Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 218

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 218

Ye Chen opened the information about the Divine Pillar in the inventory.

There was nothing wrong with the content displayed here.

The introduction of the Divine Pillar only mentioned the parts that Ye Chen already knew.

Most of it was an explanation of the effect of the spell patterns carved on it.

Ye Chen looked at it carefully and did not find anything wrong.

“In other words, the establishment of the three Divine Pillars was only to strengthen the center of the array and support the mental world of the Ice Fire Beetle.

There’s no other meaning.

” He muttered to himself, “But is there really no other meaning for the Yan family to wrap the Dragon Claw Grass around it?” He had read from the information provided by the system that the reason why the Dragon Claw Grass was used to decorate the altar was because the user wanted to keep the vitality of the blood in the altar.

This was completely a rumor.

However, based on the situation of the Spirit Sealing Altar and the Divine Pillar, he could tell that something was wrong.

Although the Spirit Sealing Altar required someone to use their blood to become the master of the altar, this attribute was quite long-lasting.

There was basically no need to care about the problem of vitality.

Its function mostly worked for the mutated beasts that were sacrificed.

However, this was only related to the compatibility between the mutated beasts and the center of the array.

If the mutated beast’s Spiritual Energy wasn’t enough to make Zhurong or Goulong’s consciousness be possessed, it would be useless no matter how much blood was released or how fresh it was.

It would be understandable if Dragon Claw Grass appeared on the Spirit Sealing Altar that required blood.

However, this plant was even more useless against the Divine Pillar.

In the information given by the system, it was clearly written that the method of making and using the Divine Pillar was very simple.

This kind of thing that was specially used to support the mental world appeared because the mental world would often disappear after the death of the creator.

The creator would mobilize the Spiritual Energy that repelled the original owner of the mental world in the corresponding real world to form a few Spiritual Energy pillars.

Then, he would put the remaining body of the original owner into the Spiritual Energy pillars to materialize them and then carve spells on them.

The Divine Pillar only had two corresponding functions.

One was to increase the power of the center of the array and the other was to maintain the balance between the mental world and the real world.

Generally speaking, the way to use it was to place a portion of the Dharma treasures used for the center of the array and the balance point on the Divine Pillar.

The Divine Pillar could naturally mobilize its power to reinforce it.

Of course, this reinforcement was only related to the Spiritual Energy injected by the creator.

It was not impossible to break as long as it was exhausted.

The number of Divine Pillars would be adjusted according to the number of centers of arrays.

There was only one balance point.

However, the more the center of arrays were used, the more arrays would be formed.

Of course, the number of Divine Pillars would also increase.

If it was an existence like the Spirit Stone arrays that he had seen before where each small Spirit Stone array could be considered the center of a large array.

Ye Chen could not help but sigh secretly when the system designed by the Titan God had become more considerate when he saw that such detailed information was indicated.




The only difference between what Ye Chen saw and ordinary situations was that the Dharma treasures used to stabilize the balance point could not be divided into two.

Therefore, he used that special gel to communicate with his Spiritual Energy.

In short, the Divine pillar didn’t need any blood at all.

From this, it could be seen that there was no need for the precious Dragon Claw Grass to be used on the Divine Pillar unless it was just for decoration.

Although Yan Sheng, who created them, was outstanding, he had not reached the point where he could waste these details at will.

Moreover, looking at the effect of the ice and fire arrays, Ye Chen really did not think that the person who did this had any artistic cells.

This entire array was only a slaughterhouse to Yan Sheng.

There was no need to use any decorations.

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COM He took out the Divine Pillar from his inventory and took down the Dragon Claw Grass that was wrapped around its edge.

Just like the fragments of the Petrified Dragon Claw Grass found beside the altar, they both contained flowers.

It was just that he couldn’t tell anything from the information.

After all, the Dragon Claw Grass had only lived in the foreign realm with the Life and Death Wood for the past few centuries.

Although the Titan God was very strong in the analysis of information, none of the foreign realms had formed when he left the Wilderness.

Therefore, Ye Chen guessed that most of the information about the foreign realm in the system was what its heart had heard when it was brought by Yan Sheng.

The system was not omnipotent in history.

However, Ye Chen was not troubled by this because there were indeed mutated beasts that knew about the foreign realm in the ice and fire arrays.

He put away the Divine Pillar, took out the Dragon Claw Grass and returned to the edge of the array.

He found the leader of the Feather Dragons who was explaining the key to the awakening of talent to Little Purple and Kun Peng.

“Little White, I want to ask you something.

” He handed the Dragon Claw Grass to the leader of the Feather Dragons.

“Have you seen this plant before?” The leader of the Feather Dragons seemed to be used to being called by its real name.

This time, it only looked at Ye Chen speechlessly before sticking its head in front of him and looking at the Dragon Claw Grass.

“I’ve seen it before.

I think it’s called Dragon Claw Grass.

” Not long after, it replied, “I’ve created the mental worlds of some of my seniors in the past and saw information related to it.

However, I don’t know much because this is a medicinal herb produced by another foreign realm.

” “You said this is a medicinal herb?” Ye Chen asked, “Does it have any medicinal use for the mutated beasts?” The Dragon Claw Grass was used to stimulate Spiritual Energy for humans who had yet to awaken, so it could indeed be considered a medicine for humans.

However, mutated beasts were definitely born with Spiritual Energy.

The effects of this medicine could almost be ignored by them.

In fact, according to the leader of the Feather Dragons, absorbing Spiritual Energy other than its main Spiritual Energy attribute might increase the impurities in the mutated beast’s body and hinder its increase in strength.

Therefore, why was it called a medicinal herb among mutated beasts? This might be very important.

“It’s quite useful.

It can be said to be a life-saving medicinal herb,” the leader of the Feather Dragons replied.

“This starts from the characteristics of our race.

The Feather Dragons will cultivate various cultivation arts and find ones that are suitable for them to help them advance.

However, the cultivation arts that each individual adapts to are different.


Ye should know about this, right?” “I know.

” Ye Chen nodded.

“The race of the Godly Sea Steadying Needle is the same.

” “It’s not exactly the same.

Although the Feather Dragons can also see how adaptable they are to various cultivation arts, they aren’t as accurate as the Deep Sea Dragons.

” The leader of the Feather Dragons continued to explain, “Our abilities are only inherited from the bloodline of the Deep Sea Dragons.

We’re slightly weaker than them.

For example, although my combat strength far exceeds that of the Godly Sea Steadying Needle, the values are similar to its.

I’m even weaker than now before my rank increases.

In this case, it’s inevitable that we’ll be in danger because we chose the wrong cultivation art.

” As it spoke, it approached the Dragon Claw Grass and touched the petrified flower with its claw.

“When we make the wrong choice, our rank will decrease and we might even die from the Spiritual Energy turbulence.

” It said, “And the flowers of the Dragon Claw Grass have the effect of adjusting our Spiritual Energy.