Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 168

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 168

Chapter 168: The Use of the Green Unicorn Mystic Realm   The Yi family’s main residence was in the capital of the Mystic Region.

It was too far away.

Unless Fan City’s City Lord Residence could deliver relevant information swiftly, it was unlikely that the other party could find the Heaven Mending Barrier at the entrance of the Primitive Burial Ground so quickly.

To be more precise, two days after Ye Chen took away the secret treasure in the Li Residence’s underground palace, there was still no one guarding Demon Flame Mountain.

This was enough for him to raise two guesses, either the forces in Fan City, who were connected to those large families, didn’t quickly report the various situations, or not every large family understood the relationship between Demon Flame Mountain and the array in the Li Residence’s underground palace.

Now that the Heaven Mending Barrier had been under attack, it could basically prove the former guess.

At the same time, the fact that the barrier had been attacked in such a short period of time was enough to prove that there was no major family conflict because of this yet.

It indirectly proved his second guess.

From the combination of the two, it could be seen that the Yan family was the only one who was likely to attack the barrier at the moment.

Meanwhile, the Yi family, who was supposed to compete with them, might not know about the barrier yet.

After all, the Yi family was actually a family that had risen later.

They hadn’t even caught up to the pioneering period.

It was normal for them not to know about the local matters in Fan City.

However, there was a high chance that the other party was still in the capital of the Mystic Region.

Even if Ye Chen left the array, he wouldn’t be able to easily contact the Yi family.

Perhaps by the time Ye Chen left the array and went to seek help through other Mystic Realms, he would have been found and surrounded by the Yan family before he could find them.

Touching the other party’s hometown when searching for them, Ye Chen would never do such a stupid thing.

But still, he went through his inventory and found what he took from Gao Ming, the captain of the guards of the City Lord Residence.

At that time, most of the materials that the Kun Peng brought were used to improve the abilities of mutated beasts.

They had long been eaten up by his Divine Beasts.

All that was left was a bag of purple crystals used as currency and a cultivation art tablet of the Poison Illusion Art.

The Kun Peng had also discovered that the cultivation art tablet might contain the key to the Mystic Realm in it.




According to Ye Chen’s speculation, this cultivation art tablet was very likely made by the Yi family.

This way, there was a high chance that the Green Unicorn Mystic Realm with this cultivation art tablet came from the Mystic Realm in the Yi family’s territory.

However, to be honest, Ye Chen had never seen the exact locations of these Mystic Realms even in the records.

He could only give it a try and go to Zhurong and the leader of the Feather Dragons with the cultivation art tablet.

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com Zhurong, who had “died” early back then, was certainly completely unaware of this, but the leader of the Feather Dragons made an important statement.

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COM “Although I’ve never heard of this Mystic Realm, I’ve heard of this race,” it said to Ye Chen, “The Green Unicorns are also mutated beasts unique to the East Continent.

This mutated beast race is considered special.

Not only did they not stay away from the world, but they only live in the Maple Leaves Mountain area in the middle of the East Continent.

If a mystic realm has formed, it’s probably there, right?” This was the most obvious location that Ye Chen could find at the moment.

He immediately searched for the location of Maple Leaves Mountain in the copied information.

Maple Leaves Mountain was quite easy to find because it occupied a large area.

Moreover, it happened to be between the Mystic Region and the Frost Region.

There were no cities around, and it looked like a relatively remote area.

However, after the explanation of the leader of the Feather Dragons, Ye Chen quickly understood that compared to the nameless Fan City, Maple Leaves Mountain might still be much more famous.

The reason was that there was an unknown fog in that area.

It had a special ability to hide the aura of everything inside.

Apart from the mutated beasts that lived here for a long time, anyone and foreign beasts would be affected by the fog in Maple Leaves Mountain.

Entering the fog would even give the illusion that they were drowning and eventually make them crazy.

And ordinary flames were almost useless.

This kind of special fog often appeared in Maple Leaves Mountain and covered a large area.

As a result, it formed a protection for the mutated beasts that originally lived here.

As such, it could be considered a paradise for mutated beasts.

The Green Unicorns were also one of the native mutated beast races here.

Ye Chen looked through the territory of the Yi family and found one of their lands near Maple Leaves Mountain.

“With the protection of this kind of cheat-like illusionary fog, they still dare to enter and explore the Mystic Realm.

People who have the strength are really bold,” he exclaimed.

“Of course, it’s not surprising that someone entered the Mystic Realm in that place.

It’s not that terrifying.

As long as you have a fire-type mutated beast, you can still go inside.

As for going in to hunt, don’t even think about it.

That illusionary fog is not something humans can withstand,” the leader of the Feather Dragons added.

“Maple Leaves Mountain… Let me see.

” Zhurong leaned over and looked at the map and information Ye Chen printed out.

“In my era, I’ve never heard of such a level of illusionary fog in this area.

Someone probably left a Mystic Realm there.

” Ye Chen agreed with that.

After seeing Demon Flame Mountain that burnt constantly, he had a new understanding of the phenomena that Divine Beasts could cause.

There were no phenomena that appeared for no reason.

If there were, it was only because humans didn’t have the ability to solve the problem yet.


Ye, you’re really lucky to have obtained the key to the Mystic Realm in Maple Leaves Mountain.

” The leader of the Feather Dragons was quite happy about this.

“You have the Immortal Phoenix, so you certainly won’t be affected by the illusionary fog.

As long as you get out from the fog later, no one can track you, and it’s much safer.

” After all, Maple Leaves Mountain was too large.

It was impossible for the enemies to surround the mountain.

However, Ye Chen shook his head.

“Not necessarily.

The Green Unicorn Mystic Realm hasn’t been abandoned.

Since someone has made the key to the Green Unicorn Mystic Realm, they will naturally enter the Mystic Realm from time to time.

This isn’t considered safe for us,” he said, “But there are also benefits.

I should be able to do something with this cultivation art tablet… For example, lure the owner of this cultivation art tablet of the Mystic Realm to work for us.

” His idea was bold enough and simple enough.

The reason why the Yan family would chase after them was that someone witnessed Zhurong reaching Nirvana and it caused a huge furor.

Therefore, they only needed to give the other party another big incident and a tracking direction.

As long as the other party was capable, they would come after them.

As for what incident , wouldn’t it be good enough to ask Zhurong to make another appearance? By then, he just had to ask Zhurong to perform at the edge of the Yi family’s territory.

Then, the Kun Peng could fly in the direction of Fan City with it quickly.

They didn’t have to face the Yan family outside the Heaven Mending Barrier.

They could just use the cultivation art tablet to return to the Divine Court in advance.

They just needed to provide the general direction and let the other party chase after them.

As for how the conflict between the other party and the Yan family would develop when they reached Fan City, Ye Chen wasn’t worried at all.

At that time, the other party’s territory would definitely be empty.

The Maple Leaves Mountain area would be truly safe for Ye Chen and the others.

By then, the Mystic Realm hidden in Maple Leaves Mountain would truly be useful to him.

After explaining his plans, Ye Chen turned to the leader of the Feather Dragons and Zhurong.

“Do either of you know how to make a key to the Mystic Realm?” he asked.