Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 215

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 215

“Is this a scene from the past or the present?” Ye Chen looked at the scene in front of him and asked the Titan God.

“Of course it’s from the past, but it’s not too far from the present.

This is a scene from more than 200 years ago,” the Titan God replied.

“I think you probably still have doubts about why my relic is here, right? The answer is here.

” Ye Chen remained silent.

He really found it strange that the relic of the Titan God existed in the ice and fire arrays.

The Titan God said that from the beginning when it teleported the Titan Continent to the alternate world, to when its world entered the Primitive Era and everyone was teleported to the Primitive World, were all part of its plan.

Then, why were its relics discovered by the Yan family and then hidden in such a hidden array? After all, the system had never given Ye Chen any missions.

As long as there was a slight deviation in his actions, he would miss the opportunity to inherit the Titan God’s relic.

The thing that Ye Chen didn’t trust the most was that the Titan God had let the other humans in the Primitive World discover the treasures he had left behind.

Could it be that he was not afraid that those people would separate his belongings or that his chosen descendants would not be able to find the array? However, since the Titan God said that the image in front of him could explain all of this, Ye Chen naturally would not ask these doubts.

He focused his attention on the image.

However, Ye Chen felt that the perspective of this image was a little strange.

The owner of this perspective should be in a carriage.

The wind was very loud.

In front of him was a trembling wooden door.

Through the gap, he could see mutated beasts pulling the carriage.

It seemed that this carriage was flying in the air.

The strange thing was that he felt that his perspective was too low, but it didn’t look like a child’s perspective.

Other than an adult man holding him in his hand, there was only a big box at the side.

“This happened decades after my Dharma treasure and heart were discovered,” the Titan God explained.

“What you saw was what my heart saw with its remaining perception when it opened the Titan’s Eye.

The person in front of you is called Yan Sheng.

He is the one who discovered it and is also the creator of the ice and fire arrays that you were trapped in.

” .



When Ye Chen heard this, he immediately wanted to roll up his sleeves and beat someone up.

However, the other party was only an afterimage of the past.

He could only grit his teeth as he watched.

“Is this the guy who harmed us?” He looked angrily at Yan Sheng’s face but happened to meet him.

Yan Sheng, who was originally only holding the Giant God’s Heart in his hand, suddenly lowered his eyes and looked at it.

At this moment, a golden light suddenly flashed in his brown eyes.

Ye Chen thought that it was a reflection of the color of the Giant God’s Heart, but the other party’s eyes instantly returned to normal.

The golden color had completely faded away and disappeared without a trace.

It really shocked Ye Chen.

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COM “A golden light appeared in his eyes just now.

Did you do something?” He quickly asked the Titan God.

“That’s a curse I placed on my Dharma treasure and heart,” said the Titan God.

“Once ordinary humans see one of them, they will be cursed.

My consciousness will plant an order in their heads to protect the two relics I left behind.

” “If I remember correctly, the mental world of the Ice Fire Beetle seems to be used to protect your relic, right?” He asked.

Ye Chen did not think that killing mutated beasts was a problem.

When he was in the Primitive Burial Ground, he had killed many mutated beasts in order to survive and obtain materials.

However, he had always only taken what he needed.

Yan Sheng’s act of killing the entire race for his own benefit was too wicked.

However, if Yan Sheng only created the ice and fire arrays and the mental world of the Ice Fire Beetle to complete the orders of the Titan God, then the orders of this ancient god could almost be seen as the reason for the tragedy of the Feather Dragons.

This realization made Ye Chen feel a little angry.

However, the Titan God did not react.

“Not really.

” His voice sounded very calm.

“That mental world was created by him to stabilize the ice and fire arrays.

Although he did hide my relic under my orders, he also used my relic to benefit himself.

” He paused at this point.

Ye Chen suspected that if not for the fact that the Titan God did not have a body at the moment, he should have been able to see the expression of this ancient god who was spying on him.

“Do you suspect that I controlled him to create this array?” As expected, Ye Chen heard such a question after a while.

With his thoughts exposed, he did not know how to deal with it.

He could only not react and wait for the Titan God to speak.

“If you want to think that way, I can’t do anything about it.

” Seeing that he didn’t answer, the Titan God continued, “He has ill intentions towards other mutated beasts to begin with.

Even if he didn’t receive my order and build the Ice Fire Beetle Array, the Feather Dragons won’t be in a good state either.

After all, he should have done something similar before.

It’s only for self-preservation when I place the curse on the relic, and it won’t change a person’s temperament.

You should understand, right?” Ye Chen immediately felt much better after hearing its explanation.

He quickly expressed his understanding.

“In that case, let’s continue watching.

” The Titan God did not say anything else after he knew that Ye Chen seemed to have resolved the knot in his heart.

“This was when he brought me out of the Yan family’s main residence.

At this moment, he was creating the Ice Fire Beetle Mystic Realm.

He wanted to bring me to the vicinity of Demon Flame Mountain at that time.

There, I saw a rare cultivation method.

” At the same time, the car that was originally driving steadily in the air suddenly dropped down significantly.

In the gap between the wooden gates, Ye Chen saw a burning land and black mountains with flames everywhere.

Without a doubt, this must be Demon Flame Mountain that Zhurong transformed into after failing to reach Nirvana.

However, the carriage didn’t stop here.

Instead, it drove towards the distant sea.

“Where are we going?” Ye Chen asked.

“To the former territory of the Ice Fire Beetle Race.

” The Titan God replied, “I think you can take a good look at the things here.

It will be very helpful for you to quickly increase your defense power.

Didn’t you say that you want to increase the duration of the Divine Descendant Body? Its requirement is high defense power.

Since it’s not realistic to increase your combat strength in one go, try this method first.

It will definitely be useful.