Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 160

Desolate Era: Hatching a Phoenix at the Beginning - Chapter 160

Chapter 160 The Sixth Level of the Mystic Realm Hearing Ye Chen’s words, the leader of the Feather Dragons didn’t hesitate and immediately brought him to a familiar place.

It was the cave where Ye Chen found the human skeleton at the beginning.

“The fragments of the altar were brought into this cave by that person.

This cave was created by that human, and he himself died inside,” the leader of the Feather Dragons explained, “The cave he created was different from the space we created.

Even if he died, the cave didn’t disappear, and it was even harder to destroy.

After some restoration, it will return to its original state.

” Under such an unfamiliar circumstance, Ye Chen could only guess.

“I saw that the person’s skeleton was already completely petrified.

Perhaps the Spiritual Energy before he died was still maintained?” He said with uncertainty.

He guessed according to the theory behind the formation of the Mystic Realm.

Of course, Mystic Realms were usually formed within the body, so he knew clearly that his guess was unlikely to be true.

“If only that were the case.

” As expected, the leader of the Feather Dragons shook its head and sighed.

“But that doesn’t explain the other strange things that happened in this cave.

In the entire array, it’s considered a weird place.

” This piqued Ye Chen’s interest.

“What happened? Are you saying that this place is haunted?” He immediately became curious.

“I can’t explain it clearly either, but we’ve never discovered the remnant consciousness of this person.

Only some strange things happened,” replied the leader of the Feather Dragons, “In the beginning, we took out the cultivation art tablet of the Art of Goulong from that person’s body and tried to break out of the array, but we didn’t succeed.

Furthermore, within a few days after we took away the cultivation art tablet, it actually disappeared.

” .



“How can that be? I found the cultivation art tablet on that corpse,” Ye Chen said doubtfully.

“This is the strange part.

We couldn’t find it anywhere, so we guessed that the person wasn’t dead.

Thus, we came into the cave again, only to find that the cultivation art tablet had returned to his body.

” The leader of the Feather Dragons sighed and continued, “We tried a few times, but the results were the same.

Also, it wasn’t just the cultivation art tablet.

If we brought out other inanimate objects, the results would be the same.

Everyone was afraid of being trapped in the cave, so we didn’t come often.

” Ye Chen recalled the situation in the cave.

There were indeed a few large pieces of rock there.

Besides, there were cultivation art tablets and Spirit Stones from foreign realms left in the depths of the cave.

Thinking about it carefully, it was indeed not normal.

It was just that he didn’t pay too much attention at that time.

“Isn’t that strange? I’ve already taken out the cultivation art tablet of the Art of Goulong and the Spirit Stones of foreign realms from that person’s body.

” He was also confused about this.

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COM “I’m not sure about that, but since Mr.

Ye isn’t affected by such weird things, I’ll let you carry the altar fragments.

I’ll reconstruct the space at the side for now to assist you.

” The leader of the Feather Dragons had already shrunk its body when it was introducing the situation.

It turned into a small dragon that was slightly shorter than Ye Chen when it stood up and entered the cave.

Ye Chen followed it into the cave.

After entering the cave this time, Ye Chen noticed the difference in its interior.

Although there were no changes to the entrance of the cave, the interior had become much more spacious than before.

The cave had become a tunnel that led downwards.

The original Spirit Stones were still scattered on the walls of the cave, making it very easy for him to enter the depths.

It was obvious that the leader of the Feather Dragons had used the Art of Goulong to reconstruct the inner space.

“These are the fragments of the altar.

” Not far away, the leader of the Feather Dragons stopped beside a pile of rubble and said to Ye Chen.

“Thank you.

” Ye Chen thanked it and immediately walked over to that side.

The reconstructed space no longer had the curved passage like before, but everything except the cave walls remained in place.

The altar fragments were relatively close to the entrance of the cave and indeed seemed to have been thrown in at once.

However, it was probably because the Feather Dragons had entered the cave several times before, so the fragments were also scattered and some had even been brought deeper into the cave.

Judging from the location, they should have been gathered in the depression beside the first bend of the cave.

The most eye-catching thing was that the skeleton of that person was still sitting in its original position.

The Spirit Stone that it was originally leaning on was pushed to the back of the cave wall, making its sitting posture seem very unnatural.

“Hm?” The leader of the Feather Dragons asked curiously after it followed Ye Chen’s gaze and looked towards the skeleton.

“The situation of this skeleton is special.

We’ve moved it more than once, and even damaged it, but it always returns to its original state.

Even if the space is reconstructed, it will still stick with the Spirit Stone on its back.

Why is that Spirit Stone gone today?” It said in doubt as it walked up to the skeleton and touched it gently.

The skeleton instantly fell apart, and the petrified bones fell to the ground, making the leader of the Feather Dragons dumbfounded.

“What’s going on? It was still very sturdy when I came?” Ye Chen was also a little stunned.

“At that time, I went unconscious due to the illusion of Goulong’s consciousness.

I was fine even sitting on it.

” “I’m afraid it’s the same setup as the trap in the secret chamber.

” The leader of the Feather Dragons shook its head.

“Humans are better at setting such complicated traps than us.

A few conditions are needed to trigger or remove the space trap.

This is probably one of them.

” “The problem is, why did he create a trap that can’t move inanimate objects in the space before he died? It can’t be to preserve his corpse so that people can collect it, right?” Ye Chen didn’t understand.

“Setting up such a strange trap before his death can’t be meaningless, right?” He walked around the skeleton and touched the bones one by one, but he didn’t find anything new.

Ye Chen had no choice but to turn around and walk to the altar fragments.

This time, a system notification that hadn’t been appearing lately popped up.

[Reminder: There is the treasure of the sixth level of the Ice Fire Beetle Mystic Realm (damaged).

Take it carefully.

) “Treasure of the Mystic Realm? It’s really been a while.

” Ye Chen was stunned.

The sixth and seventh levels of the Ice Fire Beetle Mystic Realm were located within the Spirit Pool.

It was this area that had been used as a medium to create the ice and fire arrays.

Ye Chen had always assumed that the secret treasure here should be where the centers of the arrays were, which were the fragments of Goulong and Zhurong’s Spirit Pools that were covered and triggered no system notifications.

He had never thought that this broken altar would also be a secret treasure.

“When I passed by this place last time, this notification didn’t appear either… Perhaps it’s because the trap wasn’t completely removed then?” He thought in his heart, but his hands didn’t stop moving.

He immediately began to sweep away the small pieces of rubble, searching for the controlling spell that the leader of the Feather Dragons mentioned.

There was also something strange.

He looked at the center of the altar fragments, where a vague plume of black smoke emerged.