Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 169

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 169

“Do either of you know how to make a key to the Mystic Realm?” Ye Chen asked.

“Our seniors saw the steps when they were observing the humans.

Then, they taught me this technique, but I’ve never really used it,” the leader of the Feather Dragons answered first.

“But why are you asking?” It had just listened to Ye Chen’s long list of plans and obviously hadn’t reacted yet.

“When we enter the Mystic Realm in Maple Leaves Mountain, I’ll make a key that leads straight there,” Ye Chen explained, “It’s convenient to enter and exit with the illusionary fog as cover!” “You’re really thinking ahead…” Zhurong complained.

“It’s not long.

When we get out of the array, we’ll have to think about this soon,” Ye Chen shook his head and said, “You know that I don’t have many resources.

Without cultivation arts, I won’t be able to improve my ability here.

I’ll be trapped in the Primitive Burial Ground with you for the rest of my life.

” Perhaps some people didn’t mind living a mediocre life in one place forever, but Ye Chen wasn’t such a person.

After coming to the Primitive World, he had obtained a large number of Divine Beasts that others couldn’t have.

This wasn’t for him to hide in a small place and waste his time.

Moreover, two of the Divine Beasts in his team had been persecuted by the humans in the main world and had formed a deep hatred for each other.

If Ye Chen let this off, he would be being disloyal to these mutated beasts that were willing to submit to him.

He couldn’t do such a thing, so he needed to plan for the future at all times.

The leader of the Feather Dragons and Zhurong clearly understood these things.

They looked at each other and expressed their stance one after another.

“After getting out of the array, my race will definitely help you.

You don’t have to go to the outside world so quickly,” the leader of the Feather Dragons said.

Its words were filled with concern.




“That’s true.

You don’t have to be anxious.

It’s definitely not difficult to increase the abilities of the Divine Beasts.

Improve your strength first before going out.

Otherwise, you won’t even have the strength to protect yourself,” Zhurong also said.

Ye Chen felt that he was a reckless person in their eyes and couldn’t help but laugh.

“How impulsive am I in your eyes…” he said, “Of course I won’t run around the main world when I’m not strong enough.

It’s just that the Yan family, who are attacking the Heaven Mending Barrier now, definitely won’t kee[ attacking for long.

If I don’t lure the Yi family’s forces over in time, they’ll get tired and leave.

Then, wouldn’t I cause myself two problems?” His plan was to let these two families with similar strength restrain each other, not to cause himself more stress.

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COM Zhurong and the leader of the Feather Dragons couldn’t react in time because the relationship between Divine Beasts was much simpler than that of humans, who ganged up, in the main world.

As the leader who led everyone forward, Ye Chen couldn’t be so rash.

At this moment, the Kun Peng in the distance finally spoke again.

“Master, is it okay to repair the altar to this point?” it asked Ye Chen.

At its feet was the Spirit Sealing Altar, which had basically been repaired.

This time, he realized that the black blood energy that was originally hovering above the altar was even more obvious.

As the altar returned to its original state, the black energy was no longer chaotic.

Instead, an obvious totem appeared.

“This totem seems to be different from the spells carved on the altar.

” When he first saw the black energy with the special pattern, he thought it would be exactly the same pattern as the spell patterns.

In the world he was in before, this often happened in novels or comics, but it was clearly different this time.

On this totem, there was an obvious image of a bird with flames around it.

It was inexplicably similar to the totem of the Divine Court that he had set up using the Immortal Phoenix as the archetype.

Zhurong, on the other hand, recognized it immediately.

“This is a replica of the totem of the Sun Celestial Heavens,” it said, “From the aura, this black energy is a spirit sealing totem created with blood and other Divine Beasts sacrificed.

It should be able to be changed after being washed with blood.

It’s slightly different from the original totem of the Sun Celestial Heavens.

If it’s complete, it can basically control all Divine Beasts with the bloodline of the Sun Celestial Heavens within range of combat strength.

” “So, it’s a wrong replica?” Ye Chen asked.

“It’s not wrong.

It should have been refined from the body of a Divine Beast from the Sun Celestial Heavens,” Zhurong replied, “All the beasts in the Sun Celestial Heavens have this totem in their bodies.

The purer their bloodline, the higher their level, the stronger they are, and the more complete the totem is.

It’s also in my body.

This totem should have been refined from the body of a beast of the same level or with insufficient strength, which is why it’s incomplete.

” “If it’s a complete totem, wouldn’t it be invincible against most mutated beasts?” Ye Chen exclaimed.

Most of the mutated beasts in the world now had the bloodline of the Sun Celestial Heavens, especially those with the fire attribute.

If they really had a complete totem, they could basically rely on it to easily crush more than half of the mutated beasts in the wilderness.

“That’s basically impossible.

A mutated beast that can form a complete totem in its body can only be an extremely powerful Immortal Phoenix.

Even if it dies, it can’t be refined,” Zhurong retorted, “There are only two ways to obtain a complete totem, to enter the Sun Celestial Heavens or to be given to you by a mutated beast.

Let’s not talk about the former for now.

The latter can’t be possible.

Young mutated beasts have never seen the totems, while the Ancient Divine Beasts who have seen the totems won’t trust humans at all.

” “Are you not going to tell me?” he said jokingly, receiving a complicated look from the other party.

Zhurong didn’t confirm it, but it didn’t deny it either.

This proved that although Ye Chen was human, he was very credible in its mind.

However, the conversation just then more or less reassured Ye Chen.

This totem formed by blood energy wasn’t a complete version, which meant that the Yan family had most likely never entered the Sun Celestial Heavens.

However, this made it even more confusing how the other party had created the hybrid of the Immortal Phoenix and the Divine Roc.

At this moment, the Kun Peng, who had completed its mission, also came over.

“The aura in this black energy is so familiar, Master,” it said.

“The Spiritual Energy it contains feels quite hot, like that of Senior Zhurong.

” Ye Chen glanced at it in surprise.

“Even Zhurong didn’t say it was familiar, but you sensed it?” he asked.

“I didn’t sense it either.

” Zhurong also denied it.

“The Spiritual Energy contained in this black energy is too filthy.

It’s completely unlike mine.

Besides, neither my blood nor Spiritual Energy is this color.

” “Is it dirty? I think it’s just burnt.

” The Kun Peng was also a little confused.

It walked closer and said strangely, “Strange, when it was cooling down just now, I felt that its smell was especially similar to the burnt third level of the Ice Fire Beetle Mystic Realm! Now that it’s not cooling down, I can’t feel it anymore!” “Ice Fire Beetle Mystic Realm?” Ye Chen was stunned and quickly said to the Kun Peng, “Let out some Water Spiritual Energy.

” There was indeed a large amount of Water Spiritual Energy in the Ice Fire Beetle Mystic Realm, which was why it could resist the corrosion of the lava in Zhurong’s body.

However, the third level of the Ice Fire Beetle Mystic Realm was still a weak defense area.

It was constantly corroded by Zhurong’s lava, so there were charred rocks everywhere.

Black… Black Fire Spiritual Energy again.