Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 170

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 170

With the idea that “action brings truth,” the Kun Peng quickly used the Spirit Wall Space to wrap around the altar again.

This time, both Ye Chen and Zhurong moved closer to the altar.

After the surface of the altar was covered by that thin ice shield, the black energy seemed to have been filtered.

The mixed Spiritual Energy had much less aura, and even the smell was no longer mixed with charred smell.

The smell of blood became much stronger instead.

“It does have my Spiritual Energy, but it’s relatively little,” Zhurong said after observing the altar for a long time.

“It’s more like my Spiritual Energy and blood.

They burned the other Spiritual Energy and blood mixed in too badly, but the aura after its destruction overshadowed mine… Even my Spiritual Energy can’t refine it.

Humans really know how to create miracles.

” “Does the extra blood belong to humans?” he asked.

“Yes, it seems that the totem used to determine the target when setting up the seal was provided by me,” Zhurong said and snorted.

But its expression revealed a hint of disappointment.

When setting up the seal of the Spirit Sealing Altar, only the blood and Spiritual Energy of the sacrifice and the owner were needed under normal circumstances.

If one wanted to determine a certain type of spirit-sealing target, the sacrifice used would need to be selected specially among the races.

The totem on the altar in front of him could basically prove that the sacrifice used at that time was a part of Zhurong’s body.

Even the incomplete totem of the Sun Celestial Heavens was extracted from its incomplete body used as a sacrifice.

This also meant something else.

Part of Zhurong’s body must have been completely destroyed to refine the totem.

In any case, it was impossible for its original body to restore its original strength.

No wonder it was disappointed.

The Kun Peng looked at Ye Chen and Zhurong’s expressions and seemed to plan to ease the atmosphere.

It rubbed against Ye Chen and said softly, “Master, is there a way to wash the original Spiritual Energy out of this place after the sacrifice? I think this should be helpful to Senior Zhurong.

” .



“You can’t help it.

This place is a remnant of its Spiritual Energy at most.

If I can’t find the incomplete body that was originally used to refine the totem, I won’t be able to help it restore its strength.

” Ye Chen touched the Kun Peng’s smooth feathers and sighed.

However, the Kun Peng said some shocking words.

“How can that be? There are clearly many similar Spiritual Energy in the stone of this altar.

It even circulates like it has a source of Spiritual Energy.

It’s just that I can’t sense it now.

” It argued indignantly, “When we get out, if it really doesn’t work, ask Senior Zhurong to eat this altar.

It will definitely be beneficial.

” Ye Chen and Zhurong’s gazes immediately landed on it, making the Kun Peng shiver.

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COM “Idiot, did you just say that there’s a source of Spiritual Energy here? Are you sure you didn’t sense it wrongly?” Ye Chen sounded like he couldn’t believe it at all.

The source of Spiritual Energy for mutated beasts was the Spirit Pool.

The Kun Peng’s words were no different from telling Ye Chen that there was a fragment of Spirit Pool in the altar! However, the fragment of Zhurong’s Spirit Pool was really behind the wall at the end of the secret chamber! Could there be a second fragment of the Spirit Pool? “I’m not sure, but it feels like it?” the Kun Peng’s face was filled with confusion.

Seeing Ye Chen’s expression that seemed like it was a matter of great importance, it also hesitated.

“Master, to be honest, I only had this feeling.

In fact, when I was repairing the altar, I didn’t find anything unusual in the remnant, so I must have sensed it wrongly… Let me try again?” it added after pondering for a long moment.

“Can you still feel Zhurong’s aura inside now?” Ye Chen asked.

“Not right now.

” The Kun Peng shook its head.

“To be precise, I only sensed it when there was Fire Spiritual Energy flowing just now… Perhaps I mixed up Big Sister’s Spiritual Energy with Senior Zhurong’s.

” It sounded even more confused than before, even beginning to doubt itself.

Seeing the Kun Peng like this, Ye Chen realized that he might have asked for too much.

Unlike Little Purple, who had the Eye of the Titan, and the Godly Sea Steadying Needle, which had strong perception, the Kun Peng wasn’t a perceiving-type mutated beast.

It was already quite good for it to be able to sense the Spiritual Energy inside.

Ye Chen took a deep breath.

Hearing that it wasn’t sure if there was a fragment of Spirit Pool in the altar, he didn’t intend to be too demanding.

However, as an Ancient Divine Beast, the Spiritual Energy of Zhurong’s Spirit Pool was quite powerful.

It was unlikely that the Kun Peng could sense it, while Zhurong couldn’t, so the Kun Peng was most likely mistaken.

After all, the Kun Peng was maintaining the altar just now, so it required a lot of energy.

It was normal for it to have a difference in perception.

On the other hand, he asked a lot of questions and only a few words of praise.

Anyone would be dumbfounded.

“It’s all right.

You’ve done quite well,” he replied, catching his breath.

“Ask the leader of the Feather Dragons to take a look first.

It should have a better perception than you.

” “No, it’s only normal that you can’t feel it,” Zhurong suddenly interrupted Ye Chen with a deep voice.

“After leaving the main body, the fragment of my Spirit Pool is indeed hard and has no clear difference from a stone.

If those people didn’t use my Spirit Pool fragment as a sacrifice, but refined it in advance and injected it into an altar made of this material, it would indeed be able to block the dissipation of Spiritual Energy.

Even I wouldn’t be able to sense it,” it said.

Zhurong’s words basically confirmed the fact that there was a second fragment of Zhurong’s Spirit Pool in the altar in front of him.

He rubbed his head and couldn’t help but worry.

“If there really is a fragment of your Spirit Pool here, do you have a way to extract it?” he asked.

“The blood of the leader of the Feather Dragons won’t harm the fragment of the Spirit Pool inside when we carry out the sacrifice later, will it?” “No matter how powerful its blood is, it won’t affect what is in the material of the altar itself,” it replied, “As for extracting the fragments of the Spirit Pool inside, you can give me the altar when we get out.

I will deal with it myself.

” After saying that, it looked at the leader of the Feather Dragons, who was too shocked to speak, and sighed deeply.

“This is really troublesome… Quickly bring the altar to the secret chamber of the ice array to carry out the sacrifice and let the altar acknowledge its master again.

I really have a lot to ask Goulong now.