return to normal after their Spiritual Energy recovers.

And during the recovery period of their Spiritual Energy, they will feel like wind is passing through their meridians.

” Ye Chen immediately captured the key point in the leader of the Feather Dragons’ words.




Wind Spiritual Energy was the most abundant Spiritual Energy he had found from the petrified Dragon Claw Grass.

From the looks of it, the medicine used by the Feather Dragons to regulate Spiritual Energy was indeed the same as the Dragon Claw Grass in his hand.

At this moment, the leader of the Feather Dragons revealed another key piece of information.

“However, this herb is quite strange.

” After answering Ye Chen’s question, it fell into its memories again.

“I remember that not every herb like this has the same effect.

Moreover, the effects of various mutated beasts when using it are different.

¦” “Are you saying that not every herb is useful?” Ye Chen asked with interest, “However, you seem to have mentioned various mutated beast races.

I remember that there aren’t many types of mutated beasts in each foreign realm.

Can you tell me in detail where the effects are different?” Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM The leader of the Feather Dragons shook its head.


Ye, you misunderstood.

” It said to Ye Chen, “This kind of medicinal herb is actually similar to those in the foreign realms where my kind live.

We never paid attention to it before.

We also collected it when we discovered the medicinal effect later on.

However, we realized that although their appearance is basically the same, it has no effect on regulating our Spiritual Energy.

It doesn’t have the effect of the medicinal herb from other foreign realms at all.

As for different types of mutated beasts, it’s a long story…” It fell silent in a dilemma.

It was not a mutated beast that was not good with words.

The current situation did not seem like there was any information that it could not explain.

It was more like this matter had touched on some secret.

“Is there something you can’t tell me?” Ye Chen asked.

“If it’s too difficult, you can choose not to tell me now.

” There was a hint of consideration in his words.

This way, the leader of the Feather Dragons seemed to be a little uncomfortable.

“Actually, it doesn’t matter even if I tell you.

” In the end, it said, “There is actually some communication between our various foreign realms.

Some mutated beasts that are good at hiding their auras will become existences similar to human middle merchants, helping us exchange items between our various foreign realms.

From this, we can obtain the goods produced by other foreign realms and also obtain information about other races from them.

” At this point, it lowered its head in embarrassment.

“According to the rules I saw in Senior’s memories, I can’t reveal information about mutated beasts from other foreign realms.

Therefore, I can’t reveal too much about them.

However, as far as I know, the effect of this medicinal herb isn’t limited to mutated beasts with a certain type of Spiritual Energy.

However, it’s true that the more types of Spiritual Energy a beast has, the better the effect.

” It revealed some of the information to Ye Chen.

“That’s not strange.

It has all kinds of Spiritual Energy of various attributes.

It should be normal for mutated beasts of different attributes to feel that it’s more useful.

” Ye Chen nodded.

He didn’t really care about the part that the leader of the Feather Dragons hid, but he quickly asked about something else.

“You just said that you can’t reveal information about mutated beasts from other foreign realms.

Can we talk about those related to foreign realms?” He waved his hand gently and interrupted the leader of the Feather Dragons’ rejection.

“Don’t be anxious.

I just have one question.

Are there any characteristics of foreign realms that produce those effective medicinal herbs?” The leader of the Feather Dragons heaved a sigh of relief.

“That can be said.

” It replied in relief, “There’s only one foreign realm that produces this kind of medicinal herb.

It’s quite special.

It’s a foreign realm in the sky.

This medicinal herb is its greatest characteristic.

It grows with another kind of tree.

As long as the medicinal herb is still around, there will even be a phenomenon of trees growing in the sky, so a considerable number of floating islands will be formed!” Ye Chen’s heart skipped a beat.

Although he had never seen a description of this foreign realm in the system, he was not completely unfamiliar with this scene.

Although various foreign realms had gradually appeared in the past tens of thousands of years, they were only a small portion of the foreign realms that had been separated from the main world.

When they were still in the main world, it was not rare for their various characteristics to be recorded by their predecessors.

However, Ye Chen had really seen this characteristic mentioned by the leader of the Feather Dragons in the Wasteland Remembrance.