Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 220

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 220

The contents of the Wasteland Remembrance were all records of humans from the past.

However, at that time, people were still unable to use the abilities of mutated beasts well.

Therefore, as long as the distance between people from various places became further, it would become more and more difficult to contact them.

The news that came would also be a little distorted.

Ye Chen did not think that everything in the Wasteland Remembrance was trustworthy.

However, the scene mentioned by the leader of the Feather Dragons was indeed recorded in the Wasteland Remembrance.

It was an area known as the Sky Islands.

In the Wilderness, the number and types of wind-type mutated beasts were extremely rare.

They were the rarest among the six attributes.

According to people’s research, the attributes of mutated beasts seemed to be related to the environment and food preferences of their ancestors.

Therefore, the way to form Spiritual Energy was divided into two types.

In the influence of the environment, mutated beasts of the three attributes of water, fire, and earth were the most common.

The main reason was that the formation of these Spiritual Energy was directly related to the Primitive World.

Therefore, many of the Spiritual Energy of these attributes could be directly extracted by mutated beasts in the environment.

As time passed, the mutated beasts living here got used to the power they used and formed the initial attributes of Spiritual Energy.

After thousands of years of adaptation, their descendants all had such characteristics.

Relatively speaking, there were relatively few mutated beasts with metal and wood Spiritual Energy because the carrier of Spiritual Energy in reality wouldn’t directly affect the mutated beasts.

The basic way for them to be absorbed by mutated beasts was to eat, which caused food to affect the mutated beasts.

Mutated beasts with metal-type Spiritual Energy were already quite rare.

Moreover, they often lived underground.

But they were usually stronger.

Otherwise, it would be difficult for them to absorb and convert underground mineral resources that contained Spiritual Energy.

As a result, as long as the substances contained metal-type Spiritual Energy, they could mobilize Spiritual Energy and convert it for their own use, greatly increasing the benefits they obtained.

It was another situation for the Spiritual Energy of the wood attribute.

The Wood Spiritual Energy was actually quite common as it often appeared around plants.

It was just that it was attached to plants and wasn’t suitable for mutated beasts to absorb.

Fortunately, it could be absorbed by mutated beasts through eating.

Therefore, overall, the number of mutated beasts of the wood attribute was more than that of mutated beasts of the metal attribute.

It was just that most of them were control-type and they used Spiritual Energy to breed and control plants.

The upper limit of their combat strength was generally not high.

In short, mutated beasts with metal and wood Spiritual Energy each had their own characteristics, but they all appeared because of the food they ate.

The only thing that was different from these two types of formation was the wind-type mutated beast.




The formation of Wind Spiritual Energy was a mystery.

It wasn’t created with the wind.

Instead, it was produced from a fixed location that was called the “Sky Domain.

” The reason why it was called this was because there was no water or land there.

The sky could be seen above but the bottom was bottomless.

It was as if a portion of the entire world had suddenly been hollowed out.

No one, who took the risk to enter the Sky Domain to explore the bottom of it, returned.

The Sky Domain was like a loophole in the Primitive World.

Its greatest characteristic was only the wild wind that filled the entire space.

There was only one type of mutated beast nurtured by the wind-type Spiritual Energy that appeared in the wind.

There were not many records of it in the Wasteland Remembrance because it was difficult to capture.

It only said that it was called the Windy Bird and was only S-Rank.

It had a gentle temperament and could move freely in the entire Sky Domain.

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COM It was also recorded in the Wasteland Remembrance that someone had once seen a Windy Bird building a nest outside the Sky Domain.

Hence, he followed it for a few days and saw that the Windy Bird had laid four eggs in a row.

They were actually four Spirit Stones that he had never seen before in other places.

Their color was almost transparent and there was a little red in the center.

There was the wind-type Spiritual Energy that was unique to the Sky Domain flowing in it.

That person brought out the four Spirit Stones, but when he went back to the nest of the Windy Bird, he could no longer find any traces of this creature.

This story became a rumor because of the lack of evidence.

However, the Wind Spirit Stone mentioned in the story was later proven to exist.

According to the Wasteland Remembrance, there was one that was discovered in the mountains of the East Continent among the four Sky Domains discovered in the Wilderness.

It looked extremely special.

There were not only Windy Birds in that Sky Domain but also countless floating islands.

There was at least one huge tree on every floating island.

This was very similar to the scene described by the leader of the Feather Dragons.

It was equivalent to having a foothold when there’s an island.

At that time, someone used the ability of a mutated beast to go up and realized that there was no soil on the island.

The entire ground was made up of the roots of a huge tree.

The reason why it made people feel like it’s an island was because the fissures between the roots were covered by grass and flowers.

On the tree, there was indeed a stone nest that looked like a bird’s nest.

There were also Wind Spirit Stones that looked the same as the rumors said.

It was unknown if it was because it was difficult to approach or because wind-type Spirit Stones were difficult to use, but at that time, people didn’t develop this Sky Domain.

There were very few records of exploration, and they didn’t find much information about the giant tree and the bird’s nest.

However, there was an accident mentioned in the records.

When some people were taking the Spirit Stones in the stone nest, the Windy Birds returned to the nest.

Those people chased the Windy Birds away with flames but accidentally ignited the giant tree, causing the mutated beasts they brought to flee one after another.

So they were trapped on the island.

A huge explosion happened after the flames spread to the entire floating island.

People fell and disappeared with the shattered floating island.

When Ye Chen looked at these records in the past, he had always been skeptical.

After all, these Sky Domains had already transformed into foreign realms and disappeared.

There were no longer any existences similar to the Sky Domain in the outside world.

However, he completely believed it now that he had the information from the leader of the Feather Dragons.

The huge tree in the special Sky Domain was the Life and Death Wood, and surrounding the huge tree was the Dragon Claw Grass.

The Windy Birds used the Dragon Claw Grass as their nest during the Flowering Period, so a stone nest appeared on the tree.

All of these could be connected.

And the only research result recorded in the Wasteland Remembrance about this Sky Domain became Ye Chen’s breaking point on the current problem of the Divine Pillar.

That was because after the incident of the floating island falling due to the flames, the humans at that time started to suspect that a certain type of existence on the floating island allowed it to float in the air and started an experimental investigation.

The final investigation proved that the problem was the blooming flowers on the grass.

These plants that could petrify after being plucked had a strong resistance to most Spiritual Energy.

Other than Fire Spiritual Energy, nothing else could harm it.

They were indeed the key to helping the islands formed by the giant trees to float.

As long as a certain number of them were destroyed, the floating islands would fall.

If it came into contact with fire or fire-type Spiritual Energy, as long as the other party caused damage to it, it could mobilize its power to cause an explosion and destroy everything within a hundred meters.