Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 216

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 216

“Like hell I believe you.

” Ye Chen gritted his teeth and complained, “Have you ever thought about the fact that I’m a human? Are you sure that I won’t die before my defense power increases after this? Why do you have no common sense like those Divine Beasts?” He could not be blamed for being agitated.

he already did not know how to complain after seeing the memories that the Titan God had transferred to him.

In front of him was an ice tunnel that led to the bottom of the sea.

It looked translucent because it was soaked in water.

One could see that the bottom of the sea was already charred black through the tunnel.

Golden-red lava flowed into the sea from afar and turned into charred stones at the bottom of the sea.

The seawater seemed to be showing signs of boiling and bubbles were constantly rising.

The Ice Fire Beetles lived in this water area.

They were of different sizes, but their shells that emitted colorful lights under the light that shone into the bottom of the sea were very eye-catching.

They were surrounded by a net made of an unknown material.

They had no choice but to flap their shells and swim near the lava that had yet to solidify.

This was indeed the manufacturing site of the Ice Fire Beetle Mystic Realm.

“Under such forced cultivation, although their attack power didn’t increase significantly, their defense power is very impressive.

” The Titan God introduced, “Let me show you the values I saw at that time.

” As it spoke, it opened the status panel of the largest Ice Fire Beetle.

[Innate Mystic Ability: Ice Spike, Ice Fire Armor] [Attack: 12,806,000 (Million Level)] [Defense: 4,093,600,980 (Pseudo-Star)] “Its attack and defense power are really different.

” Ye Chen exclaimed.

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COM Its attack was only at the Ten-Million Level, but his defense had already reached the Pseudo-Star Level.

It was really unbelievable.

His Divine Beast often had a situation where its defense power was higher than its attack power.

He was a little troubled because of this.

Ye Chen could only sigh that he had seen too little of the world when he looked at the situation of the Ice Fire Beetle.

There were even cases where its defense power was hundreds of times higher than its attack power.

The situation of his Divine Beasts really made him feel much more relieved after comparison.

“The reason for this phenomenon is also because of this cultivation method.

” The Titan God continued to explain at the side.

“The reason for this phenomenon is very simple.

They have been locked here since they were born.

Other than their original two Innate Mystic Abilities, they have nothing else.

In the beginning, when they tried to leave, they would use the Ice Spikes to attack the net.

After discovering that it was useless, they turned their cultivation center to the Ice Fire Armor and started to focus on increasing their defense power in order to withstand the influence of the lava.

” Ye Chen looked at the pitiful two aspects of the Ice Fire Beetle’s Innate Mystic Abilities and nodded.

“What do you want me to look at?” He asked.

“This is it.

” The Titan God replied, “Look, isn’t their cultivation method very effective? Ye Chen jumped up.

The cultivation method that the Titan God suggested that could quickly increase defense power was not a human cultivation method at all! Ye Chen had already seen the cultivation method of the Ice Fire Beetle through the Wasteland Remembrance.

As long as he lived near the volcano and actively touched the lava, he could mobilize the Water Spiritual Energy in his body to form a defensive layer.

Moreover, he could control the release of this portion of Water Spiritual Energy and solidify it outside his body.

Over time, he could increase his defense power.

Ye Chen had already read these characteristics many times, but he never thought that the Titan God would directly tell him to use this cultivation method.

Ye Chen remembered that although his Divine Beasts had also suggested that Little Purple directly transfuse blood to him at that time, that was mainly because everyone did not have such general knowledge about humans.

The suggestion they made was reasonable.

However, the Titan God had lived for an unknown period of time and had even witnessed the development of humans for thousands of years.

It was more or less a little ridiculous for him to make such a mistake.

Ye Chen knew his limits.

The system had not helped him to the point where it could modify his body.

Therefore, no matter how different his situation was from that of an ordinary person, he was only a human.

He did not have the physical fitness of a mutated beast, so he had to choose which cultivation arts he could learn.

For example, the Ice Fire Armor.

Although Little Purple could learn it, he could not learn it.

The example of the Ice Fire Armor showed that the overall Spiritual Energy of Ye Chen and the Ice Fire Beetle could not be shared.

That was why he could not use the cultivation art tablet it had left behind to cultivate.

If he listened to the Titan God and used the cultivation method of the Ice Fire Beetle, he might really be burnt to ashes by the lava.

However, the Titan God seemed very confused.

“You’re the person I chose.

Why aren’t you confident in yourself?” He asked Ye Chen, “How do you know if you don’t try? Coincidentally, you also have a Water Spiritual Energy constitution.

You can cultivate near the volcano first.

I didn’t ask you to come into contact with lava from the beginning.

” “This isn’t a matter of whether I have confidence or not.

This is a matter of whether you have common sense.

” He ridiculed.

“Besides, I have a fire-type constitution to begin with.

If I mobilize my Spiritual Energy, I can protect myself from fire.

If I don’t mobilize it, I will be burnt to death.

How can I train like this?” The disadvantage of having two types of Spiritual Energy appeared at this moment.

If Ye Chen really only had water-type Spiritual Energy, he might consider whether to accept the suggestion of the Titan God and train his mastery of water-type Spiritual Energy step by step to achieve the result of increasing his defense power like the Ice Fire Beetle.

However, his dual-attribute constitution would cause him to be unable to not reveal the other Spiritual Energy when one was mobilized.

This also led to the fact that if Ye Chen didn’t use the characteristics of his fire-type constitution to avoid fire, it would definitely require him not to mobilize other Spiritual Energy, including Water Spiritual Energy.

Under such circumstances, it was impossible for him to complete the defense.

“So that’s what you’re worried about.

Then wait for me.

” The Titan God let out a slightly helpless voice.

After a few seconds, it continued, “Open the status panel now and see if this works.

” Ye Chen opened the status panel.

This time, he saw something new.

In the status panel that originally only had mutated beasts, a column with his name appeared.

After opening it, he found two options: On and Off.

[Water-type constitution: On] [Fire-type constitution: On] “You still can’t control your Spiritual Energy, so I added these two switches for you first.

When you’re cultivating, turn off the fire-type constitution.

I’ll help you block the output of the fire-type Spiritual Energy.

Everything will be fine like this, right?” The Titan God said.

“Let me try.

” Ye Chen looked at the interface and could not help but operate it.

He turned off the switch of his water-type constitution and released flames in his hand.

As expected, no Water Spiritual Energy leaked out.

This made him very satisfied.

After turning on the switch again, he smiled readily and immediately agreed to the cultivation request of the Titan God.

The other party’s tone sounded very helpless.

“You should quickly increase your strength and get rid of your dependence on the system!” He mocked.

“Also, it’s time for you to wake up.

See you in your dream next time.

” “Next time? Can I see you every time I sleep… Wait! Hey!” Ye Chen wanted to ask more but saw the scene in front of him disappear one after another.

He fell into darkness again.