Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 201

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 201

After activating Visual Sharing, the first thing Ye Chen saw was darkness.

“Monkey, are you sure you’re using Visual Sharing?” Ye Chen asked doubtfully.

Only then did he see that the golden feather was still in Monkey’s hand.

Monkey followed his gaze and was also stunned.

Then, it scratched its head in embarrassment.

“I say, can you relax a little? It’s just reading your consciousness.

Why are you so nervous?” Ye Chen mocked and closed his eyes again.

There was a rustling sound.

It seemed that after Monkey put his hand on the golden feather, he saw a golden light.

This golden light was not blurry.

Instead, it seemed to be the brightest part of the boiling lava.

It was very Zhurong’s style.

Some difficult to see words appeared on this dazzling background.

Every time Ye Chen focused on one, he seemed to be able to hear some chanting.

This was the cultivation art recorded in the golden feather.

Monkey did not react to the content and sounds.

Instead, it ignored them and walked in.

“Going in?” Ye Chen muttered in his heart, “The scene in the golden feather is actually a VR version?” He was certain that his body was definitely not moving.

The “walk” at this moment was completely an illusion created by the golden feather.




When Monkey told him that he could see images in the golden feather, he never would have guessed that the images here could actually move according to his mood.

After passing through some blurry words, Ye Chen felt some strange images appear in front of him.

There were the flames of Demon Flame Mountain, the houses made of ordinary Spirit Stones, and the Feather Dragons locked in the basement.

The images were connected together, as if they were piecing together many memories.

Monkey walked through many such scenes.

It seemed that Zhurong was sorting out the information.

Another consciousness had also messed up its memories a little, so there were often scenes that came out of the pieced pieces and were pieced together with the correct neighboring scenes.

Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM However, Ye Chen noticed that the images that were immediately organized seemed to be related to the normal secret chambers in the fire array.

“This guy is planning to organize the parts that he’s familiar with first…” Ye Chen was a little speechless.

” Monkey, walk to a remote and messy place.

The information we’re looking for should be there.

” When sorting out memories, the more familiar they were, the more they would be placed at the front.

Those that weren’t placed at the front of the list were most likely unfamiliar to the owner of the memories.

Ye Chen decided to start from these aspects.

After instructing Monkey to look around for a while, a scene attracted its attention among the messy information.

“Monkey, walk towards the gray image on the left.

I have to take a closer look at it.

” He instructed.

Although the distance was far and the image was relatively blurry, he judged according to his memories and felt that it seemed to be a scene from the mental world of the Ice Fire Beetle.

The only thing that could have memories of the Ice Fire Beetle’s mental world here was definitely the fragment of the Spirit Pool in the secret chamber in the fire array in the mental world.

Upon hearing his words, Monkey indeed walked in that direction.

Soon, that blurry gray image appeared in front of Ye Chen.

“It’s indeed related to the mental world,” Ye Chen muttered.

The image was from the main perspective of the fragment of the Spirit Pool.

It was placed in a box on the ground of the array.

A fragment of the Spirit Pool that was already wrapped in light blue gel was picked up from beside it.

A nine-headed phoenix picked it up and placed it on a protruding stone pillar beside the array wall.

At this moment, a red light shot out from the stone pillar and quickly enveloped the entire space.

Some small red lights started to sprout on the four walls.

They looked like Fire Spirit Stones that could be seen everywhere in the fire array, but they were relatively small.

“This should be the scene when the array was formed.

” Ye Chen made this judgment.

He continued to observe the image.

At this moment, he noticed that the light blue gel that was wrapped around the fragment of the Spirit Pool suddenly turned red.

This was the same situation as the one he had just found.

The fragment of the Spirit Pool in the main perspective was suddenly picked up by someone.

With a shake of the vision, that person rode on a mutated beast that could not be seen clearly and flew up to land on the stone pillar.

He held up a piece of red gel in his hand, which was the extra part after wrapping around the fragment of the Spirit Pool.

It drooped down in a very unnatural form, like an elliptical amber sticking out its wet and soft tongue.

The “tongue” drooped on the person’s hand and showed no signs of breaking.

However, the image suddenly turned gray.

Suddenly, the place in his vision completely changed.

It was a gray area that was very empty.

However, it could be seen that it was the mental space of the Ice Fire Beetle.

The walls between the two circular spaces and the passageway that was squeezed into the corner showed this point.

However, Ye Chen realized that there were still two differences.

First of all, there were no two areas corresponding to the secret chamber.

Secondly, the passage between the two spaces was larger than what he had seen before.

The former was easier to explain because the secret chambers had yet to be built.

As for the latter, it was probably because the Titan Race’s secret treasure used to balance the tunnel in the mental world had yet to be installed, so the hidden area had yet to be sealed.

This was Ye Chen’s guess.

But soon, he couldn’t care less about this.

This was because after that person landed in this mental world, a halo appeared around his body, looking like a geometric figure after calculation.

He followed the halo towards a certain gathering point and stopped.

In the area where the person’s foot landed, a pit that had collapsed after being melted appeared.

The fragment of the Spirit Pool was thrown into it mercilessly.

Before he could see the other party’s face, a piece of bright red gel was covered on it.

The colloid wrapped around it and heated up, welding with the surrounding ground.

Ye Chen was a little stunned.

That gel was clearly the “tongue” he had seen before.

However, as far as he could see, it wasn’t cut off.

Judging from the color, it should still be connected to the one left on the stone pillar in some strange way!