Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 167

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 167

Chapter 167: Family Battle in the Mystic Region   After being in the ice and fire arrays for so long, the person who created the entire Ice Fire Beetle Mystic Realm and these connected arrays, and even tried to control the two Ancient Divine Beasts, had always been a mystery in Ye Chen’s eyes.

To be precise, he wasn’t an individual but a member of a family.

However, this family hid themselves very well.

Even though the Feather Dragons had been hidden in the outside world for a period of time, they still didn’t figure out the other party’s identity.

They only extracted some information from the conversations of others that they had secretly heard and passed it down by word of mouth among the race.

Even if Ye Chen found out that the family leader’s name was Yan Yi through the system notification, it was actually useless information.

There were many Yan families.

Even if he knew the approximate age difference of the family leaders of two generations, there wouldn’t be any information that recorded the lives of the continent-level masters in such detail.

The various continent-level masters with family forces usually didn’t reveal the internal information to others.

What was recorded in the information was at most the division of the family’s territory, as well as the famous battles they participated in or their hunting results.

Even the information about the mutated beasts they obtained was very little.

This was also the major families’ act of hiding their trump cards.

If the spirit core wasn’t left behind by this Divine Beast that had died in the sacrifice 100 years ago, Ye Chen wouldn’t have been able to confirm who his enemy was.

The leader of the Feather Dragons and Zhurong were still talking at the side.

Ye Chen didn’t join in anymore.

Instead, he opened the information he obtained from the main world in the system.

He indeed didn’t have much written information like this.

Fortunately, he had realized the problems with the various families in Fan City at that time, so he copied some of these things that seemed to have nothing to do with increasing his strength.

Now that he thought about it, he had really been narrow-minded back then.

How would the person he had to put in effort to deal with be a small fry living in Fan City? .



Ye Chen looked at his strength that was still at Level 100,000 after adding up the combat strength of his mutated beasts and was speechless.

This was really a challenge that surpassed his level.

The Yan family was a famous old-school family around the capital of the Mystic Region.

Their power had reached its peak 500 years ago, and they had been the Lord of the region for more than 400 years.

They had only declined decades ago.

This basically coincided with the time when they had a new family leader.

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com After that, the Yan family’s power in the Mystic Region was no longer on the top.

They were only barely supported by the situation of the old era.

But even so, their current family leader’s strength was above the Hundred-Million Level.

At the same time, he could directly command guards equivalent to the number of guards in a county residence.

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COM As for their territory, although it wasn’t near Fan City, it wouldn’t take long for them to mobilize their people to this place.

In other words, if the Yan family and the Li family of Fan City were colluding with each other, those who were crashing into the Heaven Mending Barrier outside were definitely this group of people.

The better situation would be that there were dozens of Million-Level masters outside, while the worse situation would be that the current leader of the Yan family was also here.

No matter which situation it was, it was out of Ye Chen’s power to face them directly.

But Ye Chen also noticed another key point.

Although Fan City was remote, because it was closer to the sea, it was also assigned to the territory of another family.

Coincidentally, it was another big family that had once fought with the Yan family, the Yi family, a large family that rose to power later.

Their family territory was also in the capital of the Mystic Region.

There were only five large regions in the East Continent, so the position of Region Lord was naturally difficult to get.

Although this family didn’t manage to obtain the position of Region Lord in the end, their strength was still very impressive.

More importantly, this family seemed to have some inexplicable relationship with the City Lord Residence.

Analyzing the information, it seemed that since Fan City was relatively close to the sea, although there was no port, it was still an important business hub in special times.

However, compared to other cities, the amount of annual taxes paid by Fan City seemed abnormally small.

If it was just an ordinary city, it was unlikely that it would receive such preferential treatment.

Moreover, the things in the City Lord Residence of Fan City indeed exceeded the standard.

The captain of the guards of the City Lord Residence had a cultivation art tablet that led directly to a Mystic Realm.

This kind of treatment was simply unprecedented.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t guessed this before.

For example… Did the City Lord Residence know the special use of this cultivation art tablet? These special cultivation art tablets were specially made by someone, but would someone who could make such a cultivation art tablet really appear in a small place like Fan City? The Yi family that came out now could answer his question.

Before this, Ye Chen had heard that the Wang family and the City Lord Residence of Fan City had colluded with each other to pick on the Li family.

However, in terms of influence, the Li family’s financial power was obviously weaker than that of these two families.

There was no need to deal with them like this.

However, the Li family’s underground palace had been burned down, and the City Lord Residence was the most suspicious.

What was inside the underground palace was the Li family’s greatest secret treasure.

Ye Chen still remembered that when he was exploring the ruins of the Pavilion at Li Residence, the Immortal Phoenix discovered through the remaining aura that the fire that burned the Pavilion was the Great Sun True Fire.

This kind of tinder was so rare that Ye Chen immediately suspected where it came from.

If the City Lord Residence was colluding with the Yi family, it would explain the origin of these rare items, or rather, they might be related by blood.

After all, the family leader’s surname was also Yi, and the first piece of land that the Yi family of the capital of the Mystic Region had fought for after they became famous was Fan City.

Perhaps it was because this was their hometown.

Or perhaps it was because they were fighting for the Yan family’s secret treasure in Fan City, fighting for benefits publicly.

This possibility was not small.

Be it from the established facts or from the speculation, the Yi family and the Yan family were definitely enemies.

Therefore, Ye Chen’s plan was also very simple.

He had to think of a way to drag the Yi family into the entire matter before his strength increased.

Since the Yan family couldn’t open the Heaven Mending Barrier and knew that he had taken the cultivation art tablet with the key to the Mystic Realm, they would certainly go to various possible Mystic Realms to wait.

Meanwhile, if another powerful enemy appeared, they would have no choice but to give up on paying too much attention to Ye Chen.

In the eyes of this group of people, ordinary people like him who only knew how to hide behind the barrier were nothing to be afraid of.

In front of enemies who seemed weak, these big families would never choose to cooperate.

Therefore, if Ye Chen wanted to live a safer life in the future, he really had to think of a way.

How was he supposed to reach the Yi family from this distance?