Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 217

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 217

Ye Chen opened his eyes and the unique shining ceiling of the ice array appeared in front of him.

He felt exceptionally clear headed after waking up from the dream of meeting the Titan God.

His brain felt that he had already obtained sufficient rest.

He did not feel like he had been on a conversation tour just now.

He looked at the time displayed in the corner of the system and realized that he had rested for about seven hours.

This was far longer than he had felt in the dream.

Ye Chen did not plan to think about what the Titan God said just now.

Those contents could only be implemented after leaving the array.

In the current situation, it really had nothing to do with him.

His plan was to use his new authority to search the entire array again while there were still a few hours to confirm if he had missed anything.

According to the Titan God, the only thing that he could not see through was the relics of the other four gods in the Wilderness.

Moreover, even if he could not see through their nature and function, he could still label them in the system.

This way, Ye Chen’s search would be more comprehensive.

Ye Chen walked out of the door with the intention of testing his new authority.

Currently, there were many dark yellow dots as far as he could see in the ice array.

These were the signs that the notifications had been read.

In the distance, the leader of the Feather Dragons had already gathered all its people in a hiding place.

Little Purple and Kun Peng seemed to be gathered together and talking to it.

The Water Spiritual Energy flowing on their bodies could be vaguely seen.

They were most likely discussing the problem of the Divine Power.

The three mutated beasts greeted him when they saw that Ye Chen had woken up, and continued discussing.

Because Little Purple was not strong enough, the Titan’s Eye was not very helpful in finding the center of the ice array in the secret chamber.

Therefore, Ye Chen had already changed his plan and told the Divine Beasts that he would personally enter the illusionary mist to help destroy the center of the array.

Since this was the arrangement, the Godly Sea Steadying Needle that was originally only providing conditions for Little Purple’s perception did not have anything to do.

It stayed in the pool at the side to absorb Spiritual Energy and Ye Chen did not disturb it.

In the end, only Monkey was left.

It seemed to have practiced for a while after Ye Chen rested.

At this moment, it was sleeping soundly at the entrance of the ice and fire arrays.

Ye Chen walked around and saw that there were no Divine Beasts accompanying him, so he started patrolling the array.

There was nothing new in the outer space, and there was nothing in the new space that the Feather Dragons had opened up.




There was still an illusionary mist in the secret chamber of the ice array.

Ye Chen really could not see it clearly.

However, the red dot of unread notification on the system notification still appeared.

There were only two pieces of information about the Goulong’s Spirit Pool after clicking on it to take a look.

They had been covered previously, so Ye Chen had not been able to read the relevant information.

However, this phenomenon could mean that even if Ye Chen could not see it, the system could still find relevant information.

This made him especially relieved.

After searching the ice array, Ye Chen wanted to go to the fire array next door to take a look.

However, when he saw the small cave on the wall, he hesitated for a moment and stepped in again.

Logically speaking, this small cave was the least likely to hide anything.

It wasn’t an existence that originally existed in the array.

It was just a place that Yan Yi had created before he died.

Other than his corpse and his belongings, there should only be the Spirit Sealing Altar fragment from before.

Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM However, to be safe, Ye Chen still went in to take a look.

Unexpectedly, the moment he entered, he saw a red dot.

“Looks like I made the right decision.

” Ye Chen was secretly glad as he opened the message on the red dot.

[Petrified Dragon Claw Grass] [The Dragon Claw Grass is a Life and Death Wood Companion Plant.

It is extinct from the main world and is often used to decorate the altar with the intention of keeping the vitality of the blood in the altar.

In fact, it has no relevant function.

] [When the Dragon Claw Grass blooms, it can absorb the rest of the Spiritual Energy other than the Wood Spiritual Energy and store it in the flower.

It can change its color according to the attribute of the Spiritual Energy it absorbs.

Plucking it now will gradually turn it into a petrified state and it cannot recover.

It is often eaten by humans who have yet to awaken their Spiritual Energy as medicinal herbs to obtain Spiritual Energy because of the rich Spiritual Energy.

] Ye Chen put away the notification and went to the label.

What he saw was the decorative fragment on the altar before.

It was only now that he realized that it was not a stone carving of a flower but the petrified form of an ancient rare plant.

The effect of the Dragon Claw Grass wasn’t of much help to him, but the fact that it was wrapped around the edge of the altar as an ornament showed that the Yan family had indeed personally found the Mystic Realm where the Life and Death Wood and Dragon Claw Grass were.

That was why they could use this plant to decorate the altar and the divine pillar.

“Although it’s useless to me, it’s good that it can help people obtain the ability to control Spiritual Energy.

If I want to make a deal with others in the future, I might be able to use it,” Ye Chen muttered to himself.

He picked up the fragments of the Petrified Dragon Claw Grass on the ground and put them in his inventory.

However, when he held them in his hand, he felt an inexplicable chill.

This feeling wasn’t like the coldness that would appear when the Water Spiritual Energy became stronger.

Instead, it was more like the coldness that would appear when the wind blew, making him feel very light.

“Could it be that it absorbs more Wind Spiritual Energy?” Ye Chen thought for a moment and opened the information in his inventory.

The system’s analysis of this Dragon Claw Grass fragment showed that the most abundant Spiritual Energy it absorbed was indeed of the wind attribute.

Moreover, it suppressed the other attributes with an absolutely high ratio.

This information made Ye Chen feel very strange.

A place with abundant Wind Spiritual Energy was basically a relatively rare Skhy Domain in the alternate world.

No matter how special the Life and Death Wood and Dragon Claw Grass were, they were only plants.

How could they survive in a Sky Domain with almost no water or soil? “Or is this just a coincidence?” He closed the information introduction in doubt and looked at the other treasure in his inventory.

It was one of the three divine pillars taken down by Godly Gift.

Other than the spell patterns carved on it, there were also many Petrified Dragon Claw Grass decorating it.

He wanted to see if there was any special information in these Dragon Claw Grass.