Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 200

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 200

The situation was so sudden that Ye Chen could not react.

“What image? Let me see!” He quickly asked Monkey for the golden feather back and tried it on his head.

The sounds did appear.

Although there were images in front of him, it was not in good resolution.

It was just a bright but seriously misplaced blurred screen and he couldn’t see any effective information.

Ye Chen sighed heavily.

“I thought that I could read the golden feather, but I still can’t do it now.

I have to talk to Zhurong’s main body about this when I get back.

” Although he had already guessed the outcome, he still couldn’t help but want to give it a try.

However, as expected, he still couldn’t receive the contents of the golden feather.

He could only reluctantly hand the golden feather to Monkey and let it convey the message.

Monkey was not stupid, but it was indeed not as sensitive as other mutated beasts.

Ye Chen could not be completely at ease if he let Monkey observe.

At this moment, Kun Peng came over.

“Master, do you also want to see the content in the golden feather? I have some other thoughts.

” It asked Ye Chen, clearly guessing his thoughts.

“Go, go, go.

What has it got to do with you?” When Monkey saw Kun Peng coming forward, his first reaction was to chase it away.

“Your Spiritual Energy attribute can’t read the golden feather.

Why are you here?” “Who said that I can’t read the golden feather and can’t interfere in this matter?” Kun Peng glared back.

“You might as well let Master wait for Senior Zhurong to sort out the information if he had to rely on your IQ!” “Are you scolding me for being stupid?!” Monkey jumped up.

Ye Chen quickly pulled them apart when he saw that the two Divine Beasts were fighting again.




“Idiot, don’t attack your teammates with words at the critical moment.

If you have any ideas, tell us quickly.

We all know that you’re smart!” After comforting Monkey, he turned to Kun Peng.

Ye Chen had stood up for Monkey and praised Kun Peng appropriately, the two Divine Beasts had no objections and only snorted at each other.

“Master, if you want to see what Monkey sees, why don’t you establish a connection and use visual sharing?” Kun Peng suggested.

“When Little Purple and Five establish a connection, Five can still see a portion even if it can’t receive clear information.

Why don’t you and Monkey do the same? Moreover, with the foundation of dripping blood to recognize a master, the connection level is higher than theirs.

It will probably be clearer when using visual sharing.

” So that was the idea it came up with.

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COM “Idiot, you’re finally said some idiotic stuff!” Monkey was the first to ridicule.

“The reason why Little Purple and Five can establish a connection is because their races are similar and their Spiritual Energy attributes are the same.

Look at me and Master again.

” Although Little Purple and the Godly Sea Steadying Needle belonged to the Python Race and the Dragon Race, they had many similarities in the circulation of Spiritual Energy.

The attributes of their Spiritual Energy were indeed water-type.

As for Ye Chen and Monkey… According to the Old World that Ye Chen had stayed in, even if humans and the apes had many similarities in their meridians, they could not ignore the fact that Monkey was an earth-type mutated beast and Ye Chen happened to lack an earth-type constitution.

Strictly speaking, even if they were master and servant and had a bloodline connection, Ye Chen and Monkey could not establish a connection and use visual sharing.

However, Kun Peng’s thoughts opened a new door for Ye Chen.

“Aren’t we in the fire array? Monkey, your Energy Stone is still lit, but you don’t know how to use it?” It mocked.

“Master, look.

Didn’t you say that Monkey’s Titan Energy Stone can mobilize and absorb Spiritual Energy of other attributes from nearby mutated beasts and can also be used to attack or defend? There’s no need to be afraid that the connection with it won’t succeed as long as it mobilize the Fire Spiritual Energy here.

” As it spoke, it pointed at Little Purple, who was guarding the Godly Sea Steadying Needle not far away.

“Little Purple told me that it used the Titan’s Eye to look at him and it showed that the Fire Spiritual Energy around you is especially strong.

It looks even richer than low-level fire-type mutated beasts.

Then, it can try to establish a connection with Master.

There shouldn’t be a problem, right?” Little Purple, who was originally guarding the Godly Sea Steadying Needle, immediately replied, “Yes, that’s right!” Ye Chen also looked at Monkey hopefully.

“Since Idiot and Little Purple say so, let’s try to connect.

” He said to Monkey, “You’ve received the Spiritual Energy of the golden feather before and shouldn’t be too afraid of the Fire Spiritual Energy.

I’ll use this kind of Spiritual Energy to connect with you.

If it doesn’t work, we’ll break off in time.

How about that?” He sounded like he was asking for Monkey’s opinion, but in fact, he did not allow the other party to refuse.

Since he had already found a way to try that was basically not dangerous, why should he refuse to try? As expected, Monkey reluctantly agreed.

Monkey was the dominant one in this connection.

It needs Ye Chen to drip blood on it before communicating.

Because of the different types of Spiritual Energy, when Ye Chen raised his cut finger and asked it where to put the blood, it reached out its arm and pointed at the few Energy Stones above.

“You can drip on these.

These are the parts with the strongest Fire Spiritual Energy in my body!” It said angrily, “If you fail, don’t blame me!” “Don’t think about failing before it starts!” Ye Chen knocked on Monkey’s head and then smeared the blood on the fingers of his left hand on the Energy Stone on Monkey’s arm.

Monkey didn’t say anything else.

He focused and grabbed his arm to analyze the blood.

Perhaps because he was the one who established the connection this time, Ye Chen could clearly see that his blood, which had dried up a little because of the hot environment, was suddenly sucked into Monkey’s Energy Stone.

Four thin white Spiritual Energy streams extended from that location and slowly headed in his direction.

Ye Chen could not be bothered to wait for it to approach.

He extended his right hand to meet it.

When the white line touched his hand, it was as if it had quickly found its target.

Its movement speed suddenly increased.

One was quickly connected to the palm of his right hand, while the other three were connected to his left palm and feet.

The white line even stuck to the ground and entered the soles of his feet.

Clearly, it was to connect to his limbs.

When the four white lines were connected, its color also changed.

It turned red, the representative color of Fire Spiritual Energy.

This was a sign that the connection had succeeded.

“Monkey, did you feel anything unusual?” Ye Chen asked.


” Monkey answered honestly, “Master, if you have no problem with that, I’ll start the visual sharing now!” Ye Chen looked at Little Purple again.

Little Purple, who was distracted, used the Titan’s Eye to scan the situation of the human and the beast and also gave the answer that there was no problem.

“Then let’s begin,” he said in a deep voice and closed his eyes.