Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 202

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 202

“What’s going on?!” Ye Chen was shocked.

However, this memory just had to end here.

He quickly ordered Monkey to move and looked for related images.

However, the images were messy.

How could it be so convenient to find related memories? He could only focus on the two key points, “red gel” and “stone pillar.

” The first was the red gel made from the corpses of the Deep Sea Dragons.

It was the cover on the two fragments of the Spirit Pool.

No matter which side it was, understanding it was beneficial to their current situation.

The stone pillar was absolutely related to the center of the ice and fire arrays sealed in the secret chamber.

Ye Chen had some guesses about the relationship between the Mental World of the Ice Fire Beetle and the arrays in the real world.

Moreover, it happened to be related to these two items.

The key was the stone pillar.

Although the scene he saw before was not clear, Ye Chen could also see that the stone pillar was not naturally formed in the array.

Instead, it was obvious that it was brought in from the outside world and erected here.

Therefore, the stone pillar did not look close and seamless with the ground.

Moreover, it was a huge pillar with a pillar full of carvings.

Ye Chen was not naive enough to think that the carvings on it were purely beautiful.

Even if they were blurry, he could still see some patterns on them, making him guess if they were similar to the Spirit Sealing Altar.

Other than the spell patterns, he also found the remaining carvings very familiar.

He followed the leader of the Feather Dragons into the space created by Yan Yi before he died to look for the fragments of the Spirit Sealing Altar.

In the end, he realized that most of the Spirit Sealing Altar had already been pieced together by itself.

It was just that some of the decorative stone statues on it had yet to recover.

Ye Chen was very careful about this, so when he left, he sensed the stone statue fragments on the ground with his Spiritual Energy.

There was no reaction.




However, he had some memories of the shape of the stone statue because of this.

It seemed to be the shape of a flower vine.

In the memories he had just seen, the stone statue in the shape of a flower vine also appeared on the stone pillar where the fragment of the Spirit Pool was.

This allowed him to basically confirm that the stone pillar had a similar nature to the Spirit Sealing Altar.

It had a deep relationship with the establishment of this array.

Perhaps it was because of this relationship that the scene of red light soaring into the sky in his memories appeared.

Ye Chen was certain that it was the light when the array was set up.

Before this, he had always believed that the fragments of the two ancient Divine Beasts’ Spirit Pools were the center of the ice and fire arrays.

He could get out of the array by taking the fragments of the Spirit Pools.

However, he became uncertain with the appearance of this stone pillar.

Continue_reading on MYB0X N0V EL.

COM It was indeed impossible for the stone pillars with the spell carved on them to be the center of the array.

However, it was still unknown what the effects of the stone pillars sealed in the walls of the secret chamber were.

However, if the use of it was just to reinforce the array, then would he be able to successfully take away the fragment of the Spirit Pool when the array in the secret chamber was broken? There were stone pillars in Zhurong’s secret chamber in the fire array, so there was naturally one in Goulong’s secret chamber in the ice array.

Theoretically, it did not stop everyone from opening the door and leaving whether or not the fragment of the Spirit Pool on the stone pillar was taken.

After all, Zhurong and Goulong, who had taken back the fragment of the Spirit Pool in the secret chamber, naturally had enough Spiritual Energy to open the door with the mutated beasts they had possessed.

However, if they did not take it back, Ye Chen could not guarantee that the two of them would not cooperate with him.

Goulong was a dead mutated beast.

Although its strength had nothing to do with Ye Chen, the body it used belonged to the leader of the Feather Dragons.

Its combat strength was at the Ten-Million Level and it was also affected by the Spirit Sealing Altar that recognized Ye Chen as its master.

It was not impossible for it to break free from the control of the fragment of the Spirit Pool.

Although Zhurong’s main body had already recognized Ye Chen as its master, this fragment of the Spirit Pool did not have a deep connection with Ye Chen’s bloodline power.

Although the target it possessed was the Immortal Phoenix, it was possessing it with a method that was almost like possession.

The Immortal Phoenix, whose combat strength did not even exceed 100,000, could not withstand its mental pressure at all.

Therefore, Ye Chen could not fall out with these two key ancient Divine Beasts.

He had to figure out the function of the stone pillars before the operation started while waiting for the secret chamber to be broken.

The other important thing outside the stone pillar was the red gel.

First of all, it turned red when the red light soared into the sky and the fire array was built.

It was still a normal light blue when it originally wrapped around Zhurong’s Spirit Pool fragment.

And after the array was set up, Zhurong’s power surged and affected it.

That was why its color turned red and Zhurong’s Spiritual Energy appeared inside.

However, Ye Chen also had his own opinion about why it remained red after leaving the fragment of the Spirit Pool.

He was certain that in the image he saw, that person was only holding an extra piece of gel.

It didn’t seem like he had any intention of cutting it off.

However, the image changed and he brought the red gel into his mental world.

However, the mental world and the real world corresponded to each other.

The gel wasn’t cut.

Instead, a part of it entered another space, which was why it could still receive the influence of Zhurong’s Spiritual Energy.

The evidence was the circle of light released by that person beside him.

It proved that that person had already calculated the corresponding phenomena in the mental world and the array in reality.

Hence, after bringing the other fragment of the Spirit Pool to the mental world, he set up a second array center at the place he had calculated.

Hence, a new array which is the array in the secret chambe, appeared in the mental world.

After triggering the trap in the secret chamber for the first time, Ye Chen and the Divine Beasts checked the secret chamber in the fire array.

The result that time was that there was an array in the secret chamber.

However, the aura of the array center was hidden by the illusionary mist, so it couldn’t be found.

But it also had Spiritual Energy communication with the entire secret chamber.

From the looks of it, the illusionary mist that hid the aura came from the mental world.

The center of the array was impossible to find because it was in the mental world.

However, it was difficult to explain why it could communicate with the Spiritual Energy in the real Mystic Realm.

The leader of the Feather Dragons knew the Art of Goulong and had also created a mental array.

It had once said that the written memories of a mutated beast would appear in the mental world.

Therefore, the things that appeared in the mental world were not connected to the real world.

And these red gels that still retained the communication of Spiritual Energy opened a path between the two worlds.

Perhaps it was this path that provided an opportunity for the arrays in the mental world to synchronize with the real ones.

“Looks like the problems left behind in this mental world aren’t simple at all…” Ye Chen sighed.

At this moment, he saw a patch of red not far away through his shared vision with Monkey.

It was something that had been covered in red gel.

“Monkey, go over and take a look!” He quickly instructed.